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International round-up: Protests in Paris, Israeli attacks hit Palestinians and Cape Town food fightback

21 April 2020

Bosses are rocked by the ‘brutal change of attitude’ among workers

24 March 2020
A series of strikes in French factories engaged in non-essential production has forced employers to close some of them down, at least temporarily.

Horror for refugees as conditions make coronavirus more deadly

23 March 2020
In Greece overcrowded refugee camps on islands in the Aegean sea have been put on lockdown.

International round-up - Yellow Vests defy cops in France and deadlock in Israel

17 March 2020
Yellow Vests took to the streets of Paris last Saturday, but their numbers were much lower than anticipated.

French ban on protests fails to stop resistance

10 March 2020
Paris is set be a capital of protest and resistance on Saturday.

French government vows to ram through pension assault

01 March 2020
 Angry demonstrations took place in cities across France on Saturday evening after the government announced it would implement attacks on pensions without a vote in parliament.

Macron’s party in new crisis as strikers return to the streets

18 February 2020
The French president looks weak as strikes continue, says Charlie Kimber

New action dates called for French pension war

10 February 2020
The fight isn’t over, but the unions need to call for coordinated resistance, says Charlie Kimber

Strikes defy French cops as union leaders seek shoddy deals

04 February 2020
Another day of national strikes and demonstrations was set for Thursday this week in France.

‘We can’t give in to Emmanuel Macron’

28 January 2020
A huge day of strikes and demonstrations in France on Friday has reinvigorated the battle against attacks on pensions. Another day of national action was set for Wednesday this week.

Strikes and protests sweep across France in seventh day of national action

24 January 2020
A huge day of strikes and demonstrations in France on Friday has reinvigorated the battle against attacks on pensions.

International round up: Stronger strikes can end France stalemate

21 January 2020
The revolt in France against attacks on pensions has reached a critical moment.

‘Help us beat neoliberal president Macron’—French strikers appeal for solidarity

18 January 2020
France’s trade unions are making an international appeal to sustain their strikes against president Emmanuel Macron’s assault on pensions.

France at a crossroads

14 January 2020
Richard Greeman, a Marxist writer and activist best known for his work on Victor Serge, looks at why Macron is so determined, and asks how workers can win

Government manoeuvres on pension age fail to stop protests and strikes in France

14 January 2020
Union members are holding real debates how to take their movement forward, says Charlie Kimber

French workers debate taking harder hitting action after ‘beautiful’ mass strike

10 January 2020
The fourth national day of strikes and demonstrations on Thursday saw massive support against French president Emmanuel Macron’s attacks on pensions.

French strikes ‘beyond trade unionism’

07 January 2020
Another huge day of strikes and demonstrations in France against president Emmanuel Macron’s pension assaults was set for Thursday this week.

French pension strikers reject Macron’s bribes

30 December 2019
Tens of thousands of French workers remain on indefinite strike against president Emmanuel Macron’s attacks on pensions

‘Macron out,’ say strikers in France

17 December 2019
Workers across France are staging inspirational action against pension attacks

A million French workers strike to say ‘screw it’ to pension attacks

11 December 2019
Another massive day of strikes and protests in France on Tuesday showed workers’ continuing determination to beat neoliberal president Emmanuel Macron.

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