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Yellow Vests defy French state and stay on the streets

15 January 2019
Repression is failing to stem the movement in France—and the protests are once again growing bigger, writes Charlie Kimber

Yellow Vests pack a punch in France

08 January 2019
The Yellow Vest movement in France roared back into action with renewed vigour last Saturday.

Revolutionary France brought to life in BBC’s Les Miserables

07 January 2019
A new adaptation of the lengthy literary classic revives forgotten characters and eschews music in favour of narrative thrust, writes?Dave Sewell

Yellow Vests protests continue in France as President Macron faces a growing crisis

28 December 2018
The holiday season hasn’t ended the Yellow Vest revolt in France.

French Yellow Vests fight on, and new forces join the movement

15 December 2018
Yellow Vest protests took place across France on Saturday as the revolt against President Emmanuel Macron’s neoliberalism continued.

The Yellow Vests have shown the power of resistance

11 December 2018
French president Emmanuel Macron’s attempt to break and divide the Yellow Vest movement by making small concessions has spectacularly failed

Calais refugees attacked by French police, blocked by British state racism

08 December 2018
French police have launched a renewed wave of repression against refugees trapped at Britain's border in Calais.

Yellow Vest protests unbroken by state violence

08 December 2018
Yellow Vest protesters fought massive police repression in France on Saturday

French president Macron fails to hold back Yellow Vest revolt

06 December 2018
French president Emmanuel Macron has made more concession to the “Yellow Vest” protesters, but it has not stopped the revolt.

Riots rock our rulers

04 December 2018
Riots in France pushed the government to retreat on a fuel tax rise

Yellow Vests protests in France defy state violence and rattle the government

03 December 2018
The Yellow Vests movement has detonated a great movement of social protest

French cops crack down on ‘Yellow Vest’ protests

27 November 2018
The protesters are focusing a feeling of utter disillusion with the present set-up

Cops attack protesters in France as ‘Yellow Vests’ movement grows

24 November 2018
Thousands of French “Yellow Vests” protesters were met by police assaults, riot cop attacks and tear gas in Paris

Captivating film exposes the complexity of ‘mundane’ life

20 November 2018
A story based around a writing group in a small French town reflects on a radical history of struggle and the threat of racism, says Sadie Robinson

Rising costs fuel anger on French highways

19 November 2018
But the ‘Yellow Vests’ movement pulls in different directions, argues Charlie Kimber

Determined day of strikes in France against Macron’s barrage of attacks

09 October 2018
Workers and students in France struck and protested on Tuesday in a renewal of the battle against President Emmanuel Macron.

International round up: Did Macron cover up for bodyguard?

24 July 2018
Plus section of German left turns against refugees

Air France workers join the strike wave

19 June 2018
Air France workers were set to begin a strike this weekend in their latest round of action over pay.

Resistance as French strikers take to the streets

12 June 2018
Workers need to heap pressure on the Macron government and build the fightback, says?Charlie Kimber

Mamoudou Gassama case shows the price of citizenship

29 May 2018
Good news came recently to all undocumented migrants living in fear of the French state. All they have to do to gain citizenship is save a child’s life.

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