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Algeria’s fights for freedom

21 April 2019
Algerians had to fight a brutal war for independence. But the struggle for freedom didn’t end when the nationalists kicked out the French in 1962, writes Alistair Farrow

The Yellow Vest struggle to reinvent democracy in France

20 April 2019
Richard Greeman, a Marxist writer and activist best known for his work on Victor Serge, reports from France

The Parisian is a challenging debut novel about identity

16 April 2019
Isabella Hammad’s book is an ambituous examination of ideas of identity and colonialism without sacrificing its narrative, writes Gareth Jenkins

Algeria - conquest by France

15 April 2019
Algeria's revolt has been shaped by a history of imperialism and revolution. As part of a new series, Alistair Farrow looks at the French conquest from the 1830s to the 1950s

France: unions and the Yellow Vests resist Macron

09 April 2019
Trade unionists and Yellow Vests are set to march together this Saturday to defend the right to protest against vicious assaults from president Emmanuel Macron’s government.

French teachers join the revolt against Macron

02 April 2019
Teachers across France were set for a national day of strikes and demonstrations

French state sends in the army in attempt to stem the tide of Yellow Vests

24 March 2019
On Saturday the French interior minister cheered on a massive escalation of state repression.

Yellow Vest movement has Emmanuel Macron on the run

19 March 2019
A picture of the president quaffing wine while Paris burned didn’t go down well, reports?Charlie Kimber

Police clear refugee settlements in northern France

13 March 2019
Police have cleared the two largest refugee settlements in Calais, northern France.

Yellow Vests gear up for big push to mark four months of a movement against Macron

12 March 2019
The French Yellow Vest movement and organised workers in the trade unions face a big test.

Determined Yellow Vests build more mobilisations despite repression

05 March 2019
The French Yellow Vests are preparing for major mobilisations, in particular on 16 March.

Yellow Vest struggle in France must spread to win

26 February 2019
Big Yellow Vest protests took place in France again last Saturday, the 15th successive week of action

Yellow Vests take to streets despite cop violence and trials

19 February 2019
The French government and the police are saying the Yellow Vest movement is all but finished.

Workers across Europe strike back against austerity

19 February 2019
The economic and social policies pushed by the European Union (EU) are often described as a haven from inequality and crisis.

Armed cops blow Yellow Vest’s hand off in Paris

12 February 2019
Tens of thousands of Yellow Vests demonstrated in France for the thirteenth weekend in a row last Saturday—despite new laws passed last week to curtail protests.

Hi-vis unity in France as strikers join with Yellow Vests

05 February 2019
Strikes and protests swept France on Tuesday as the Yellow Vest movement and trade ­unionists came together for the first time in significant numbers.

Strikes in France this week could deepen Yellow Vests movement against Macron

03 February 2019
It is a crucial week for the Yellow Vest protests in France. Big mobilisations on Saturday showed the potential for an even more powerful movement to defeat neoliberal French president Emmanuel Macron.

Mood of rebellion moves to French trade unions

28 January 2019
Yellow Vests and trade unionists could together deliver a crushing blow to France’s president Emmanuel Macron.

Ten weeks that shook France

20 January 2019
The Yellow Vest movement in France shows no sign of fading away after ten weeks of protests, blockades and battles with police. Charlie Kimber looks at what the movement shows about struggle—and asks how it can win

Yellow Vests defy French state and stay on the streets

15 January 2019
Repression is failing to stem the movement in France—and the protests are once again growing bigger, writes Charlie Kimber

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