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French students strike against neoliberal reform

13 November 2007
Students in France are mobilising against a new reform of higher education. Students had struck or occupied at over 30 universities as Socialist Worker went to press.

Anti-war feeling in colleges helps build day of action

13 November 2007
The Stop the War Coalition is mobilising against the US, France and Britain’s threats against Iran. Its recent conference called for two days of action next week to highlight the growing danger of the extension of the "war on terror" to Iran.

Power of the masses

30 October 2007
Revolutions are bad things. Or at least the social ones are. Revolutions are fine if they are restricted to political changes at the top. Then only the icing on the cake is changed. As the French revolutionary Babeuf once said, these revolutions take one set of robbers and replace them with another.

Sarkozy’s attack on French pension rights

23 October 2007
France’s transport network was brought to a standstill on Thursday of last week as thousands of railway workers came out on strike against president Nicolas Sarkozy’s plans to end "exceptional pension schemes".

Kader Attia at the Baltic

25 September 2007
Square Dreams, a new exhibition by the French Algerian artist Kader Attia, opened at the Baltic gallery in Gateshead on Friday of last week.

Don’t be fooled by EU ‘reform treaty’

04 September 2007
One of the few genuinely democratic moments of the past few years came in May and June 2005, when the European Constitution was thrown out by referendums in France and the Netherlands.

Saint Joan: visionary, liberator or fanatic?

24 July 2007
In 1428 the peasant who would become known as Joan of Arc announced that voices from god had told her she would liberate France from English occupation.

Golden Door | Blind Light

17 July 2007
Golden Doordirected by Emanuele Crialesefilm on general release This exquisite French Italian co-production is one of the best films this year.

La Vie En Rose: Edith Piaf’s remarkable voice comes back to life

26 June 2007
The tragic life of the French singer Édith Piaf touches at the heart of the struggles over national identity in France.

French elections: Sarkozy stalls at second round

20 June 2007
Following his election as president of France last month, Nicolas Sarkozy’s right wing UMP party has now won a majority in the National Assembly.

Rachid Taha - The Definitive Collection | 19 Princelet Street Refugee Week exhibition

29 May 2007
The Definitive CollectionRachid TahaCD out now This new retrospective album shows the range of the Algerian-born and French-based singer Rachid Taha, who mixes rock, rai and breakbeats.

Eyewitness to Palestinians under siege in Lebanon

29 May 2007
The Lebanese army, backed by the US and France, is tightening its siege on the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr el-Bared.

More battles ahead in France as new president lays out his plans for new attacks

08 May 2007
Following his decisive election as president of France on Sunday, Nicolas Sarkozy listed the values of a particular form of right wing populism in whose tradition he stands. They were work, authority, morality, respect, merit and national identity.

European neoliberals plan treaty to attack workers’ rights

08 May 2007
While Tony Blair used the video sharing website YouTube to praise the newly elected French president Nicholas Sarkozy as a "strong leader", a dangerous new consensus is developing among European leaders to push through neoliberalism.

Hey Eugene! - an optimistic album that mixes its musical ingredients

01 May 2007
Imagine music that falls somewhere between French cabaret, classical symphony, Latin jazz and pop – and throw in a few touches of Japanese film noir, big band anthems and romantic melodrama.

Heightened political atmosphere in France sees huge numbers at meetings and rallies

24 April 2007
On the face of it, the results of the French presidential election appear to represent a revival of mainstream parties.

French election heralds more battles to come

24 April 2007
The first round of the French presidential elections last Sunday was haunted by its counterpart five years ago.

The attack on Guernica revealed the horror of aerial warfare

24 April 2007
In April 1937, Pablo Picasso read an article in the French Communist daily, L’Humanité, reporting that "Guernica, the most ancient town of the Basques, was completely destroyed yesterday afternoon by insurgent air raiders.

Olivier Besancenot is the real alternative in France’s elections

10 April 2007
The official campaign for the French presidential elections began on Monday. The first round of voting takes place on 22 April.

How French forces helped wipe out Birao in the Central African Republic

07 April 2007
A war crime of terrible proportions has been carried out in Africa – and hardly anyone noticed.

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