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Rachid Taha - The Definitive Collection | 19 Princelet Street Refugee Week exhibition

29 May 2007
The Definitive CollectionRachid TahaCD out now This new retrospective album shows the range of the Algerian-born and French-based singer Rachid Taha, who mixes rock, rai and breakbeats.

Eyewitness to Palestinians under siege in Lebanon

29 May 2007
The Lebanese army, backed by the US and France, is tightening its siege on the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr el-Bared.

More battles ahead in France as new president lays out his plans for new attacks

08 May 2007
Following his decisive election as president of France on Sunday, Nicolas Sarkozy listed the values of a particular form of right wing populism in whose tradition he stands. They were work, authority, morality, respect, merit and national identity.

European neoliberals plan treaty to attack workers’ rights

08 May 2007
While Tony Blair used the video sharing website YouTube to praise the newly elected French president Nicholas Sarkozy as a "strong leader", a dangerous new consensus is developing among European leaders to push through neoliberalism.

Hey Eugene! - an optimistic album that mixes its musical ingredients

01 May 2007
Imagine music that falls somewhere between French cabaret, classical symphony, Latin jazz and pop – and throw in a few touches of Japanese film noir, big band anthems and romantic melodrama.

The attack on Guernica revealed the horror of aerial warfare

24 April 2007
In April 1937, Pablo Picasso read an article in the French Communist daily, L’Humanité, reporting that "Guernica, the most ancient town of the Basques, was completely destroyed yesterday afternoon by insurgent air raiders.

Heightened political atmosphere in France sees huge numbers at meetings and rallies

24 April 2007
On the face of it, the results of the French presidential election appear to represent a revival of mainstream parties.

French election heralds more battles to come

24 April 2007
The first round of the French presidential elections last Sunday was haunted by its counterpart five years ago.

Olivier Besancenot is the real alternative in France’s elections

10 April 2007
The official campaign for the French presidential elections began on Monday. The first round of voting takes place on 22 April.

Marx's Capital gets to grips with a mystified system

07 April 2007
In 1872 Karl Marx dashed off a letter applauding plans to publish a French edition of his book Capital in serial form.

How French forces helped wipe out Birao in the Central African Republic

07 April 2007
A war crime of terrible proportions has been carried out in Africa – and hardly anyone noticed.

Days of Glory: remembering the forgotten soldiers from North Africa

31 March 2007
This week sees the British release of Days of Glory, a war film that focuses on a hidden fact of the Second World War – the contribution of hundred of thousands of North African soldiers recruited from France’s colonies, known as "indigènes" in French.

Reports round-up

24 March 2007
European rallies against job cuts Some 40,000 Airbus workers protested last Friday in Germany, France, Spain and Britain against plans by the European aircraft maker to cut one in ten of its workforce of 87,000.

Why workers must liberate themselves

17 March 2007
For radicals of Karl Marx’s generation the French Revolution of 1789 was a source of inspiration which dominated their thinking.

Civil service workers' union in Britain supports French public sector strikes

17 February 2007
Civil service workers, teachers and postal workers across France struck on Thursday of last week over job cuts and pay.

The Marriage Of Figaro

10 February 2007
The Marriage of Figaro, first performed in Vienna in 1786, was a harbinger of the great French Revolution of 1789.

Election challenge for French left

10 February 2007
It's hard not to look forward to the French presidential elections, whose first round is only two and half months away, with a sense of foreboding.

Can the left in France rise to the level of the struggle?

13 January 2007
The year 2006 was a crucial one for social struggles and the radical left in France. Social mobilisations reached a peak when millions of students took to the streets last spring and forced the right wing government to withdraw the CPE, its labour neoliberal reform law.

How Britain’s Nazis were smashed in the 1970s and 1990s

13 January 2007
One argument concerning contemporary fascist movements such as Jean-Marie Le Pen’s National Front in France claims that they cannot be fascist because they do not deploy stormtroopers against the left, blacks and Muslims.

Street art 4: Posters as weapons in Paris 1968

16 December 2006
In 1968 France was brought to a standstill by a huge movement of students and workers. This movement paralysed the French state and also saw an explosion of experimental street art.

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