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Italy – can the party last?

13 May 2006
Read our monthly supplement, with a lead article by Chris Bambery on Italy, an interview with French novelist Faïza Guène, Third World Reports on Nepal, Nicaragua and Lebanon, and much more

Athens ESF: movements debate and plan for action

13 May 2006
The fourth European Social Forum (ESF) met in Athens at a crucial point following the victory of the French movement against new labour laws and as the US threat of military attack against Iran gathers pace.

The 1926 general strike: nine days of hope

06 May 2006
Over recent weeks Socialist Worker has discussed the contrast between the victorious campaign against the CPE labour law in France and the capitulation by the trade union leaders over pensions rights in Britain.

Workers’ rights in France and Britain

29 April 2006
Why are Britain and France so different? This question is back in the air. Trade union officials have been complaining that Britain’s flexible labour laws made it easier for Peugeot bosses to shut down their car plant at Ryton rather than any of its French counterparts.

Bubble bursts for European business elite

22 April 2006
It will soon be a year since the defeat of the European Union (EU) constitution in the French referendum. That marked the beginning of a series of defeats for the neo-liberal agenda in Europe that has sent a paroxysm of rage through the global business establishment.

Movement in France set for new battles

22 April 2006
Activists in France involved in the mass movement against the CPE youth employment laws say their victory is only the first step in a wider campaign against neo-liberalism.

France’s mass movement beats back neo-liberalism

15 April 2006
After two and a half months of struggle the mass movement of students, high school students and workers has forced the French government to abandon its youth employment scheme (CPE).

A message from the French strike movement: 'We have won and so can you'

15 April 2006
The neo-liberal attack on wages and working conditions across Europe was dealt a great blow this week when a mass movement of young people and workers in France forced the country’s right wing government to scrap its CPE employment law.

François Chesnais: The tide is turning against neo-liberalism

08 April 2006
Many people have noted that the movement in France today is in the vanguard of a growing consensus that neo-liberal capitalism cannot be left to dominate the world. This is related to the fact that France has a particular history of struggle which has never been wiped out.

1956: Imperialism and resistance in Egypt

08 April 2006
In our school history books it is called "the Suez crisis". This was the moment when the sun went down on the British Empire. Egyptians call the events of October and November 1956 "the triple aggression". They remember with pride how they defeated an invasion by Israel, Britain and France.

Learning lessons from France’s past

08 April 2006
The present movement against the CPE labour laws contains elements of all the struggles in France against neo-liberalism of the past decade—and is in some ways a culmination of each of them.

A crucial week for the French movement

08 April 2006
Huge numbers of young people and workers took to the streets of France on Tuesday in continuing protests against the right wing government’s CPE youth labour laws.

French workers and students speak out

08 April 2006
Danièle Obono is a student activist at the Sorbonne university in Paris, which has been shut down by the authorities since riot police attacked a student occupation on 11 March. She spoke to Socialist Worker about how students built for this Tuesday’s strike

Battling neo-liberalism

01 April 2006
France’s bosses, and the politicians that back them, have been trying to ram through such neo-liberal "reforms" for over a decade, but have faced continuous resistance from workers and the left.

France 1968: a year to remember

01 April 2006
French students take to the streets and occupy their colleges. The police attack with batons and tear gas. It’s no surprise that people ask, is it 1968 all over again?

Resistance can turn the neo-liberal tide

01 April 2006
There is a lot resting on the outcome of the pensions fight in Britain and the uprising in France against the new labour code.

France revolts

01 April 2006
Tuesday's mass strike in France went ahead because the protest movement against new labour laws for young people continued to grow throughout last week. It put mobilisation first, not a vain hope of successful talks with the government.

The day we showed our power to win

01 April 2006
Up to one and a half million workers struck in Britain. Three million workers, students and young unemployed demonstrated in 150 towns and cities across France.

Politicisation at the heart of the French movement

01 April 2006
Last weekend many people feared that the trade unions delay in calling a general strike would be a serious blow. But more than 80 universities continue to be occcupied or heavily affected by strikes.

French protests reach new peak

01 April 2006
Three million young people and workers demonstrated and struck across France on Tuesday of this week. It was a historic day of action and a magnificent display of solidarity against the government’s CPE labour laws.

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