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Strike: for pensions rights and for all our futures

25 March 2006
Tuesday 28 March can be the start of a new chapter in British workers’ history. We need it to be as exciting and militant as the revolt we’ve seen in France.

Unity between workers and the young has put the Tory government onto the back foot

18 March 2006
Even if spring has not officially begun, the temperature is rising very sharply on the streets in France.

This is the spirit of the 1960s

18 March 2006
The wave of protest in France reflects anger at the CPE labour law, which would drastically undermine the job security of young workers.

French students in new rebellion

18 March 2006
Over half of the 82 universities in France are taking part in strike action against the Tory government’s plans. Twenty five universities are in occupation.

Slowing down Bolkestein's race to the bottom

25 February 2006
Tens of thousands of workers protested outside the European parliament in Strasbourg, France, on Tuesday of last week against the neo-liberal Bolkestein directive.

France unites against neo-liberal jobs plan

18 February 2006
Around 400,000 people demonstrated across France on Tuesday of last week against the right wing government’s plans for a neo-liberal "contract for young people".

David McVicar’s Figaro: a marriage made in heaven

11 February 2006
The Marriage of Figaro, first performed in 1786, is arguably Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s most overtly political opera. It is based on a drama by radical French playwright Pierre Beaumarchais.

LCR congress: striving for unity in France

28 January 2006
Since the public sector strikes of November-December 1995 France has been in the vanguard of the resistance to neo-liberal policies in Europe. The French referendum on the European constitution on 29 May 2005 marked a decisive defeat for this attempt by the ruling classes of the continent to hard-wire free market policies into European society.

Dock workers’ struggle across Europe

21 January 2006
Around 6,000 dockers attempted to storm the European parliament in Strasbourg, France, on Monday. Police used water cannons and tear gas to try keep thousands of workers from across Europe away from the EU politicians.

France’s contradictions

10 December 2005
The contemporary French political scene is intensely contradictory, which is one of the reasons it so difficult to comprehend. Insisting on one or other aspect in isolation from the wider context inevitably leads activists and observers to slalom from euphoria to despair in the matter of days or weeks.

French state steps up its repression

03 December 2005
The right wing government in France has unleashed a new wave of repression on the banlieues, the poor suburbs that exploded into three weeks of rioting.

France: an uprising of the poor

19 November 2005
The events in France over the last three weeks are more than a riot — they are an urban uprising on a scale not seen in Western Europe since the Second World War.

Socialist Worker appeal

19 November 2005
Your donations to Socialist Worker’s £150,000 appeal made it possible to produce the four page special on the French riots in this week’s paper.

Crisis deepens across the political spectrum

19 November 2005
The riots in France have exacerbated the deep crisis facing all the country’s civic and political institutions. Many commentators have claimed this demonstrates a failure of the "French model of society", as if everything could be sorted out simply by prescribing more social programmes and rethinking what "citizenship" means. But this underestimates the situation.

Do riots achieve anything?

19 November 2005
The two weeks of rioting across France have seen extraordinary confrontations between young people and the police.

Law and order rhetoric that masks social injustice

19 November 2005
Nicolas Sarkozy’s invective has focused on the "criminals" of France’s suburbs, and in particular the underground economy. But those we spoke to in Seine-Saint-Denis took a somewhat different view.

Dada: art as a weapon against the establishment

19 November 2005
The French Centre for Modern Art in Paris is featuring a rich exhibition about Dada until 9 January 2006.

Under this system every integration model fails

19 November 2005
"The French have got it right," was the cry from some quarters after the riots in three of England’s northern towns four years ago.

Rachid Taha interview: using music to oppose war

12 November 2005
Rachid Taha, the radical French Algerian singer, will join Brian Eno, Nitin Sawhney and others for the most exciting musical event of the year.

France: rage of the poor

12 November 2005
The slums of France have risen in revolt.

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