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Giovanni Pesce's Testimony

30 April 2005
Giovanni Pesce was born in France to a family of anti-fascist Italian emigres working as miners. He joined the Communist Party and fought in the Spanish Civil War for the International Brigades.

Bury the Chains — the end of slavery

09 April 2005
IN 1794 a huge public meeting gathered in Sheffield, swelled by thousands of local metal workers. The words "liberty, brotherhood and equality" — touchstones of the recent French Revolution — hung in the air. The purpose of the mass meeting was to link two causes that burned deeply in the souls of the English working class — for the reform of the corrupt and undemocratic parliamentary system, and for the "total and unqualified abolition of Negro slavery".

Will the French say ‘non’ to the EU constitution?

02 April 2005
Anticonstitutionnellement, meaning anti-constitutionally, is the longest word in the French dictionary. The referendum campaign on the European Union (EU) constitution promises to be very long indeed for the French president, Jacques Chirac, and the Socialist Party leader, François Hollande.

Le Pen’s cover-up for Nazi crimes

29 January 2005
"NOT ESPECIALLY inhumane." This was French fascist leader Jean-Marie Le Pen’s recent verdict on the wartime occupation of France. During the Second World War over 60,000 resisters and 75,000 Jews were deported to Nazi concentration camps from France. Fewer than 3,000 Jews returned. These deportations were made easier by the willing participation of Marshal Pétain’s Vichy regime, which governed the part of France not immediately occupied by the Germans following France’s defeat in 1940. Vichy drew up lists of Jews resident in France and then played a full role in their persecution.

Public sector strikes sweep through France

29 January 2005
Is something changing on the front line of social movements and workers’ struggles in France?

Fight back like they have in Europe

21 January 2005
FRANCE WITNESSED two of the most extraordinary mass strikes since May 1968 in the fight against pension reform. At the heart of the battles in the winter of 1995 and the spring of 2003 was the fight against increasing the retirement age—just as in Britain today.

Non to bosses’ Europe

04 December 2004
Nobody knows when there will be a referendum in France on the European constitutional treaty. But the debate is already raging because the traditional left is divided. The Greens’ first vote gave 45 percent for yes and 22 percent for no, while 31 percent abstained.

I Heart Huckabees | Romeo and Juliet | Return to V - Roni Size

04 December 2004
I Heart HuckabeesDirected by David O Russell When failing environmentalist Albert hires the Existential Detective Agency to explain a not very strange coincidence, chaos erupts as rival philosophical firms compete to "solve" the lives of the various characters with Eastern transcendentalism or French nihilism.

Alfred and Marguerite Rosmer kept the flame of revolution burning

04 December 2004
Alfred Rosmer was born in the US in 1877, but his family returned to France in 1884. As a young office worker, then a proofreader, he was attracted to anarchism before becoming a syndicalist.

In brief

27 November 2004
While Tony Blair met Chirac... "JACQUES Chirac—terrorist!" was the unmistakable chant as up to 1,000 people demonstrated in London last Saturday against the French intervention in the Ivory Coast.

The woman who built barricades

09 October 2004
ONE OF the greatest dates in our history was 18 March 1871. The story starts at the heights of Montemartre, Paris, at about 3am. The whole square is dominated by 250 cannon. The guns had just been used in a war between France and Germany in which Paris had been besieged for the whole winter.


04 September 2004
Saturday 4 September <LI>Demonstrate against the ban on hijab in French schools, 12 noon, French embassy, Knightsbridge Road, London.

Guantanamo Bay: inhuman and degrading

14 August 2004
What is striking about last week’s dossier, released by three men from Tipton in the West Midlands, is the detail. It came out just as four French people were released. Two of them reportedly told their lawyers a similar story.

Mood against government shown in left vote

19 June 2004
THE ELECTIONS across Europe showed the same phenomenon-people punishing the government, whether it was centre right or centre left. In France the opposition Socialist Party took 30 percent of the vote as the right wing governing party of president Jacques Chirac slumped to 16.8 percent.

Voters deliver blow to the Nazi BNP's hopes

19 June 2004
"ELECTIONS 2004. The year we break through." That was the boast on the Nazi British National Party's (BNP) website throughout the election. Instead they suffered a big setback last week. The BNP's leader Nick Griffin had invited the French Nazi Le Pen over to Britain in April to plan how they could work together when Griffin became MEP for the north west of England.

Behind the D-day story

05 June 2004
FOR THE anniversary of D-Day, the landings in Normandy, President George Bush will visit Paris and Rome to mark their liberation. In reality he will spend little time in either city, fearing demonstrations against the American occupation of Iraq. Neither the Americans nor the British liberated Paris. An insurrection by French resistance forces freed the city.

Disastrous day for Le Pen and the BNP

01 May 2004
THE BRITISH National Party's attempt to hold a fundraising event with the French Nazi leader Jean-Marie Le Pen spectacularly backfired last Sunday. A campaign organised by Unite Against Fascism trashed any hope the BNP had of favourable press coverage for their \&quot;respectable\&quot; black-tie dinner with Le Pen.

French Führer is not welcome here

24 April 2004
THE FRENCH Nazi leader Le Pen was due to come to Birmingham on Sunday. The leader of the National Front organisation announced on his website this week that he was planning an \&quot;official visit\&quot; in England on Sunday. He was likely to be speaking at an £80 a head fundraising dinner for the British National Party (BNP) in the West Midlands.

Don't duck the politics

03 April 2004
THE HEADLINE news in France's regional elections was that there was a big swing away from the ruling right to the parties of the "plural left"-the Socialists, Communists, and Greens. But, for the revolutionary left, the story was a different one.

What's at stake as France heads for elections

06 March 2004
'THESE ELECTIONS are assuming a national character. They are the first since the right wing UMP government won a landslide victory one and a half years ago. This came after the shock of the National Front's Le Pen getting into the run-off in the presidential election, and the huge protests that followed.

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