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Leaders' fear of effective strikes

05 July 2003
ONE OF the most well-known figureheads of the global movement against corporate power was thrown in jail in France last week. José Bové, leader of the radical farmers' Conféderation Paysanne, faces ten months inside.

The wrong strategy in French pension strikes

21 June 2003
FRENCH TRADE union leaders may have allowed their Tory government to survive the mass protests over its attack on workers' pension rights. There were two more days of strikes and demonstrations involving hundreds of thousands of workers last week, and more protests were planned this week. But they were not on the scale of the earlier strikes that repeatedly paralysed the country in recent weeks.

Crunch time for pension strikers

14 June 2003
THE TRIAL of strength between French workers and their Tory government reached a decisive stage on Tuesday. The government pressed ahead with its attacks on workers' pension rights, presenting its plans in the country's National Assembly.

Storm of protest descends on G8

07 June 2003
"TO THE eight who want to rule the world, the world replies - resistance!" The chant was in French, but taken up by people from a dozen or more European countries - and some from Africa, Asia and Latin America too.

Can strikes shake Tory government in France?

07 June 2003
TUESDAY SAW another huge show of strength by French workers in their fight with the country's Tory government. Strikers shut down much of the country. But the government was gambling on some union leaders now holding back from the all-out action which could bring workers victory.

France - High stakes as fight over pensions grows

31 May 2003
THE STAKES are mounting in the battle over workers' pension rights in France. Sunday saw a new round of massive demonstrations against the Tory government's plan to force workers to work more years, and pay more, for poorer pensions. Around 600,000 people marched in Paris, with tens of thousands more marching in cities across the country.

Two thugs aren't better than one

31 May 2003
ONE OF the biggest talking points of the past few months has concerned where the war on Iraq leaves relations between Europe and the US. Many people on the left have been speculating that the European Union (EU) can, under French and German leadership, emerge as a counterweight to the US.

A killer comes to Europe

31 May 2003
GEORGE BUSH, the butcher of Iraq, is arriving in Europe this weekend. He is flying into Evian in France to meet with his fellow leaders of the "G8" richest industrial countries. He comes determined to hammer home his victory in Iraq - even though every day there are reports of more deaths and killings in the country he claims to have liberated.

Pension fight rattles Tories

24 May 2003
THE BATTLE to defend workers' pension rights in France is at a critical stage this week. The Tory government has been rattled by last week's strikes and demonstrations. Up to two million workers joined marches across the country and many more walked out of work.

Empty promises leave millions enslaved by debt

24 May 2003
PROTESTS AGAINST the G8 summit of the world's most powerful countries in Evian, France, will begin next week. George Bush will be jetting in for the summit, fresh from the slaughter in Iraq. Evian is not just a chance to protest to demonstrate against the warmongers. It brings together the people who impose brutal capitalist polices across the globe.

Defiant strike sweeps France

17 May 2003
FRANCE GROUND to a halt on Tuesday. Trains, buses and tubes stayed in their depots, planes in their hangars as workers walked out across the country.

Back Evian protests

10 May 2003
THE WORLD'S number one war criminal is set to face huge protests when he comes to Europe at the end of this month. George Bush is to attend the G8 summit of "world leaders" in the town of Evian, in France. Protesters will be travelling from across Europe to greet him.

Evian - we will, we will rock you!

03 May 2003
GEORGE BUSH is coming to Europe on Sunday 1 June. Thousands of anti-war and anti-capitalist protesters plan to give him the welcome he deserves. Bush will be at a meeting of the G8 grouping of world leaders in Evian near the French-Swiss border. The G8 meeting is a major opportunity to protest against the chief warmongers - Bush and Blair - and their occupation of Iraq.

A chance to spit at Bush

26 April 2003
THREE CHEERS for the protesters who gave Tony Blair and the other pro-war prime ministers such a hot time when they visited Athens for the European Union summit last week. At the beginning of June George Bush will attend the Group of Eight (G8) meeting in the French city of Evian, just over the border from Geneva in Switzerland.

Division at the heart of system

19 April 2003
THERE WERE two major summit meetings last week. The first, highly publicised here, was the meeting of George W Bush and Tony Blair in Northern Ireland. The other brought together the French and Russian presidents - Jacques Chirac and Vladimir Putin - with the German chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, in St Petersburg, Russia.

Evian demos can wash the G8 down

12 April 2003
PLANS ARE being finalised for a week of protests at the G8 world rulers summit set for the French town of Evian at the end of May and beginning of June. The key demonstration will be on Sunday 1 June, but protests, actions and counter-conferences will take place from Wednesday 27 May through to the end of the summit on Wednesday 3 June.

Out to rule the world

29 March 2003
A FANATICAL group of men in and around the White House use the 11 September attacks to launch a war they have wanted for over a decade. Conquering Iraq is merely one step in their plan for ongoing military operations against other states, leaving the world in awe of US power. The aim? Global domination. France, Germany, Russia, China and other major states are all to come under the thumb of the US state and the interests of its multinationals.

Their lies to justify killing

22 March 2003
THE US and Britain have lied and stamped on every attempt at diplomacy to ensure their brutal war on Iraq goes ahead. George Bush and Tony Blair tried to pose as peacemakers who were foiled at the United Nations (UN). Foreign secretary Jack Straw resorted to blaming the French government for a war on Iraq.

Bush & Blair are in tiny minority

22 March 2003
THE BRITISH press tried to claim last week that the French government was responsible for war on Iraq. It said that France's opposition to immediate war meant that it was part of an isolated minority.

No refuge here for Iraqi victims

07 December 2002
THE SUN and Daily Mail were cheering this week at the closure of the Sangatte refugee camp in France. The same papers that attacked the striking firefighters also run hate campaigns against refugees.

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