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Facts about unemployment

09 June 2009
Where are jobs being lost? Every month there are fewer jobs. Between February and April job vacancies fell by 51,000 – or

The threat of the dole

09 June 2009
‘The government has been putting a position, ably assisted by the mainstream media, that it had somehow got rid of the problem of unemployment. But in many areas unemployment never went away.

Right to Work conference is chance to organise a fightback

09 June 2009
The Fight for the Right to Work conference is an important opportunity for employed and unemployed workers to come together to build a real campaign for jobs.

Young people on the scrapheap

09 June 2009
The level of unemployment in Britain is growing faster every month. It is not hitting everyone in the same way.

Wigan march against job cuts

24 March 2009
Some 150 people marched through Wigan against job cuts and privatisation last Saturday.

Return of one in ten unemployment statistic?

10 March 2009
The threat of job losses is being felt in every sector as the recession deepens.

Swathe of job cuts hitting everyone

24 February 2009
Unemployment is stalking towns and cities across Britain.

Family left with £50 a month

24 February 2009
There was a shock for Doug Foreshew when he visited a job centre to sign on last week after being sacked by BMW.

Unemployment: rise in jobless provokes fear and anger

17 February 2009
A shocking report by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) recently predicted that global unemployment could rise by more than 50 million and leave more than 7 percent of the world’s labour force without a job by the end of 2009.

Rotherham: Labour’s forgotten heartland

17 February 2009
Rotherham town centre bears the scars of the current recession – with growing numbers of high street shops boarded up and empty. But one place still doing a thriving trade is the job centre.

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