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Steel worker speaks out - 'Save jobs, fight back'

20 October 2015
The steel industry and the communities built on it are on the brink—and without a real fight we risk going under completely.

Now the Tories want boot camps for the unemployed

18 August 2015
Tory minister Matthew Hancock has ramped up the assault on welfare with plans to force young unemployed people into “boot camps”. 

News round-up

16 June 2015
Police and child abuse; Belfast equal marriage march; over 3 million are underemployed

News in brief

18 November 2014
Only 62 percent of jobs full time | Charity probes target Muslims | Council passes boycott motion

New attacks lie behind Tory talk of protecting 'the family'

19 August 2014
The government’s aim to look at how policy affects the family is pure hypocrisy, writes Sadie Robinson

Fury as Miliband bans jobless young people from benefits

19 June 2014
Labour activists are reacting with fury at Ed Miliband’s plans to ban jobless young people from claiming benefits.

News round-up

27 May 2014
Demetre Fraser | Official quizzed over Hillsborough slurs | Joblessness led to suicide | Thousands of kids face arrest

Take zero hours contracts or starve, Tories tell jobless

06 May 2014
For the first time unemployed workers could have their benefits cut off for up to three years if they refuse jobs with zero hours contracts.

Tory 'Help To Work' plan punishes unemployed people

29 April 2014
People who have been unemployed for more than two years face punishing new rules from Monday of this week.

Urgent call to save ‘lifeline’ in job centres

22 April 2014
Management at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) want to get rid of customer phones in job centres and eventually replace them with computers. They also plan to downgrade and cut the floor walker role.

Tory job search site to be scrapped

18 March 2014
The Tories could be forced to scrap their job search website Universal Jobmatch.

The real impact of Tory benefit sanctions

11 February 2014
The government’s attacks on benefits include cutting off people’s money often for the pettiest of reasons. Dave Sewell looks at the reality of sanctions

News in brief

03 December 2013
Theresa May makes man stateless - again | Police failed to protect victim of vigilantes | Man guilty of Grimsby mosque bomb | Back to work scheme fails

Osborne's rotten recovery

10 September 2013
This week Tory chancellor George Osborne proclaimed the British economy is in "recovery". However, the grim reality for many in Tory Britain is unemployment, low pay, pensioner poverty, and an ever?growing class divide.

Improving unemployment figures mask bosses’ new ways of eroding our workplace rights

20 August 2013
A drop in official unemployment figures can’t be allowed to mask the fact that the recession has allowed bosses to expand ways of exploiting new workers.

George Osborne’s petty welfare attacks mean more misery for claimants

02 July 2013
Tory chancellor's latest round of benefit cuts attacks the poorest in society, writes Simon Basketter

Workers see record wage drop as bosses get richer

18 June 2013
The Tories say falling unemployment shows that the crisis isn’t so bad. But unprecedented attacks on pay tell a different story, writes Annette Mackin

Hidden attack in new Universal Credit

11 June 2013
The new Universal Credit benefit could include a mechanism for landlords to chase up rent arrears.

Judges rule disability tests disadvantage people with mental health problems

28 May 2013
Judges have ruled that disability benefit tests disadvantage people with mental heath problems. 

How Tory benefit lies create a job centre crisis

21 May 2013
The government claims that its benefits changes will help those out of work. But Annette Mackin looks at how the cuts hurt both workers and claimants

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