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Left learns lessons from US teachers at union conference

16 April 2019
Activists launched a new left group within the NEU at the union’s annual conference.

Education round up: Union says celebrate LGBT+ in schools

16 April 2019
The NEU union conference passed an emergency motion in defence of LGBT+ inclusive relationship and sex (RSE) education.

Cuts force teachers to ‘scrabble’ for resources

16 April 2019
Savage attacks on school funding were a dominant theme at the NEU education union’s first annual conference in Liverpool this week.

Industrial round-up - three colleges in pay fight

16 April 2019
Workers at three colleges struck last week over pay.

Inaugural NEU union conference set to tackle education under attack

09 April 2019
The first NEU union conference takes place in Liverpool next week. The NEU school workers’ union was formed by a merger of the NUT and ATL unions.

Workers at three West Midlands colleges fight back for better pay

09 April 2019
Workers at three West Midlands colleges are striking this week over pay. UCU union members at City of Wolverhampton College began a three-day strike on Monday.

Education round-up: Cambridge march to defy school cutbacks

02 April 2019
Some 700 parents, children, teachers and governors turned out in Cambridge after school on Monday to protest about school funding cuts.

School workers strike to stop academy

19 March 2019
NEU union members at Galliard School in north London struck on Wednesday and Thursday of last week.

School strikes to stop academy plans

26 February 2019

Strikes over academy scam plan in Enfield

05 February 2019
NEU union members at Galliard Primary School in Enfield, north London, were set to start a two-day strike on Wednesday this week.

Education round-up—Say no to the new offer for Scotland’s teachers

29 January 2019
Scottish teachers in the EIS union are balloting on a new pay offer, with a recommendation to reject.

Hundreds on streets against Barclay academy

29 January 2019
Trade Unionists and Labour councillors joined parents, students and ­teachers at a protest against the threatened academisation of the Barclay school in Stevenage last Saturday.

Academies allow school bosses to get rich while students suffer, reveals new report

23 January 2019
Academies are disastrous, but the Tories want more of them.

Fight for every vote in teachers’ pay ballot

08 January 2019
Teachers in the NEU union are taking part in an indicative ballot for strikes over pay and school funding.

Santa hats, solidarity and strike against academy at John Roan school

11 December 2018
Striking GMB union members were joined by NEU union members who refused to cross their picket line.

New anti-academies fights launched as Village School celebrates step forward

04 December 2018
Workers and parents at The Village School in Brent, west London, were celebrating after a plan to turn the school into an academy was halted.

Teachers refuse to cross picket line as school workers strike against academisation

29 November 2018
GMB union members at The John Roan school in Greenwich, south east London, struck against a plan to turn the school into an academy

School strike is stopped, but the anger still remains

27 November 2018
Teachers at The John Roan school in Greenwich, south east London, held a silent picket outside the school on Thursday of last week.

Teachers march for school funding and better pay

21 November 2018
Up to 500 teachers, school workers, parents, councillors, children and others marched against education cuts.

Labour council threatens legal action against strike

20 November 2018
The NEU union withdrew planned strikes at The John Roan school in Greenwich, south east London, after the Labour-run council threatened legal action against the union.

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