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Fascists can’t sing—banned songs a hit at Gate Theatre

21 May 2018
A new musical collaboration between a west London theatre and the English National Opera sticks two fingers up to the Nazis, says Jasmine Fischer

Vanley Burke’s iconic images of Birmingham

14 May 2018
It’s an iconic image. Winford Fagan in Handsworth, Birmingham, 1970.

Redoubtable—a flawed take on ‘68 through Godard’s eyes

14 May 2018
A new film about Jean-Luc Godard and 1968 would be better if it focused a little more on the latter and a little less on the former, says?Bethan Turner

Blackfish City is a gripping climate cliffhanger

17 April 2018
This dystopian fable has been warmly received by science fiction and fantasy writers, and could be of interest to many socialists too.

A Far Cry from a hard attack on Trump’s racist rule

17 April 2018
The fifth instalment in the Far Cry series was initially billed as taking on Trump and the far right.

The modernist shock of the new US skyline is still cool

17 April 2018
An exhibtion of the modernist visual art of the early 20th century shows how artists saw the contradictions of US capitalism, writes Kate Douglas

Defend Frankenstein and his monster from the snowflake haters

22 March 2018
Readers of Socialist Worker probably aren’t avid readers of The Sun newspaper. If they were they may have seen that a couple of weeks ago it was irate at “snowflake students complaining that Frankenstein’s monster was misunderstood”.

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