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Yunus Bakhsh case

Judge orders trust to reinstate Yunus Bakhsh

26 April 2011
Yunus Bakhsh, the high profile nurse and activist who was unlawfully sacked for trade union activities, won reinstatement at an employment tribunal last week.

Cash news soon in Yunus Bakhsh’s case

14 December 2010
Victimised trade unionist Yunus Bakhsh was expecting to find out when his Employment Tribunal remedies hearing will take place as Socialist Worker went to press. The hearing will decide the level of compensation he will receive.

Kenny Bell drops a clanger over Yunus Bakhsh

14 September 2010
Kenny Bell, the branch secretary of Newcastle City Unison and deputy regional convenor of the Northern region, has made an extraordinary intervention in the case of Yunus Bakhsh.

Yunus Bakhsh celebrates—and vows to fight on

07 September 2010
Campaigners from across north east England packed into a victory party for Yunus Bakhsh last week. An Employment Tribunal recently found that Yunus, a nurse and union activist, had been illegally sacked.

Why is Yunus treated as Unison’s enemy within?

03 August 2010
Unison members will find no mention of the fact that Yunus resoundingly won his Tribunal in the statement the union issued about his case last week.

Yunus’ fight for justice

03 August 2010
August 2006: Yunus reveals that Trust bosses have given themselves whopping pay rises while planning cuts to patient mealsSeptember 2006: Yunus is illegally suspended from work after an anonymous letter of complaint against him. His NHS Trust mounts an "investigation"November 2006: Yunus is diagnosed as suffering from depression January 2007: Unison suspends Yunus from his elected positions on basis of the same "evidence" used by TrustJune 2008: Trust sacks Yunus despite him being declared as too sick to attend disciplinary hearings<

Activists hail Yunus Bakhsh’s victimisation victory

03 August 2010
The victory of leading trade unionist Yunus Bakhsh over his former employers at an Employment Tribunal last month continues to send shockwaves through the movement.

Victory for Yunus Bakhsh as health trust is bashed

27 July 2010
Yunus Bakhsh, a highly respected trade unionist from Newcastle, has won a four-year battle to clear his name after a landmark Employment Tribunal victory.

Victory! Yunus Bakhsh wins Employment Tribunal

23 July 2010
After a four-year battle for justice, sacked and victimised nurse Yunus Bakhsh has won a landmark victory at an employment tribunal.

Verdict due in critical Yunus Bakhsh tribunal

04 May 2010
Sacked nurse and union activist Yunus Bakhsh’s employment tribunal has completed its hearings and the panel is now considering a verdict. A decision is expected in about three weeks.

Further evidence in Yunus Bakhsh hearing

27 April 2010
The employment tribunal into the sacking of nurse and union activist Yunus Bakhsh has heard further evidence from Peter Chapman, the Unison union full-time officer originally assigned to Yunus’s case.

Tribunal hears praise for Yunus Bakhsh

20 April 2010
The employment tribunal into the sacking of nurse and union activist Yunus Bakhsh recommenced this week.

More questions raised in Yunus case

06 April 2010
The employment tribunal investigating the sacking of nurse and union activist Yunus Bakhsh heard last week from witnesses who back him.

Yunus Bakhsh: bosses on trial at key employment tribunal

27 March 2010
A very important case for every trade unionist and activist is taking place in an unremarkable Newcastle office building.

Yunus Bakhsh employment tribunal underway

09 March 2010
An employment tribunal this week heard shocking evidence in the case of Yunus Bakhsh, a nurse and leading black activist in Newcastle.

Raise support for Yunus Bakhsh

16 February 2010
Socialist Worker urges our readers to make a big push to build support for victimised trade unionist and nurse Yunus Bakhsh.

Did Unison break its own rules over Yunus Bakhsh?

19 January 2010
The hypocrisy involved in the persecution of Yunus Bakhsh, a psychiatric nurse from Tyneside who has been hounded out of his job and the Unison union, was underlined last week as it emerged Unison has breached its own rules and statute law in payments to the Labour Party.

Yunus Bakhsh: financial support needed for victimised activist

12 January 2010
Victimised trade unionist and nurse Yunus Bakhsh finally has a chance to seek justice at an employment tribunal – but he urgently needs the help of the trade union movement and other supporters to make sure his campaign doesn’t fall at the final hurdle.

Yunus Bakhsh fights for reinstatement

24 March 2009
High profile union activist Yunus Bakhsh is this week fighting for reinstatement to his job as a psychiatric nurse.

Get the real facts on Yunus Bakhsh case

10 March 2009
Supporters of Yunus Bakhsh, the victimised nurse and trade union activist, are hopeful that the forthcoming appeal against his sacking will see Yunus returned to work.

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