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Visteon dispute

Visteon occupation—giving Ford a bloody nose

Visteon occupation—giving Ford a bloody nose Sadie Robinson looks back ten years on from reporting on a workers’ occuption at Visteon car parts factory

Ford forced to make pensions offer to former Visteon workers

Ford forced to make pensions offer to former Visteon workers Former Ford-Visteon workers were set to discuss a new pensions deal on Thursday of this week. 

Ford’s Visteon pension betrayal criticised

MPs called on Ford to honour its responsibilities to former Visteon workers in a debate in parliament last week.

Visteon pensioners protest

Visteon pensioners protest Visteon pensioners staged four protests last Saturday—in Rayleigh, Enfield, Belfast and Swansea (pictured). They are demanding Ford returns their pensions to the level they would be if it had not sold them off to a new company.

Visteon march one year on

Ex-workers from the ­Ford‑Visteon car parts company were to march to parliament this week.

Visteon protest one year on

Former workers at the Ford-Visteon car parts firm are to demonstrate at parliament on Wednesday 31 March.

Ford-Visteon workers want their pensions back

02 June 2009
Former Ford-Visteon workers held a lively protest at a pension trustees meeting in central London on Monday of this week.

Celebrating victory at Ford-Visteon

19 May 2009
Ford-Visteon workers left their plants on Monday after inflicting a humiliating defeat on their bosses.

Visteon workers determined to get what they have fought for

12 May 2009
Ford-Visteon workers won a tremendous victory in their struggle for justice last week – but their fight is by no means over.

Belfast Visteon workers discuss the deal

06 May 2009
Ford-Visteon workers in Belfast have been occupying their plant for over five weeks after they were sacked with no notice and no redundancy pay at the end of March.

Union activist campaigns for justice

05 May 2009
Rob Williams, Unite union convenor at the Linamar (ex-Visteon) plant in Swansea, south Wales, is continuing to fight against his sacking, which took place on Tuesday of last week.

Victory at Visteon: ‘It’s been an unbelievable experience I’ll never forget’

05 May 2009
Many of the workers fighting against Ford and Visteon were taking part in action for the first time. The experience has transformed them.

Visteon workers beat corporate car giant

05 May 2009
Visteon workers last week won a massive victory against Ford, one of the most powerful multinational companies in the world.

Were the workers led by donkeys?

05 May 2009
Workers at Visteon have won a major victory in spite of their national union, Unite.

‘The solidarity was electrifying’

05 May 2009
‘There will be two versions of how, in 28 days, 600 Visteon workers brought one of the world’s biggest firms to its knees.

Protesting until they see the money

05 May 2009
The offer that Visteon workers have wrenched from Ford marks a turning point for class struggle in Britain. It shows that workers can take on multinational corporations – even in the midst of a recession – and win.

Victory at Visteon

01 May 2009
Visteon workers have won a major victory against one of the biggest and most powerful multinational companies in the world – Ford.

Visteon workers’ action has Ford on run

28 April 2009
The Visteon workers fighting for jobs and justice have put Ford onto the back foot. They are threatening a major escalation in their dispute that would hit Ford’s production in Britain.

Revealed: Ford-Visteon planned closure 8 years ago

28 April 2009
Socialist Worker can reveal secret plans going back as far as 2001 to shut at least one of the plants at the heart of the current Visteon dispute.

Support grows for crucial dispute

28 April 2009
Solidarity action for Visteon workers is spreading across Britain. It is piling pressure on Ford.

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