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Lockdown is eased but virus growing

Lockdown is eased but virus growing The Tories plan to further ease lockdown measures across England from next week.

LETTERS—The report’s lies that Britain is a ‘model of racial equality’

LETTERS—The report’s lies that Britain is a ‘model of racial equality’ ​​​​​​​The long awaited Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report suggests “claims of institutional racism not borne out”.

Tories risk lives for profit

Tories risk lives for profit A major easing of lockdown restrictions took place in England this week. People can now meet with others from different households outdoors. Outdoor sports restarted and the “stay at home” rule was lifted.

Capitalism— is it more than greed?

Capitalism— is it more than greed? Our leaders will celebrate greed for pushing innovation but Nick Clark argues that the greediness inbuilt within capitalism could potentially lead to our destruction

Global Covid-19 cases surge as Brazil faces health collapse

Global Covid-19 cases surge as Brazil faces health collapse Far from being steadily eliminated, Covid-19 is increasing in most regions of the world

Secret lobbyists for rich

Secret lobbyists for rich Top politicians have conspired to help firms drain cash from government Covid-19 loan schemes—and tried to keep it secret.

The establishment quakes following police violence

16 March 2021
The scenes of police attacking protesters in Clapham sent the establishment into a mini meltdown.

Test and trace has made no measurable difference say MPs

10 March 2021
Boris Johnson’s promise to deliver a “world-beating” test and trace scheme took yet another beating on Wednesday

How have the Tories survived all this?

09 March 2021
Boris Johnson keeps getting away with it. He’s been through scandal after scandal, and crisis after crisis, and still sits securely in Downing Street.

The Troublemaker—For Boris Johnson, charity definitely begins at home

09 March 2021
Boris Johnson hopes to set up a charity to pay to refurbish his flat. Johnson apparently wants multimillionaire Tory peer Lord Brownlow to run it.

After Dilyn’s Watergate - put down all the Tory dogs 

23 February 2021
The decay in Downing Street is getting absurd.

Workers and trade unionists demand no unsafe return to schools

18 February 2021
A meeting heard calls to organise in every school to make sure people know their rights and know how to use them effectively

Public system boosts jabs

16 February 2021
Boris Johnson called the delivery of 15 million vaccines since December an “extraordinary feat”.It is an achievement—but it’s not his.

Tories refuse to ‘follow science’ as they push for lockdown end

15 February 2021
Boris Johnson has made a show of pretending to ‘face down’ Tory MPs demanding an end to all restrictions by April. But he is pushing for his own timetable—regardless of virus levels

Rulers’ ‘democracy’ a lie

02 February 2021
Western politicians love to demand democracy—but only where it suits them.

Turn rage against the Tories into action

19 January 2021
It’s not a new phenomenon that the Tories are lurching from crisis to crisis. But the government’s latest debacles over key elements of their coronavirus strategy has left them weak.

Brexit could have meant more than this

07 December 2020
The Tories and Boris Johnson desperately continued their faltering attempts to broker a Brexit trade deal this week.

Break the weak Tories

10 November 2020
The Tories are in trouble. Their lockdown is unlikely to significantly cut coronavirus cases as it leaves key areas of transmission, such as schools, open.  

The Gambler—biography that’s a weak effort to show Boris Johnson’s ‘greatness’

27 October 2020
Journalist Tom Bower’s last biography was a hatchet job on Jeremy Corbyn. His latest book fawns over Boris Johnson

The Tories are weak— and we can stop them

20 October 2020
The Tory government is wrecking working class people’s futures, and gambling with their lives.

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