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Break the weak Tories

Break the weak Tories The Tories are in trouble. Their lockdown is unlikely to significantly cut coronavirus cases as it leaves key areas of transmission, such as schools, open.  

The Gambler—biography that’s a weak effort to show Boris Johnson’s ‘greatness’

The Gambler—biography that’s a weak effort to show Boris Johnson’s ‘greatness’ Journalist Tom Bower’s last biography was a hatchet job on Jeremy Corbyn. His latest book fawns over Boris Johnson

The Tories are weak— and we can stop them

The Tories are weak— and we can stop them The Tory government is wrecking working class people’s futures, and gambling with their lives.

Can Johnson survive Covid-19 and Brexit?

Can Johnson survive Covid-19 and Brexit? Weak and nasty” has been a good description of all Tory governments since the fall of Margaret Thatcher nearly 30 years ago. None fit this description better than Boris Johnson’s administration.

Coronavirus cases soar after Tories’ new failures over testing

Coronavirus cases soar after Tories’ new failures over testing Official cases of coronavirus in Britain shot up last weekend after a failure in the Tories’ test and trace system.

Covid-19 is creating new political divides

Covid-19 is creating new political divides More and more coronavirus is reshaping politics

International law is made for capitalism

14 September 2020
International law helps to regulate the relations between capitalist states. It plays an increasingly important role in providing a framework for the activities of transnational corporation

Cummings’ PR mates keep getting lucrative contracts

07 September 2020
A lobbying and PR firm co-founded by an ally of Dominic Cummings has been given two government contracts without competitive tenders during the pandemic.

Tories want us to risk our health for their profits

28 August 2020
On Friday, The Tories ramped up their drive to get people back to offices with a mixture of contrived compassion and thinly-veiled threats. Their demand for a return to work and school has only to do with profits.

Tories plough ahead with unsafe return to schools

24 August 2020
Boris Johnson this week reiterated his drive to get all children in England back to school full time next month. Yet the Tories are refusing to put in place measures to make schools safer, such as smaller class sizes to enable social distancing.

Letters—Scrapping our public health body is all about deflection

23 August 2020
Scapegoating is behind the Tory decision to scrap Public Health England (PHE), growing support for Scottish independence, plus more.

Tories didn’t prepare for a pandemic and then made up policy ‘on the hoof’

23 July 2020
The government showed an “astonishing” failure to plan for the economic fallout from a pandemic, according to a group of MPs.

Boris year zero—a year of lies, cuts, corruption,  racism and ‘getting it done’

21 July 2020
There were those who thought a year of Boris Johnson as prime minister would spell disaster. 

Johnson’s ‘new deal’ to bail out system

30 June 2020
Boris Johnson’s promise this week of a “new deal” marked the latest dishonest move in a decade of Tory austerity.

Boris Johnson’s Britain is racist

09 June 2020
‘No. The prime minister would not agree that this is a racist country,” said Boris Johnson’s spokesperson on Monday.

Tory ‘test, track and trace’ plan is in tatters before it’s begun

23 May 2020
After months of failures, Boris Johnson claims he has a new contact tracing strategy. But as Sarah Bates reports, the scheme is already in trouble

Fury at Johnson’s plan to reopen schools means potential for real resistance

11 May 2020
Parents and school workers have reacted with fear and fury to Boris Johnson’s announcement that schools could start to reopen from next month.

Johnson’s coronavirus failures are political, as a speech in February showed

19 April 2020
A devastating article in the Sunday Times underlines the criminal complacency of the Tories. But the rot goes deeper than individuals.

The things they say

30 March 2020
‘I shook hands with everybody’

Can Boris Johnson get an EU trade deal done?

21 January 2020
Now Boris Johnson really has to “get Brexit done”. Formally leaving the European Union (EU) on 31 January is one thing. Settling the real relationship between Britain and what will remain its biggest market is quite another.

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