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Tory Brexit drive behind divisions with business

Tory Brexit drive behind divisions with business The Financial Times newspaper and The Economist refused to call for a vote for the Tories.

Take action to stop cuts, racism and the climate catastrophe

Take action to stop cuts, racism and the climate catastrophe We have to go out and fight. Socialist Worker went to press before the general election took place on Thursday.

Vote for Corbyn and build the fightback

Vote for Corbyn and build the fightback Socialist Worker urges everyone to back Jeremy Corbyn and vote Labour on Thursday.

Protests hound Johnson's campaign efforts

Protests hound Johnsons campaign efforts Protesters forced Boris Johnson to cancel several campaign events in the days running up to the election.

London Bridge killings are linked to imperialist war

London Bridge killings are linked to imperialist war The horrific killing of two people in a knife attack on Friday in London is being used to bolster right wing ideas. The crackdown has to be opposed.

Antisemitism fuelled by the right—not Labour

Antisemitism fuelled by the right—not Labour Antisemitism is “sanctioned from the top”—but not, as the Chief Rabbi wrote this week, from the top of the Labour Party.

Lying Tories release their manifesto

24 November 2019
Tory prime minister Boris Johnson presented himself as a champion of ordinary people against the politicians at the party’s manifesto launch in Telford, Shropshire, on Sunday.

Jeremy Corbyn wins TV debate while Boris bores on Brexit

19 November 2019
Between an Emmerdale cliffhanger and the start of I’m A Celebrity stood Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson. Despite the fact that neither politicians nor viewers were desperate to see the first TV debate, it nonetheless taught us something.

Boris Johnson gears up for campaign of Brexit, cuts and attacks

29 October 2019
Boris Johnson was floundering and spinning his way towards a general election as Socialist Worker went to press.

Say no to a second referendum and a People’s Vote on the European Union

22 October 2019
A very big protest took place in London last weekend calling for a “People’s Vote” on leaving the European Union (EU).

The EU is a bad answer to a racist, neoliberal Brexit deal

22 October 2019
Boris Johnson’s rotten deal with the European Union (EU) faced key tests in parliament this week.

Johnson faces a crisis—but he isn’t finished

21 October 2019
He may have lost a battle last Saturday, but he hasn’t lost the war

Queen’s speech is a preview of a repressive Tory election manifesto

15 October 2019
The queen’s speech on Monday won’t lead to many, if any, new laws.

Pressure to reach Brexit deal adds to huge crisis for Boris Johnson

15 October 2019
Boris Johnson this week faces one of the biggest crises of his ­government.

Austerity, Brexit chaos and political failure - a warning of how the right can win

07 October 2019
Sadie Robinson reports from Doncaster and Barnsley on how bitter frustration at years of austerity and political failure have created the conditions for the right to benefit—but anger could also be pulled to the left

Corruption, harassment and Brexit pile strain on Boris Johnson

01 October 2019
Boris Johnson began his first Tory party conference as prime minister facing allegations of ­sexual harassment and ­corruption—and a looming Brexit deadline.

Thousands protest in Manchester as Tory party conference begins

29 September 2019
Chants of, “Stop Boris!” rang out in Manchester on Sunday as up to 5,000 people marched against the Tories, who were gathering for their party conference.

Political chaos in Britain after court judgement - drive the Tories out now

24 September 2019
The Tories have to be driven out—now.

Boris Johnson’s ‘friend’ given £126,000 of our cash

24 September 2019
Prime minister Boris Johnson’s friendship with a US entrepreneur who was granted £126,000 in public money during his time as London mayor is a damaging scandal.

Cuts kill—pensioners died because of systemic health failings

18 September 2019
Inquests into the deaths of three pensioners in East Sussex have uncovered failings linked to a pressure on resources.

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