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Millions in danger as Covid-19 sweeps through India's slums

30 July 2020
A new report reveals that Covid-19 is tightening its grip on India, and that millions of the world’s poorest people are in grave danger.

Health workers take to the streets to demand pay rise

29 July 2020
Health workers’ fury burst onto the streets of London on Wednesday as over 1,500 marched on Downing Street.

Florida teachers resist unsafe return to school

28 July 2020
The biggest teaching union in Florida has filed a lawsuit to challenge an order to reopen schools next month.

NHS workers in a pay revolt

28 July 2020
Health workers are in revolt over the Tory refusal to give a pay rise to hundreds of thousands of people who work in the NHS.

Woman died weighing 3 stone after DWP stopped her benefits

28 July 2020
A cancer patient has died weighing just three stone after the Department for Work and Pensions stopped her benefits.

Boris Johnson peddles obesity line to deflect blame for virus deaths

27 July 2020
The Tories are getting stuck into their latest tactic to divert blame from their own fatal failings.

Global spread of coronavirus is a warning of the threat from reckless Tory policies

25 July 2020
Coronavirus continues to sweep across the globe, with underfunded and understaffed health services struggling to provide care. 

‘We’ve been thrown on the scrap heap by the Tories’

25 July 2020
Workers facing poverty, unemployment and insecurity told Sadie Robinson why they feel they have been completely abandoned by their bosses and the government

Poor twice as likely to die from virus as business booms for the bosses

24 July 2020
Class and wealth shapes who lives and who dies from coronavirus.

Sturgeon might sound good, but the virus has been a disaster in Scotland

24 July 2020
Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has received glowing reviews for her handling of the Covid-19 crisis.

Tories didn’t prepare for a pandemic and then made up policy ‘on the hoof’

23 July 2020
The government showed an “astonishing” failure to plan for the economic fallout from a pandemic, according to a group of MPs.

Action call in hospitality + Jamie’s pukka payout + New moves on pensions

21 July 2020
Hospitality workers in the Unite union held a socially-distanced “Save our Jobs” protest on Tuesday of this week.

Fight for more than the Tories’ puny pay deal

21 July 2020
Don’t listen to the noise coming from the Treasury, the Tories are doing their best to hammer workers into the ground. 

Boris year zero—a year of lies, cuts, corruption,  racism and ‘getting it done’

21 July 2020
There were those who thought a year of Boris Johnson as prime minister would spell disaster. 

Reject Centrica blackmail on jobs and pay cuts

21 July 2020
Centrica, The owner of British Gas, will tell thousands of workers to accept new conditions, including no extra overtime pay, or risk losing their jobs.

The truth behind the Tories’ ‘back to normal’ lies

20 July 2020
As Boris Johnson pushes to reopen all workplaces, Sarah Bates exposes the myths that tell us it’s safe to return

Leaders of major unions to step down amid jobs onslaught

20 July 2020
The leaderships of the three biggest trade unions in Britain are up for election—and there will be an intensified debate about class struggle and resistance.

Record rises in global coronavirus cases warn against a return to ‘normal’

19 July 2020
The World Health Organisation (WHO) recorded two consecutive record daily increases in coronavirus cases across the globe on Friday and Saturday.

Response to Covid-19 outbreak in Victoria treats ordinary people as ‘expendable’

19 July 2020
The Australian state of Victoria recorded 363 new coronavirus cases on Saturday amid growing anger at how the authorities are failing to protect people.

Racist legacy to blame for Blackburn Covid-19 spike

18 July 2020
A sharp increase in coronavirus cases has taken Blackburn back to the brink of lockdown, and some have a racist solution.

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