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Coronavirus rips through dangerously overcrowded hospitals 

09 January 2021
Death has become a regular experience for Emily and her colleagues at Homerton Hospital in east London.

LETTERS—Keir Starmer blaming the wrong people for Covid-19 spread

08 January 2021
In an appearance on TV’s Good Morning Britain last week Keir Starmer voiced his support for emergency legislation to deal with anti-vaxxer campaigns.

Don’t let lockdown laws stop our right to resist

08 January 2021
The latest lockdown legislation brings in worrying assaults on protest rights

Workers’ action in schools forces huge Tory retreat

05 January 2021
Boris Johnson was forced on Monday evening to announce a new lockdown across England. It followed Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement of a lockdown in Scotland earlier in the day.  

Reports round-up: Parents fought to shut schools

05 January 2021
More than 5,000 people tuned into a parent meeting about school safety on Monday evening. And 600 people joined the Zoom event, called by Parents For a Safe Return.

Covid-19 hasn’t stopped capitalism from changing

05 January 2021
For many of us—especially those lucky enough not to have caught Covid-19—the past year has been as if our lives have been put on hold.

Tories to blame for NHS virus collapse

04 January 2021
Health workers say the NHS is “on the cusp of being overwhelmed” as hospitals struggle to cope with the surge in coronavirus cases.

Many primary schools shut despite attempts by the Tories to keep them open

04 January 2021
Large numbers of primary schools across England were closed to most children on Monday as workers refused to return on safety grounds.

Workers send message to Tories—keep all schools shut or we could walk out

03 January 2021
Workers are demanding that all schools should move to online learning for at least two weeks because it is not safe for them to fully reopen

Vaccine delays and shortages—Tories’ latest coronavirus scandal

02 January 2021
The Tories are ensuring thousands more deaths by failing to roll out coronavirus vaccination effectively

GALLERY - 2020: a year in 12 photos

31 December 2020
Socialist Worker photographer Guy Smallman's year reflected in a photograph for each month.

The Tories, not the new coronavirus strain, have created the crisis in the NHS

30 December 2020
The NHS stands on the brink of a catastrophic breakdown.

Overcrowded homes have sent virus cases soaring among the poorest in Britain

30 December 2020
Overcrowded housing has increased the spread of Covid-19 among poorer people and black people in England according to research by the Health Foundation.

Action needed now to stop Tories’ disastrous Covid-19 policies

20 December 2020
The desperate U-turn by Boris Johnson over coronavirus restrictions highlights the gross failings of the Tories’ handling of the pandemic.

New report proves inequality has made the pandemic worse 

18 December 2020
Austerity and racism combined with Covid-19 to cause many thousands of deaths, says a health expert’s new analysis. Tomáš Tengely-Evans investigates

Bosses enjoy soaring salaries while workers scrape by on paltry pay, new report shows

17 December 2020
It found bosses at top companies earn on average 100 times that of their lowest-paid workers.

School closes on health grounds after pressure from union members

16 December 2020
Fighting school by school isn't enough, A stronger national response from unions is needed.

2020—it’s been a year of horror and hope

15 December 2020
This year has seen the horrors that flow from the capitalism system, but it’s also seen mass resistance. Coronavirus dominated the year, exposing and accelerating all the failings that already existed. 

LETTERS—Anti-trans court ruling is an attack on autonomy for all

15 December 2020
A high Court judicial review earlier this month outlawed the use of puberty blockers for young trans people unless they can persuade doctors to go to court on their behalf.

Homelessness hits a record high in London

15 December 2020
Homelessness in London now stands at a 15-year record high, councils have warned.

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