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Letters—British Gas workers suffer at hands of selfish bosses

17 April 2021
Over the last five years British Gas has dumped on employees from the highest height with countless business area closures, restructures, shift changes and wage freezes.

Capitalism allows global Covid-19 cases to soar

13 April 2021
Global coronavirus cases have escalated over the past seven weeks and deaths have risen for the past three weeks. More than 136 million people have been infected, and almost three million have died.

Rulers use parasite Prince Philip’s death to push ‘national unity’

13 April 2021
The past few days have shown that the monarchy matters for Britain’s rulers. They see it as a useful way to push the idea of national unity.

Should we be worried about the AstraZeneca vaccine?

09 April 2021
Dr Kambiz Boomla says the vaccine is safe—but commercial interests are not

Pandemic has worsened inequality and state repression, warns Amnesty report

08 April 2021
Inequality, oppression and state repression have deepened across the globe during the pandemic, according to a damning new report.

Billionaires’ fortunes increase by over 60 percent despite coronavirus crisis

08 April 2021
Amid the horrors of the pandemic, the collective wealth of the world’s billionaires exploded by more than 60 percent last year from £5.8 trillion to £9.5 trillion.

Hundreds of workers strike over safety at Swansea DVLA

07 April 2021
More than 1,000 people at a major government workplace are on strike in a significant battle over workers’ safety from coronavirus.

Ditching profit is the only safe way out of lockdowns

06 April 2021
Any loosening of the Covid-19 restrictions will feel like a relief to millions of people. But that can’t hide the sickening truth that by lifting more measures next week the Tories are again prepared to gamble with our lives

Virus still on the rise, despite the vaccine

06 April 2021
Covid-19 infections are still soaring around the world, and it’s no time to end safety measures, says Sam Ord

Lockdown is eased but virus growing

05 April 2021
The Tories plan to further ease lockdown measures across England from next week.

Tens of thousands of NHS workers are suffering with ‘long Covid’

04 April 2021
Over a million workers in Britain have been hit by devastating “long Covid”. 

LETTERS—The report’s lies that Britain is a ‘model of racial equality’

02 April 2021
​​​​​​​The long awaited Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report suggests “claims of institutional racism not borne out”.

Strike plans at DVLA and Passport Control

29 March 2021
Health and safety strikes at the giant Swansea workplace are planned for 6-9 April

Should having no jab mean there’s no job for workers?

29 March 2021
Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi has said the Tories are considering compulsory Covid-19 jabs for NHS staff. In this column from March, we argued for persuasion, not compulsion.

Global Covid-19 cases surge as Brazil faces health collapse

28 March 2021
Far from being steadily eliminated, Covid-19 is increasing in most regions of the world

Coronavirus cases surge in schools

24 March 2021
The number of suspected or confirmed Covid-19 cases among school children in England has more than doubled in a week, government figures show. The figure leapt from 12,000 to 28,000 in the seven days to 18 March.

Secret lobbyists for rich

23 March 2021
Top politicians have conspired to help firms drain cash from government Covid-19 loan schemes—and tried to keep it secret.

EU risks lives to cut the risk of losing money

23 March 2021
The European Commission exploits every crisis to increase its own powers. It seized control of the vaccine procurement programme but bungled it.

Bus workers fight back in Manchester and London

22 March 2021
Over 400 workers at Go North West in Greater Manchester remain on all‑out and indefinite strike.

Bosses and royalty cash in on Tories’ furlough scheme bonanza

22 March 2021
Billionaire tax dodgers and other states have claimed millions of pounds from the Tories’ furlough scheme

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