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Councils use virus crisis to plan grim new cuts

14 July 2020
Local councils across England plan swingeing cuts in the wake of the ­coronavirus pandemic.

Tories—not ‘political correctness’—are why sweatshops stayed open

13 July 2020
Workers in Leicester were pushed to work in unsafe conditions for less than the minimum wage during the pandemic

Over 100 Covid-19 outbreaks a week following lifting of lockdown

13 July 2020
Figures released last week suggest that new infections are on the rise in dozens of towns and cities across Britain

Letters: Unite against all of those who peddle racism and transphobia

13 July 2020
It’s a shame there’s no invisibility cloak to throw at transphobic authors

Movements will mean trouble for Trump

13 July 2020
Donald Trump’s reaction to the two major crises in US politics has been to play to the most racist, reactionary sections of society. But it doesn’t look like it’s working for him.

Billions for bosses—job losses for us

11 July 2020
Vast bailouts are being gifted to the bosses to boost the economy. But this won’t stop businesses from cutting jobs and the wages of workers

Rishi Sunak’s ‘kickstart’ scheme is an attack on workers that must be fought

08 July 2020
Sunak’s Summer Statement was a mix of ineffectual half-measures and attacks on the working class

Step up solidarity as Tower Hamlets strikers prepare for more action

07 July 2020
More strikes are likely next week in this important dispute

British society scarred by deep poverty and racism

07 July 2020
A new report shows 14.4 million people, including 4.5 million children, are living in poverty—and it’s even worse for black people, writes Sadie Robinson

Tories’ care home lies

07 July 2020
 Tory prime minister Boris Johnson has begun the process of passing the blame for the coronavirus crisis. 

Virus, slump and racism show up system failure

07 July 2020
The Polish‑German revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg warned that capitalism gives us a choice between “socialism or barbarism”. We need to choose—and fight for—socialism. 

Reduced cancer care could kill tens of thousands during the pandemic

06 July 2020
Some 35,000 more people could die of cancer because of delays to diagnosis and treatment during the coronavirus crisis.

Coronavirus infections soaring in workplaces 

06 July 2020
Workers are being forced to keep quiet about dangerous conditions, writes Charlie Kimber

Global Covid-19 cases rise sharply after states lift lockdowns

06 July 2020
More than 11 million people across the globe have now been infected by Covid-19.

‘Diversity’ firm used virus to sack staff before lockdown

06 July 2020
As the reality of mass job cuts hits ever more people, a consultancy that trains companies and institutions about ­equality, diversity and inclusion is treating some of its staff like dirt.

Leicester—how a city at risk has been failed by the Tories

04 July 2020
The Midlands city of Leicester is the first in England to have a local lockdown in response to an upsurge in coronavirus cases. But while mainstream commentators have encouraged racist explanations, it’s the Tories who have put people at risk

Striking Tower Hamlets council workers launch fightback over contracts

03 July 2020
Hundreds of council workers walked out against the Labour-run local authority’s “betrayal of key workers” during coronavirus

Workplaces the centre of coronavirus spread—they must be shut down

02 July 2020
Suspected outbreaks of Covid-19 in workplaces in England almost doubled in the past week

Millions in Britain in poverty—and virus will make it worse

01 July 2020
Over a million and a half more people in Britain live in deep poverty today compared to 20 years ago

Doctors protest at Downing Street to demand a strategy to wipe out Covid-19

30 June 2020
Doctors protested outside Downing Street on Tuesday to “highlight the risks of indoor spread”.

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