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NHS workers reject pay award—now it’s time for strikes

16 September 2021
Over 90 percent of nurses in the RCN union have said no to the government’s insulting 3 percent offer.

Surge in inflation shows unions must lead fight over pay

15 September 2021
Workers’ living standards have taken another hammering after inflation rose at its fastest recorded rate last month.

Government to throw away Covid protections

14 September 2021
Boris Johnson was expected this week to throw away virtually any protection against Covid-19.

We won’t give in to the bullies,’ say school strikers

14 September 2021
Workers in schools are standing up against victimisation, reports Sam Ord

Who cares—the reality for social care workers

11 September 2021
Long hours and low pay, services collapsing after years of cuts, thousands of unfilled vacancies, needs of the cared for ignored. Socialist Worker talks to frontline care workers about what’s gone wrong

Hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk as Tories prepare to end furlough

10 September 2021
The lives of around a million people are set to be thrown into chaos when the Tories close the furlough scheme at the end of the month.

Rents soar outside London as profits come first

08 September 2021
Private rents outside London are rising at their fastest rate for 13 years.

‘Tax the rich’ is just the start of what’s needed

07 September 2021
The Tories this week made workers pay more from their wages so the super-wealthy could protect their inheritances. No wonder that the alternative of taxing the rich is hugely popular.

No to the coronavirus act

07 September 2021
Boris Johnson has recklessly abandoned all the Covid-19 regulations such as mask wearing and social distancing. He has herded children and workers into unsafe schools.

Letters—Unions must fight for safety as new school term begins

30 August 2021
Education workers are returning to schools across England and Wales with mixed emotions.

Johnson’s deadly calculus—let 50,000 die a year to keep profits flowing

29 August 2021
Only if the Covid-19 death rate is over 1,000 a week for two or three weeks will ministers even start a discussion on re-imposing restrictions.

Ignoring Covid won’t work

24 August 2021
Covid-19 related deaths in Britain stand at a shocking average of 100 each day according to official data. That’s a rise of 54 percent in a week.

‘Key worker’ would have to work a lifetime to earn a top chief executive’s pay award

19 August 2021
The average chief executive officer (CEO) of one of Britain’s top firms is paid £2.69 million.

One in 16 firms could close when furlough pay ends

17 August 2021
One million workers are employed by businesses at critical risk of closing operations within the next three months.

Earthquake causes new devastation across Haiti

17 August 2021
As Haiti is struck by earthquakes, Sam Ord explores the damage that imperialism has done

Will we discover who the Tories put in ‘VIP lane’?

17 August 2021
The government has been forced to say it will publish all the names of companies that received PPE contracts after being referred into a fast-track “VIP lane” by ministers.

Letters—The latest vaccine failure exposes more Tory greed

17 August 2021
Tory health secretary Sajid Javid confirmed this week that the government is to begin administering booster vaccines in the autumn.

Pret A Manger bosses’ attacks show union leaders must be ready to fight

12 August 2021
The Tories have underlined how they are going to keep attacking workers’ living standards. And bosses are following them with new attacks as people return to workplaces and furlough ends.

Battle continues at DVLA + Vote No in Haringey Love Lane demolition ballot

09 August 2021
The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has admitted it is dealing with a huge backlog of work. It comes amid strikes by PCS union members at its offices in Swansea.

Minimum wage dodging bosses owe workers millions

05 August 2021
Bosses who’ve broken minimum wage laws owe more than £2 million to 34,000 workers, according to business department data.

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