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Tory Covid-19 moves will mean more death

22 June 2020
The Tories pushed ahead with lifting the lockdown just as the official British death toll rose to over 42,000 and other countries showed signs of another spike.

Structural racism is behind high coronavirus death rate for black and asian people

22 June 2020
A new report has provided further proof of how racism is behind the disproportionate deaths of black and Asian people from coronavirus

Out of work and out of money - how lives are being torn apart by profit system

22 June 2020
Workers are being pushed to make big sacrifices during the lockdown—but things could get much worse as unemployment bites. Tomáš Tengely-Evans spoke to some of those affected, and argues that the crisis shows why we need a different system

‘I miss a normal life’—the workers stuck out at sea

19 June 2020
Lockdown has imprisoned seafarers on ships for months—and they are desperate to leave.

Government abandons Covid-19 tracing app after months of delays

18 June 2020
In a humiliating reversal of policy, the government announced on Thursday that it is abandoning the contact-tracing app which it had said was vital to an effective “test and trace” system

Climate groups warn that environmental destruction will lead to more pandemics

17 June 2020
Environmental destruction lies behind health crises—and sweeping changes will be needed to avoid further pandemics, argued conservation and health leaders

Debt, cutting back on food, endless stress—the reality of life on Universal Credit

17 June 2020
Nearly two thirds of families who receive Universal Credit have been pushed into borrowing money to survive

Chaotic and unsafe school reopening plan could burst the Tories’ bubble

16 June 2020
Secondary schools across England began opening to wider numbers of children on Monday of this week.

Tories push for lockdown end

16 June 2020
The Tories were patting themselves on the back this week—despite the official coronavirus death toll in Britain climbing to over 40,000 and millions of workers facing unemployment. 

Virus tears through poorer countries as fears of a ‘second wave’ grip China

16 June 2020
The global coronavirus crisis is far from over.

Tories try to hide truth behind death rate for black and minority ethnic people

15 June 2020
Racism and social inequality has contributed to the higher death rates from coronavirus among black and Asian people

Homeless people turfed out as Covid-19 support ends

12 June 2020
The Tory government promised to help care for homeless people during the  pandemic. But now the measures adopted are ending, writes Sadie Robinson 

Pregnant women and new mothers hit hard by coronavirus crisis

11 June 2020
Pregnant women and women who have recently had children are facing intensified discrimination during the coronavirus crisis.

Ten million could soon be stuck waiting for NHS care

10 June 2020
Health bosses fear the Covid-19 crisis could see the number of people waiting for NHS treatment double to ten million by the end of the year.

Residents pay more for failed care + new threats to homeless people

09 June 2020
Coronavirus has ripped through adult social care.

Action needed over rail safety threats

09 June 2020
Transport workers are gearing up for huge battles across the network, as the Tories try to fill buses and trains to reopen the economy.

Protesters rally around call to defund the police

08 June 2020
Across protests in the US a furious call is going out to “defund the police”. 

Scummy Serco takes test contract

08 June 2020
Outsourcing giant Serco has been handed a multimillion pound contract to manage the coronavirus test and trace. 

Tories in trouble as confidence in coronavirus strategy plummets

07 June 2020
The Tories want to force a wider return to work and to push more children into schools—just as damning evidence of their failures grows. 

Brazil’s murderous cops add to toll of coronavirus

06 June 2020
Police in Rio de Janeiro killed 177 people in April alone

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