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Almost four million people face low pay and insecure work

29 July 2021
Around 3.7 million people in Britain face low-paid insecure work, according to new research by the Living Wage Foundation.

DVLA workers prepare for month-long safety strike 

27 July 2021
A group of workers at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in Swansea are set to begin a month-long strike on Monday of next week.

Blame the huge surge in virus cases, not the app

23 July 2021
Notifications from the test and trace app are rising due to coronavirus cases. Sophie Squire investigates the Tory failures that have led to the rises

No to vaccine passports

20 July 2021
Boris Johnson ironically announced on “freedom day” that vaccine passports will soon be required in England.

Tory freedom day disaster

19 July 2021
As Covid cases continue to soar the Tories have decided to lift all restrictions and scientists are already ringing alarm bells, writes Sam Ord

From Cuba: a description of the protests

17 July 2021
As a service to a fuller understanding of the recent Cuban protests, we publish a description by socialists in Cuba.

Virus has created potential for boom—and bust

13 July 2021
Are we heading, as some commentators claim, for another “Roaring Twenties”, like the economic boom that followed the terrible flu pandemic of 1918-19?

Tories will give Covid the freedom to mutate

12 July 2021
The Tories confirmed on Monday that they will lift ­Covid-19 restrictions next week even though scientists are warning of the huge risks

Lifting lockdown—Johnson’s virus plans spell disaster

06 July 2021
Boris Johnson knows that Covid-19 cases are going to soar. Regardless, he has signalled the end of all ­lockdown restrictions.

Letters—Young people are turning left, and towards socialism

06 July 2021
New research from the right wing Institute of Economic Affairs shows 67 percent of young people are rejecting capitalism in favour of socialism.

Adults in most deprived areas ‘3.7 times more likely to die’ with Covid-19

06 July 2021
Class shapes who lives and dies with Covid-19—and who will be hit hardest as restrictions are recklessly lifted.

DVLA safety strikes hit the bosses hard

05 July 2021
Targeted strikes by workers at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have caused a huge backlog of applications for renewed driving licences.

Tories pile stress on NHS—followed by a pay insult

05 July 2021
The Tories are about to launch a huge gamble over lockdown restrictions—and they are using our lives as their stake

A mistake of Olympic proportions in Tokyo

05 July 2021
The Tokyo Olympic Games is set to start this month. Sam Ord investigates the scale of the Covid health crisis ignored by officials, and the reality of how the event build profits and nationalism for rulers

Poor pay the deadly cost of Covid-19 says report

03 July 2021
Why have the poorest people in Britain paid the highest price during the pandemic?

Divisions at top should open door for struggle

29 June 2021
Boris Johnson would like to take credit for Matt Hancock’s resignation as health secretary.

Letters—Johnson plays a dangerous game with our health

29 June 2021
The government is putting profit before health—again. This time it’s to prioritise football matches.

Danger as Tories plan to end school Covid-19 safety rules

29 June 2021
Failed education secretary Gavin Williamson wants to end the system of pupil ‘bubbles’ even as coronavirus cases soar. Sophie Squire talked to school workers who now fear the worst

Anti-lockdown protest was contradictory pull to right

29 June 2021
At least 30,000 ­demonstrators marched through central London on Saturday to call for an end to lockdown.

Sajid Javid will front new attack on safety and NHS

28 June 2021
New health secretary Sajid Javid has been hired by Boris Johnson as a hitman.

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