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Horror for refugees as conditions make coronavirus more deadly

23 March 2020
In Greece overcrowded refugee camps on islands in the Aegean sea have been put on lockdown.

‘Profit, profit, profit’—how Tony Blair helped destroy our capacity to test for coronavirus

21 March 2020
Why has Britain tested so few people for coronavirus?

Corona crisis shows need to break from chaos of capitalism

21 March 2020
A society based on democratic planning could meet the needs of everyone and boost innovation. Socialist Worker looks at how ordinary people could reshape our world

Anxious, exhausted and angry—health workers speak out

20 March 2020
The coronavirus crisis has laid bare the dire state of Britain’s underfunded NHS. Health workers battling the virus spoke to Socialist Worker about the harsh reality of being on the frontline

State support for wages shows scale of crisis, but don’t stop fighting

20 March 2020
The Tories were forced to unveil measures “unprecedented in the history of the British state” on Friday.

Walkout at ten south London libraries over coronavirus safety

20 March 2020
Lambeth library workers said they were angry at managers' lack of action

LETTERS—We need to fight to bail out people, not rich businesses

20 March 2020
I’ve helped to set up a mutual aid group in Mile End, east London. We’ve distributed leaflets telling people how to access help at food banks, mosques, churches and charities. 

Fear and uncertainty for workers who can’t stay home in ghost town Britain

20 March 2020
Parts of Britain look increasingly like a ghost town after the government advised workers to work from home where possible.

Boris Johnson plans power grab for cops and border guards amid coronavirus crisis

18 March 2020
The Tories plan to grab more powers for the police and immigration officials under the guise of tackling the coronavirus crisis.

Workers’ action wins safety demands over coronavirus

18 March 2020
More trade unionists are organising in their workplaces to protect people from coronavirus.

Even in the coronavirus crisis, we’ll keep up the fight

17 March 2020
When there is a social and economic crisis, socialists call for mass collective action. We say take to the streets, gather in meetings and hold rallies.

Organise for alternative to Tories’ shutdown

17 March 2020
There are no “market?based solutions” to saving hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people’s lives from coronavirus. We have to suspend capitalism.

It’s right to be this afraid

17 March 2020
Coronavirus, climate catastrophe and nuclear war make us feel existential dread about the future of the world. But there is an emergency brake says Simon Basketter

Coronavirus round up: Profiteering rich look for handouts as they slash jobs

17 March 2020
Bosses want to cash in from the coronavirus crisis. Billionaire Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic demanded “emergency credit facilities to a value of £5 billion to £7.5 billion”.

Tories lurch from chaos to crisis to help bosses

17 March 2020
Boris Johnson signalled a shift in the Tories’ approach to coronavirus on Monday. It follows growing anger at the government response. But the Tories are still putting ordinary people at risk.

Rulers want to cure capitalism of virus

17 March 2020
We’ve already learned two important things in the Covid-19 crisis. The first is that the future is here.

Demand to open detention centres over coronavirus sickness fears

17 March 2020
Detainee rights organisations have said the Tories should “immediately release all immigration detainees”.

Keep up the ‘four fights’ after success of university strikes

17 March 2020
The UCU union has delayed a planned reballot of workers for strikes due to the coronavirus crisis.

Anger over unsafe work conditions spurs some coronavirus strikes

16 March 2020
Several groups of workers have taken the issue of coronavirus safety into their own hands.

Italian worker says ‘we are ready to fight’ for coronavirus action

15 March 2020
A wave of strikes has hit Italy, and further walkouts may be coming

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