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‘We are motivated by the irresponsible attitude of the government,’ say students in occupation in Greece

01 October 2020
Students have occupied more than 700 schools across Greece, forcing them to close, in protest at the unsafe push to return.

Activists gather to launch emergency coronavirus programme

29 September 2020
 A coalition of Labour MPs, trade unionists, campaigners and socialists have called for a “fightback to demand ordinary people won’t pay for the crisis”.

Resist the drive for profit that is killing us

29 September 2020
Capitalism keeps a tiny minority of people rich off the back of work that is done by the vast majority of people.

Covid-19 is creating new political divides

28 September 2020
More and more coronavirus is reshaping politics

Tories’ virus failures fuel a growing crisis for Johnson

28 September 2020
The Tories were set to suffer a humiliating defeat in parliament this week over their handling of the coronavirus crisis. But they looked set to be saved by a speaker’s ruling.  

“We felt abandoned by the state”—health workers speak out as they prepare for second wave

27 September 2020
Health workers are “physically and emotionally on their knees” as they prepare for a second wave of coronavirus.

How Trump and privatised health care left US exposed

27 September 2020
The US is the richest country in the world, but has one of the worst responses to coronavirus. Sarah Bates looks at how a a broken system killed over 200,000

Students locked in at universities as system profits

26 September 2020
Thousands of people are isolating in student accommodation after a spate of virus outbreaks at universities. Students told Sophie Squire that they are being left without support—and slammed the ‘entirely predictable’ crisis

Handling of the virus has made mental distress worse

25 September 2020
The virus has meant that mental health services are in crisis—Isabel Ringrose spoke to two health workers on the frontline  

The Tories’ jobs scheme—patching up a failing jobs market

25 September 2020
The new jobs scheme announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak on Thursday reflects growing panic over the end of the furlough scheme, which closes on 31 October. However, it will not prevent surging unemployment in Britain or offer workers the protection they need.

Sunak gives bosses another bailout while workers still face job and pay cuts

24 September 2020
Tory chancellor Rishi Sunak announced another bailout package for bosses on Thursday as the coronavirus crisis deepens.

France battered by Covid-19 second wave catastrophe

22 September 2020
France is now tightly in the grip of a second wave of coronavirus infections.

Tories want workplaces to stay open as second wave of coronavirus looms

21 September 2020
A second wave of coronavirus in Britain is imminent as cases continue to rise.

Tories refuse to take the blame for Covid-19 spike

21 September 2020
The Tories’ drive to push people back to work—and reopen the economy—has plunged Britain into a second wave of coronavirus infections

Workers in grip of the economic crisis speak out—millions face jobs misery

19 September 2020
With the future of the government’s furlough scheme in doubt, and with hundreds of firms axing jobs, a wave of fear is spreading

LETTERS—Grouse shooting rule shows what the elite are about 

18 September 2020
As if we need yet another example of how out of touch the Tories are, here we go again.  

‘Plainly we don’t have enough’—Tory in charge of coronavirus tests admits ‘significant’ failure

17 September 2020
Tory test-and-trace tsar Dido Harding said the demand for tests was three to four times higher than capacity

Billionaires are still cashing in on the Coronavirus crisis

15 September 2020
“Pandemic be damned”. That’s the message from Forbes, which calls itself “the defining voice of ­entrepreneurial capitalism.”

Stop the jobs massacre when furlough ends

15 September 2020
People are being thrown out of work at the sharpest rate since the recession in 2009

It’s one rule for us and another for the rich

15 September 2020
The government’s whole approach is sunk in hypocrisy

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