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Dyson workers pull rug out from bosses’ feet

21 May 2020
A workers’ revolt has stopped a return to work at a Wiltshire engineering company owned by Sir James Dyson, Britain’s richest man.

‘Everything is destroyed’ in wake of Cyclone Amphan

21 May 2020
Millions of people in India, Bangladesh and Bhutan have been forced to flee from “super cyclone” Amphan that swept inland from the Indian Ocean on Wednesday. 

Workers, parents and students unite to fight dangerous schools reopening

20 May 2020
The Tories’ plan to start reopening schools from 1 June looks “increasingly unlikely” to take place. That’s according to a furious article in the Daily Mail newspaper.

Workers fight Tory push for unsafe schools return

19 May 2020
The battle is on to stop the Tories forcing an unsafe reopening of schools from 1 June.

If it’s not safe Asos workers must walk

19 May 2020
A suspected coronavirus outbreak at an Asos retail warehouse has sparked calls for the site to be closed while a deep clean is carried out.

It will take a fight to save hundreds of jobs at JCB

19 May 2020
Digger maker JCB has said that up to 950 jobs are at risk at its ten plants in Staffordshire, Derbyshire, and Wrexham in north Wales.

Media feast on tiny turnouts of right wingers on protests

19 May 2020
Very small numbers of right wing protesters came out last weekend—and achieved massive publicity from the media.

Bosses will use debt crisis against poorest

18 May 2020
On the other side of the pandemic, many fear there will be a debt crisis. This fear is mainly motivated by the huge amounts of money governments are spending to prop up companies and subsidise wages.

Transport services increase, alight here for intensive care

18 May 2020
The Tory drive to reopen the economy has forced droves of people into dangerous buses and trains.

Tories slash emergency funding for homeless

18 May 2020
Homeless people across England could be thrown back onto the streets after the Tories cut funding for an emergency scheme.

Workers pushed to poverty by furlough failures

18 May 2020
Empty Tory promises and greedy bosses are leaving many workers struggling to survive, reports Tomáš Tengely-Evans

New coronavirus outbreaks across Germany

18 May 2020
Germany is facing fresh coronavirus outbreaks following the easing of lockdown restrictions

Migrants are at the forefront of unofficial safety strikes in the US

18 May 2020
Unofficial strikes have spread across the US as a result of unsafe conditions and unfair dismissals during the coronavirus outbreak

Health workers in France lead challenge to Macron

18 May 2020
Moves to end the lockdown in France are releasing suppressed bitterness and anger against president Emmanuel Macron

Race—a capitalist invention

17 May 2020
Scientists are struggling to understand how Covid-19 affects people differently. Socialist Worker shows that the construct of race has more basis in exploitation than biology

‘We can teach the Tories a lesson’—school workers, parents and students speak out over unsafe return to school

17 May 2020
The battle over reopening schools could make or break the Tory drive to get people back to work before it’s safe.

Protests over coronavirus safety rattle the Tories - we need more of them

16 May 2020
The mood against the Tories is beginning to be seen more strongly on the streets. A number of cavalcades, stunts and socially-distanced protests took place on Thursday.

How the Spanish flu spread—and why the second wave was worse

16 May 2020
What lay behind the horror of a past pandemic?

Report exposes shocking call centre conditions for workers

15 May 2020
Call centre workers are risking their lives on a “dangerous frontline” in the coronavirus crisis. A new report says that, “Without exaggeration the severity of the hazards from Covid-19 and the effects on these workers make for shocking reading.”

Tories are still leaving care home residents to die

14 May 2020
Government coronavirus failures in social care continue to endanger the lives of hundreds of thousands of service users and workers.

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