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Battles for NHS pay justice in Scotland and England

31 May 2021
Health workers in Scotland campaigning for a decent pay rise were set to march on the Edinburgh parliament this Saturday.

New billionaires cash in on Covid-19 vaccine production

30 May 2021
Profiting from the Covid-19 vaccine has directly created at least nine new billionaires with a combined wealth of nearly £14 billion.

Trade union membership rises in pandemic—but no room for complacency

27 May 2021
More workers are getting organised against bosses’ attacks. The number in trade unions in Britain rose by 118,000 last year to 6.56 million.

Dominic Cummings confirms Tories’ handling of Covid-19 let thousands die

26 May 2021
In evidence to MPs, he savaged Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock to boost himself

Tough year for rich with record rise in billionaires

24 May 2021
 According to the The Sunday Times Rich List the combined wealth of Britain’s 250 richest people has grown by a sixth in the past year. It is up from £566 billion to £658 billion.

Dominic Cummings says herd immunity was ‘literally the official plan’ for pandemic

23 May 2021
Senior ministers planned to respond to the coronavirus epidemic by letting infections rip through Britain in a bid to create “herd immunity”.

Report finds links between class and Covid exposure

18 May 2021
A new Office for National Statistics report this week underlined how class has largely determined how much you were exposed to Covid-19.

Tories ignore ‘Indian variant’ risk to ease Covid rules

17 May 2021
Boris Johnson is once again ready to plunge us into grave coronavirus danger

Rulers failed to prepare for ‘preventable’ Covid-19

15 May 2021
Sadie Robinson examines a new report exposing how world leaders’ response to coronavirus warnings led to the current crisis

Top companies cash in on coronavirus with ‘share buyback’ schemes

14 May 2021
A swathe of the world’s richest companies are so overflowing with cash that they are spending record amounts on buying their own shares.

Boris Johnson calls inquiry amid anger over Tories’ handling of pandemic

12 May 2021
Boris Johnson has been forced to announce a public inquiry into the government’s handling of the pandemic.

Lockdown eases, but virus hasn’t gone away

11 May 2021
Boris Johnson has confirmed that the latest planned easing of coronavirus restrictions in England will go ahead.

BBC documentary Extra Life explores the long history of racism and vaccines

10 May 2021
Extra Life explores previous global pandemics to learn lessons in the fight against Covid-19

Mental health made worse in pandemic by class and poverty

09 May 2021
Depression and poor mental health have been exacerbated by the pandemic. Sadie Robinson explores a new report that shows how class affects people’s health and lives

The End of Men is a pandemic-era novel that cuts very close to the bone

08 May 2021
This is a stunning book with an unfortunately horribly familiar theme—how to cope with a deadly pandemic

Big pharma giant Pfizer rakes in bumper profits after cashing in on public money

05 May 2021
Pfizer, one of the richest drug companies in the world, is making hundreds of millions of pounds in profits from its Covid-19 vaccine.

LETTERS—How medical monopolies wreck the lives of millions

04 May 2021
The vaccine rollout is a cause for celebration for many, but it also shines a spotlight on Western domination over the Global South.

Britain remains in danger despite lockdown lifting

04 May 2021
The media is abuzz with talk of relaxing and lifting lockdown restrictions and virus cases are low in Britain at the moment. But that doesn’t mean that the risks have gone away completely.

Splits at top over India’s Covid crisis

03 May 2021
India’s hard right prime minister Narendra Modi is finally feeling the heat after weeks of Covid-19 devastating the country.

Vaccine disparity—is imperialism in workers’ interests?

02 May 2021
As India’s health system collapses under a new wave of Covid-19, Socialist Worker examines whether Western workers are gaining from the way imperialism operates

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