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Argos workers angry at being seen as ‘collateral damage’

09 April 2020
Argos warehouse workers are being “put in danger” to keep profits rolling in during coronavirus crisis. 

Health workers protest against poor response to virus in Greece

08 April 2020
 Health workers in Greece protested at 28 hospitals around the country on Tuesday, against their right wing government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

‘It’s very scary to be a bus driver right now’ - workers speak out

08 April 2020
Eleven bus workers have now died after contracting Covid-19, with tens of thousands more transport workers terrified of the same fate.

The state—whose side is it on?

07 April 2020
The coronavirus crisis has seen governments across the world bring in harsh new state powers. Nick Clark looks at how so-called temporary restrictions on our rights can often become permanent 

‘Business as usual’ is killing workers

07 April 2020
Ministers say that a “small minority of people” are putting our lives at risk. That’s true—they sit in the Tory cabinet, on the boards of corporations, and are at the top of society.

Stop the deaths of London bus drivers

07 April 2020
At least eight London bus workers had died at the start of this week after being infected by Covid-19.

‘We are made to feel our job isn’t valuable’ - care staff speak out

07 April 2020
Coronavirus puts hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people in adult social care services at risk. 

Tories and their backers are in the money thanks to virus

07 April 2020
 Jacob Rees-Mogg—remember him?—will be cashing in on the coronavirus crisis.

More health workers die due to lack of protective equipment

07 April 2020
Health workers are dying of coronavirus because of the Tories’ failure to provide proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

‘Every day is a struggle’ on Universal Credit

07 April 2020
Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to claim benefits as bosses throw them on the dole, writes Sadie Robinson

Uncertainty for workers as Debenhams unable to pay debts

06 April 2020
 More than 20,000 workers at Debenhams fear for their jobs after the company began its third insolvency process in a year on Monday.

Lockdowns lead to police brutality and repression in many African countries

06 April 2020
Widespread poverty and lack of public health services make coronavirus a huge threat to people in Africa. But they also face ferocious attacks from state forces

Bosses ‘shout down’ safety concerns

06 April 2020
Distribution workers at a Marks and Spencer warehouse in Swindon have staged three walkouts over health and safety.

US workers on strike as Trump backs big bosses

06 April 2020
Fresh walkouts launched across the US as Trump says that hundreds of thousands should die for profit

Tory measures not enough to protect homeless people

06 April 2020
 The outbreak of Covid-19 is showing just how hard vital homelessness services have been hit by austerity.

Lockdown policies hit the Global South

06 April 2020
There’s an old cliche about the economy falling off a cliff. This time it really has, all over the world.

‘Working in danger because of profit’

05 April 2020
Sadie Robinson investigates how the Tories’ response to coronavirus is wreaking havoc on millions of workers’ lives—and how the bosses are taking advantage

First coronavirus cases reported at refugee camps in northern France

05 April 2020
The first cases of coronavirus have been reported in refugee camps in northern France, according to an aid worker.

Coronavirus crisis - put workers in charge and end the chaos of capitalism

05 April 2020
Our ‘betters’ have now realised that workers matter. So could workers run society without bosses?

Women, the family and the coronavirus crisis

04 April 2020
During this period where people’s lives are centred around the home, Sarah Bates looks at capitalism's reliance on the family and women’s domestic labour.

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