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Crucial care services are being withdrawn during coronavirus crisis

29 March 2020
Councils and care bosses are asking people to fend for themselves 

Boris Johnson sends coronavirus letter to every household to mask Tory failures

28 March 2020
The Tory government is mobilising to deliver to every household across Britain. But you won’t be getting medicines or food. You will be treated to a letter from Boris Johnson.

Luxury furniture delivery firm claims its staff are ‘key workers’

28 March 2020
 A logistics company that delivers luxury furniture for Marks and Spencer made call centre workers come in claiming they were “critical” to tackling coronavirus.

Thousands across the country clap to show solidarity with the NHS

27 March 2020
The #ClapForOurCarers this week was a huge, grassroots event that reflected a desire by ordinary people to show solidarity, pull together and help one another in difficult times.

US workers stage walkouts and protests over coronavirus safety

26 March 2020
Workers’ action is spreading across the US to stop bosses putting profit ahead of health in the coronavirus crisis. 

Workers force closure of libraries they say are unsafe

26 March 2020
Matt, a Unison union rep in Tower Hamlets, says, "There’s contempt for managers that kept facilities open despite the threat to the health of the staff.”

Cruelty of Tories’ benefit promises revealed as Universal Credit claims rise

26 March 2020
Nearly half a million people put in claims for Universal Credit (UC) in a nine-day period as the coronavirus crisis hit.

No hand sanitiser, no social distancing, no protection – workers speak out

25 March 2020
Tube workers in London are furious at being asked to risk their health by working in unsafe conditions as the coronavirus crisis grows.

Government cost-cutting in the NHS over a decade ago is putting lives at risk now

25 March 2020
Why is the NHS failing to get the right protective equipment to health workers coming face to face with the coronavirus?

Reckless bosses put people at risk

24 March 2020
Bosses are putting workers at risk as firms try to keep operating during the coronavirus crisis.

Labour and union chiefs fail coronavirus test

24 March 2020
The crisis caused by coronavirus is testing every political force in society—and exposing some basic truths. One remarkable feature is how often the Labour Party agrees with the right wing Tory government.

An imperial disaster

24 March 2020
If coronavirus rips through countries ravaged by imperialism, it would spell catastrophe for millions.

Tories’ measures are not enough to beat back virus

24 March 2020
Boris Johnson announced lockdown conditions for Britain in a televised address on Monday of this week.

Bosses are rocked by the ‘brutal change of attitude’ among workers

24 March 2020
A series of strikes in French factories engaged in non-essential production has forced employers to close some of them down, at least temporarily.

Donald Trump’s corona crisis measures are handout for the rich

24 March 2020
Trillions of dollars for a coronavirus aid package in the United States is mainly about protecting profits, writes Gabby Thorpe

New laws give dangerous powers to the state

24 March 2020
The Tories rushed through new laws to ‘deal’ with coronavirus—but parts of them are a threat to us all

Coronavirus crisis is a big blow to neoliberalism

24 March 2020
If you want a sense of how bad the crisis is, just look at Boris Johnson’s face

Tory wages plan subsidises the bosses—not workers

23 March 2020
Tory chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a scheme to subsidise wages that was hailed as a total transformation in policy. But the details showed that it’s far less generous than it might have seemed

‘Just in time’ production for profit to blame for empty supermarket shelves

23 March 2020
The Tories are trying to deflect blame for food shortages at supermarkets onto ordinary people.

No care for ill or infirm people under Tory corona plans

23 March 2020
The government has said that around 1.5 million people in England are in so much danger due to coronavirus they must “take themselves out of society”.

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