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Massive surge in virus cases shows Tory failures

08 September 2020
Britain recorded an ­enormous rise in coronavirus cases on Sunday. Some 2,988 people tested positive, compared to 1,813 on Saturday—a rise of over 50 percent.

Julian Assange hearing begins

08 September 2020
Julian Assange began his latest fight against extradition to the US in the Old Bailey on Monday.

Cummings’ PR mates keep getting lucrative contracts

07 September 2020
A lobbying and PR firm co-founded by an ally of Dominic Cummings has been given two government contracts without competitive tenders during the pandemic.

Put people before profit to protect us from coronavirus

07 September 2020
The bosses and their backers are screaming for a return to “business as usual”. They say if we don’t accept this, we will be stuck with lockdown measures that get in the way of profits—known as “the economy”.

Doctors reveal systematic failure to deal with Covid-19 in workplaces

06 September 2020
A group of doctors is arguing that workplaces are now the frontline in the battle against Covid-19—and hazardous working conditions are responsible for mass outbreaks.

Letters—It’s time for a new squatters’ movement to win us housing

05 September 2020
The horrendous situation facing renters during the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in the private sector, is going to get much worse after 21 September

LGBT+ protests cancelled after police threats

04 September 2020
LGBT+ campaigners have warned that the “right to protest is being curtailed” after police threats forced the cancellation of two protests in London.

Students return to schools despite safety fears

03 September 2020
Children across England have begun returning to schools this week. The Tories claim they want everyone back so that students don’t miss out on education and vulnerable children have more support.

Millions starve across the world during pandemic

02 September 2020
Almost unnoticed among other aspects of the coronavirus crisis, hundreds of millions of people across the world face hunger, malnutrition and—for some—starvation.

This is a crisis of capitalism, not virus lockdowns

01 September 2020
As millions of people fear for their jobs, bankers and bosses celebrated a bonanza on the stock market.

Tens of thousands face death says leaked report

01 September 2020
Some 85,000 people could die from Covid-19 in Britain this winter, according to a leaked government report.

What’s behind the new wave of Covid-19 in South Korea?

01 September 2020
South Korean socialist Jang Ho-jong says the state bears the responsibilty for increased infections

No cash for virus health and safety as schools open doors

31 August 2020
Schools don’t have enough money to protect children and staff against coronavirus. Yet the Tories want schools across England to begin fully reopening from this week.

Tories hope rave fines will shift the blame for the rise in virus cases

31 August 2020
Fines of up to £10,000 have been issued to people organising raves in England and Wales.

Reactionary protest says no to Covid-19 safety measures

31 August 2020
A protest in London demanded ‘freedom’ but it gave the far right an opportunity to organise, says Isabel Ringrose

Tour de France—how bosses are putting profits above safety

28 August 2020
As the year’s biggest cycling event begins Nick Clark investigates if such sporting events can be safe in the Covid-19 pandemic

Tories want us to risk our health for their profits

28 August 2020
On Friday, The Tories ramped up their drive to get people back to offices with a mixture of contrived compassion and thinly-veiled threats. Their demand for a return to work and school has only to do with profits.

Letters - Debenhams workers show fighting back is possible

28 August 2020
On 11 August, I along with thousands of other workers at Debenhams, was made redundant. The primary emotion that all of us are feeling is shock, but we are also angry. 

Poorer families abandoned during pandemic

26 August 2020
Poorer families have been abandoned by the government to deep hardship during the coronavirus crisis. A new report underlines just how tough it has been for people on benefits and low pay.

Further workplace outbreaks are putting more lives at risk

25 August 2020
A sandwich-making factory where hundreds of workers tested positive for Covid-19 has—at last and far too late—been temporarily closed.

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