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Damning report exposes Tory care home lies

07 February 2021
Tory claims to have thrown a “protective ring around” care homes are in tatters after a report by the Care Quality Commission.

LETTERS - Individual acts over safety can become collective resistance

07 February 2021
Thanks for printing my letter on the NEU union’s groundbreaking advice to teachers to use Section 44 of the 1996 Employment Rights Act to refuse to work because of Covid-19 (Letters, 27 January).

‘We won’t roll over and take it,’ say Sage care home strikers in north London

06 February 2021
Sage care home workers in Golders Green, north London, staged lively picket lines on Saturday. 

Health workers’ lives put in danger by official PPE guidelines, study shows

04 February 2021
A new study backs health workers’ claims that they are still being put in danger by not having access to the best protective equipment.

Damning study shows attacks on benefits have terrible toll on mental health

03 February 2021
Attacks on benefits have led to soaring mental health problems and more people taking their own lives.

Vaccines don’t mean it’s the end of the virus

02 February 2021
The Tories want us to think that a full and safe return to workplaces and schools is just around the corner. It's a lie.

Vaccine nationalism will endanger us all

02 February 2021
Farcical aspects aside, the row over the European Union’s vaccine supplies reveals the inability of the present system to manage the Covid-19 pandemic.

Staff could strike over coronavirus safety at Swansea DVLA

02 February 2021
Workers at a dangerously overcrowded government workplace in Swansea have said they are ready to strike over safety.

Labour pushes for a return to schools

02 February 2021
Boris Johnson has said that schools in England could fully reopen from 8 March. But Johnson said this would depend “on lots of things going right”.

Tories lock refugees in a coronavirus ‘breeding ground’

01 February 2021
Asylum seekers held at an ex-army camp in Kent have protested against the appalling conditions they’ve been kept in during the Covid-19 pandemic

Letters—Bosses ignoring our safety to keep shipyard open

30 January 2021
I work in a shipyard and we’ve been open throughout the Covid-19 lockdown. 

Vicious racist history feeds fear of Covid-19 vaccine

29 January 2021
There are fears that some black people will reject the Covid-19 vaccine. Socialist Worker looks at how abhorrent treatment at the hands of the state and doctors is to blame

Prison death figures reveal terrible toll of Tories’ ‘law and order’ rhetoric

29 January 2021
Six prisoners are dying a week in English and Welsh prisons—nearly one a day.

Tory vaccine rollout fails black and Asian people despite higher risk of death

27 January 2021
Black and Asian people have died from coronavirus in disproportionate numbers because of disastrous Tory policies and systematic racism. And now it’s emerged that NHS England hadn’t even been counting how many had have been vaccinated. 

‘Years of cuts hinder the roll out,’ says NHS vaccine worker

25 January 2021
Years of NHS cuts and Tory mismanagement of the ­pandemic are slowing down efforts to ­vaccinate people in one of the areas hardest hit by Covid-19.

Over 500 Covid-19 cases at DVLA Swansea

25 January 2021
Workers are “scared” of catching Covid-19 in a major government office where more than 500 people have caught the virus thanks to uncaring bosses.

People Before Profit activists’ meeting plans action against Tories

25 January 2021
Over 500 people discussed how to take forward the “fight for safety, jobs and survival” at the People Before Profit (PBP) national activists’ meeting on Sunday 

Covid-19 vaccine—who will be to blame if the poor are again left to die?

23 January 2021
The rollout of Covid-19 vaccination programmes helps governments claim they are in control of the coronavirus pandemic. But the vaccine isn’t for everyone—the poorest are being left behind. And ultimately the scheming of powerful states and pharmaceutical firms put everyone at risk

Black and Asian workers hit hardest by pandemic job losses

22 January 2021
Black and Asian workers have been hit the most by job cuts during the pandemic.

‘It’s profit over health always’—workers forced into unsafe workplaces speak out

21 January 2021
Coronavirus outbreaks are hitting workplaces every day as the Tories’ latest lockdown fails to keep working class people safe.

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