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‘They are putting profit first’—residents in Hull speak out as virus cases soar

20 November 2020
Hull has become the worst-hit city by coronavirus in Britain. The week to 13 November saw 761 confirmed cases per 100,000 people. The second highest-hit place was Hartlepool, with 597.

How government cronies were gifted a fast track to PPE profits

19 November 2020
An official investigation has found that firms with political connections were ten times more likely to win contracts.

Tories’ virus failures cost lives for profit

17 November 2020
It’s been a year since what is believed to have been the first coronavirus infection in Wuhan, China, on 17 November 2019. Now there are finally real hopes for a vaccine.

Students speak out—‘We will not back down’

17 November 2020
In Bristol a rent strike by 1,400 students has forced the university to make some concessions including the promise that activists won’t be disciplined.

Students build resistance to bullying universities

17 November 2020
Students are using rent strikes, occupations and protests to take on appalling treatment by their universities. 

A fine scapegoat for many Tory failures

16 November 2020
Dominic Cummings’ stagey departure from 10 Downing St, like a pantomime Demon King, was one of the few happy moments in a terrible year. But what does it really mean? 

Tories cannot be trusted with Covid-19 vaccines

16 November 2020
The government’s repeated Covid-19 failures ¬undermine efforts to contain it—and mean we should not trust the Tories with the hopes for a new vaccine.

Rich rats deserting sinking yachts for sealed bunkers

16 November 2020
Not content with hiding away on private islands, the super-rich are now buying exclusive services to rescue them from pandemics, protests and climate catastrophes.

Manchester students continue occupation against university's pandemic treatment

15 November 2020
Students at the University of Manchester have continued their occupation of Owen Park tower in protest of their university's dangerous policies during the pandemic.

Manchester university students occupy over contemptuous coronavirus treatment

12 November 2020
A group of students at the University of Manchester went into occupation on Thursday. They are protesting at their university's treatment of students and staff during the pandemic.

Universal Credit claimants living in poverty during pandemic

11 November 2020
A TUC report, published this week, looked at the impact of forcing new Universal Credit claimants to wait five weeks for their first payment.

Homelessness crisis is deepening further during virus chaos 

10 November 2020
Eviction bans and a government scheme claiming to house homeless people during the pandemic are failing ordinary people.

Big Pharma to cash in on new Covid-19 vaccine

10 November 2020
Covid-19 isn’t over, but news of a seemingly successful vaccine trial has prompted a flurry of hope that an end may be in sight. But control by private firms will be disastrous.

Schools are major spreaders of coronavirus—but Tories keep them open

09 November 2020
The Tories are risking lives by keeping schools and colleges open—and are undermining the latest coronavirus lockdown.

Avoidable coronavirus spike means hospitals will have to limit services

09 November 2020
Routine NHS care is being delayed in an attempt to cope with the devastating second Covid-19 spike.

The Tories backtrack after school meals theft

09 November 2020
After weeks of insisting that the meals would only be provided in term time, the government has said it will provide them during holidays too.

LETTERS—Time to tear down the jails

06 November 2020
One of my young family members was in prison a while ago. During our visit we were treated like prisoners ourselves—made to wait endlessly in the shabby, dirty facilities.

Students tear down fencing at Manchester campus as rage boils at lockdown treatment

06 November 2020
Students say they have been treated with contempt by the authorities during the pandemic

Jobs still at risk despite furlough extension

05 November 2020
Tory chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced that the furlough scheme will be extended across Britain until the end of March.

‘We’re learning that our power is stronger together‘ —Activists in the US speak out

03 November 2020
As millions of people submit their votes in the US presidential election, Socialist Worker spoke to activists about the election and how to win real change

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