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This is a crisis of capitalism, not virus lockdowns

01 September 2020
As millions of people fear for their jobs, bankers and bosses celebrated a bonanza on the stock market.

Tens of thousands face death says leaked report

01 September 2020
Some 85,000 people could die from Covid-19 in Britain this winter, according to a leaked government report.

What’s behind the new wave of Covid-19 in South Korea?

01 September 2020
South Korean socialist Jang Ho-jong says the state bears the responsibilty for increased infections

No cash for virus health and safety as schools open doors

31 August 2020
Schools don’t have enough money to protect children and staff against coronavirus. Yet the Tories want schools across England to begin fully reopening from this week.

Tories hope rave fines will shift the blame for the rise in virus cases

31 August 2020
Fines of up to £10,000 have been issued to people organising raves in England and Wales.

Reactionary protest says no to Covid-19 safety measures

31 August 2020
A protest in London demanded ‘freedom’ but it gave the far right an opportunity to organise, says Isabel Ringrose

Tour de France—how bosses are putting profits above safety

28 August 2020
As the year’s biggest cycling event begins Nick Clark investigates if such sporting events can be safe in the Covid-19 pandemic

Tories want us to risk our health for their profits

28 August 2020
On Friday, The Tories ramped up their drive to get people back to offices with a mixture of contrived compassion and thinly-veiled threats. Their demand for a return to work and school has only to do with profits.

Letters - Debenhams workers show fighting back is possible

28 August 2020
On 11 August, I along with thousands of other workers at Debenhams, was made redundant. The primary emotion that all of us are feeling is shock, but we are also angry. 

Poorer families abandoned during pandemic

26 August 2020
Poorer families have been abandoned by the government to deep hardship during the coronavirus crisis. A new report underlines just how tough it has been for people on benefits and low pay.

Further workplace outbreaks are putting more lives at risk

25 August 2020
A sandwich-making factory where hundreds of workers tested positive for Covid-19 has—at last and far too late—been temporarily closed.

Infection rate soars, but number could be much higher

25 August 2020
In a dangerous new sign of spreading infection, the numbers of people testing positive for the coronavirus in hospitals rose by more than a third last week.

£563,000 to consultants for six weeks work on ‘narrative’

25 August 2020
Consultants McKinsey was paid more than half a million pounds by the British government for “six weeks of work” to decide the “vision, purpose and narrative” of a new public health authority in England.

Bosses axe thousands more jobs

24 August 2020
The jobs massacre continues across Britain, as does an almost total lack of response from union leaders.

Tories plough ahead with unsafe return to schools

24 August 2020
Boris Johnson this week reiterated his drive to get all children in England back to school full time next month. Yet the Tories are refusing to put in place measures to make schools safer, such as smaller class sizes to enable social distancing.

Crash on the streets—how cruel Tory plans will fuel homeless crisis

23 August 2020
Sackings and benefits sanctions have left ever more people struggling to pay their rent. The Tories’ plan to end a ban on evictions in September—meaning thousands could be thrown out

California wildfires show need for climate action

21 August 2020
Wildfires have caused devastation across northern California with a state of emergency declared across the US state.

Workplace outbreaks underline continued risk posed by Covid-19

18 August 2020
The government has not conquered coronavirus, and its failed policies are increasing the risk of a deadly second wave.

How super-rich buy their way out of the coronavirus crisis

18 August 2020
The super-rich are ­buying citizenship in countries with lower coronavirus rates in order to protect their health.

Workers face a jobs massacre - and the worst is still ahead

18 August 2020
Britain is heading for unemployment levels “not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s”, a think tank has warned. It comes after the economy officially entered a recession.

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