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School workers are up to seven times more likely to contract Covid-19

20 January 2021
Devastating figures reveal the human cost of Tory lies about 'safe schools'

Anti-apartheid hero Ronnie Kasrils slams South African police attack on disabled people

20 January 2021
There is anger in South Africa after police water-cannoned poor, black, disabled people while a government minister looked on.

Vaccine hesitancy a result of racism 

19 January 2021
Who’s to blame if black people refuse the jab?

Parents denied furlough payments by the bosses

18 January 2021
A majority of parents who have asked for furlough to take care of their children while schools are shut have been refused by bosses.

Thousands of workers forced back to unsafe workplaces

18 January 2021
Thousands of workers across England have felt pressured to return to workplaces, despite government advice to work from home.

Turn anger over NHS pay into effective action

18 January 2021
It’s urgent that the heath unions step up campaigning to win a pay rise for all NHS workers.

Letters—blame the government for the pressures of online education

18 January 2021
I write as a grandparent of two primary age grandchildren and as a retired teacher. I think there is a lot of pressure from the department for education on heads to try to force their staff to provide huge amounts of work for their pupils

University of East London cleaners fight victimisation of union rep

17 January 2021
Outsourced workers at the University of East London (UEL) are fighting victimisation after daring to fight back. 

‘Intensive care is in crisis and it’s about to get worse’—nurse speaks out

15 January 2021
Plans to enlarge intensive care units by allowing nurses to care for more than one patient puts people at risk. Nurse and union rep Joan Pons Laplana spoke to Socialist Worker about the dangers, and why putting profit first created a disaster for the NHS

Ambulance workers say low grade protective masks are putting lives at risk

14 January 2021
Failure to provide ambulance workers with the highest grade protective equipment is putting lives at risk, a London paramedic has told Socialist Worker.

Labour ditches left wing policies and promises ‘responsible government’ for bankers

13 January 2021
The Labour Party has dropped the left wing pledges to spend more money on jobs, pay, public services and the climate crisis promised by Jeremy Corbyn.

Poor plunged further into poverty in pandemic, report finds

13 January 2021
People who were poor before the pandemic have been pushed further into poverty because of the way the government has handled the virus. 

Get angry at profiteers, not ordinary people

12 January 2021
Every action from the Tories rams home that the class divide runs through the whole approach to the virus.

A year since the first Covid-19 death, global rulers have failed to contain coronavirus

12 January 2021
Monday marked one year since the first Covid-19 death in Wuhan, China.

Israel keeps coronavirus vaccine from people in Palestine

12 January 2021
The latest outrage shows that the so-called ‘two-state solution’ is a sham, says Nick Clark

Nursery workers are ‘incensed’ by Tory plans

12 January 2021
Early years workers are ­resisting Tory plans to force them into unsafe workplaces.

Resistance in Scottish further education saves lives

12 January 2021
Scottish further education (FE) workers have revolted over safety.

Nationalise private healthcare to protect NHS

11 January 2021
While the NHS lurches deeper into crisis, private health care for the rich is cashing in.

Coronavirus rips through dangerously overcrowded hospitals 

09 January 2021
Death has become a regular experience for Emily and her colleagues at Homerton Hospital in east London.

LETTERS—Keir Starmer blaming the wrong people for Covid-19 spread

08 January 2021
In an appearance on TV’s Good Morning Britain last week Keir Starmer voiced his support for emergency legislation to deal with anti-vaxxer campaigns.

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