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Tories doctor report over black and Asian virus deaths

03 June 2020
Black and minority ethnic (BAME) groups in England are up to twice as likely to die of coronavirus as their white counterparts, according to an official report published on Tuesday. 

It is right to protest at school openings

02 June 2020
Millions of parents faced an agonising choice this week of whether to send their children back to school. The Tories wanted primary school children in reception, year 1 and year 6 to start returning from Monday of this week.

Keep up fight on schools return

02 June 2020
The Tory plan to get many more children back into schools on 1 June has failed. It’s a significant setback for them—but the battle is far from over.

US revolt against a racist system must spread

02 June 2020
The United States has erupted into historic scenes of resistance in the last week. It has transformed the political landscape as huge protests—often led by young, black people—have risen up against the violence and hatred suffered at the hands of the racist police force.

Derby care homes saved + BT terms fight + NHS safety scandals

01 June 2020
In the face of a union campaign and mounting public pressure, Derbyshire county council last week announced a reversal of plans to close seven care homes in the county.

Blackburn and Coventry college workers face a battle over job cuts

01 June 2020
The UCU union has denounced a plan by bosses at Blackburn College to slash jobs while giving top managers more money.

Rail strike call over plan for ‘volunteers’

01 June 2020
The government has revealed an outrageous plan to use volunteers on the rail network, and unions have responded with a threat of strikes.

Outrage at south London incident

01 June 2020
Anti-racists in south east London were set to protest on Wednesday of this week after footage showed a woman shouting, “I can’t breathe” as she was restrained by police in Lewisham.

Trump banks on racial polarisation

01 June 2020
The protests against the killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police are swelling into an uprising of national proportions.

Lockdown relaxation puts profit before lives

01 June 2020
The Tories want to dump the lockdown—and blame ordinary people for undermining it if there’s a devastating second wave of the virus

Who is really running Britain?

29 May 2020
The Dominic Cummings affair has exposed how far the Tories will go to protect unelected advisers. Nick Clark looks at what the scandal says about how society is run

Black and Asian nurses struggle to get vital protective kit

29 May 2020
A shocking new report says that black and minority ethnic (BME) nurses find it harder to get Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) than their white colleagues.

Defy Johnson’s reckless wider school reopening that will mean more deaths

28 May 2020
The NEU union’s joint general secretary Mary Bousted said the strategy meant “risks” to health and was a “disaster”. She added that government guidance on social distancing is “impossible” in schools.

Labour lets Tories stagger on

26 May 2020
The growing furore over Dominic Cummings finally forced the Labour Party to at least show some sort of opposition to the Tories. 

Dominic Cummings shows class arrogance of the rich

26 May 2020
“People will have to make their minds up” about Dominic Cummings, said Boris Johnson this week.

Expose smug media hypocrisy

26 May 2020
Dominic Cummings and many of his newfound critics in the mainstream media have far more in common than they like to pretend. 

Elite liars push for an unsafe return to work

26 May 2020
The fallout from the Dominic Cummings scandal has sent a shockwave through British politics. It comes at a pivotal moment in the coronavirus pandemic in Britain. 

Cummings’ trips to Durham are nothing to be sneezed at

26 May 2020
The Prime Minister defended Dominic Cummings after his top aid showed him the pictures of whatever it is that he has on Boris Johnson.

Workers in France say no return to ‘normal’

25 May 2020
French health workers are demanding that “we don’t go back to how it was before”—and want fundamental changes in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

Devastating critique of SNP and care homes

25 May 2020
Police are investigating the deaths of three women at a care home at the centre of a coronavirus outbreak on the Isle of Skye.

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