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Tories fiddle figures to hide truth about virus death toll

17 August 2020
The government’s estimate of the number of people in England who have died from coronavirus was last week reduced by more than 5,000—leading to a wave of suspicion that it was an attempt to manipulate the figures.

Is it inevitable there will be a rise in unemployment?

16 August 2020
Job losses aren’t just about coronavirus. Sarah Bates says we need to fight for jobs and against a system that destroys them

Futures ruined by Tories’ rigged results

14 August 2020
Class is trashing the lives of hundreds of thousands of students. The ­downgrading of swathes of A-Level students’ grades in England and Wales has exposed how the system operates to keep working class people in check. 

Production continues as 300 workers test positive for Covid-19 at sandwich plant

14 August 2020
Overpriced, pre-packaged sandwiches shouldn’t be a matter of life and death, but for Greencore factory workers that could be the case.

Take to streets against Tory exams injustice

13 August 2020
The downgrading of student A-Level results across England and Wales is a disgraceful attack that has to be resisted.

Poorest show ‘early signs’ of malnutrition in coronavirus crisis

13 August 2020
Poor people are in a food crisis—with many showing “early signs” of malnutrition.

Debenhams workers speak out after ‘heartbreaking’ redundancies’

11 August 2020
Around 2,500 Debenhams workers were cruelly sacked by profiteering bosses on Tuesday, as the retail giant announced massive cuts in the department stores and warehouses. 

End an unfair exam system

11 August 2020
Class, not ability, determines what grades you get in school— and the exams fiasco in Scotland made that explicit.  

All-female health staff group stages a two-day strike across India

11 August 2020
Hundreds of thousands of workers held a two-day walkout last week as confirmed coronavirus cases in India passed two million

Face masks that didn’t fit, the tax haven, and who profited

11 August 2020
Fifty million face masks purchased by the government from a private equity investment company can’t be used by the NHS because they failed to meet basic safety requirements.

Women’s lives are forgotten in pandemic

10 August 2020
As schools are forced to close and childcare becomes less available the pressure on women as primary caregivers to children has greatly increased.Sarah Bates looks at why this is and talks to those bearing the brunt of this crisis

Tories try to justify an unsafe return to schools

10 August 2020
Boris Johnson has made it his “national priority” to get all children back to school next month regardless of whether it is safe.

NHS pay fightback continues as thousands of health workers fill the streets

08 August 2020
The NHS pay revolt took off on Saturday as thousands marched in towns and cities across Britain. 

Testing flops and firms profit from the virus

06 August 2020
The latest test and trace figures for England, released on Thursday, are another record of disaster.

Black coronavirus rates result of social and economic factors, not biology

06 August 2020
Early in Britain’s Covid-19 crisis, when figures revealed that black people were dying at a disproportional rate, right wingers rushed to explain this as a biological trait. It was proof, they said, of inherent racial differences.

Tories’ dodgy tests will only spell more misery

03 August 2020
The government is suggesting a second Covid-19 wave is about to hit Britain—but they aren’t doing nearly enough to prepare properly for a new onslaught.

Warnings at company at heart of Covid-19 spike

03 August 2020
A logistics firm at the centre of a spike of coronavirus was slammed for poor health and safety at the beginning of the crisis.

Disastrous Tory policy endangers shielders

03 August 2020
Government ministers have ‘paused’ a vital measure to protect the most vulnerable—without any evidence

Governments’ failures mean coronavirus accelerates across the world

02 August 2020
The World Health Organisation recorded the highest daily number of new cases globally on Saturday. 

Blame Tories not the poor for obesity and hunger

01 August 2020
The rolling out of new measures to tackle obesity shames poor people and will not tackle a crisis that the Tories made worse, says Sarah Bates

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