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Coronavirus cases surge in schools

24 March 2021
The number of suspected or confirmed Covid-19 cases among school children in England has more than doubled in a week, government figures show. The figure leapt from 12,000 to 28,000 in the seven days to 18 March.

Secret lobbyists for rich

23 March 2021
Top politicians have conspired to help firms drain cash from government Covid-19 loan schemes—and tried to keep it secret.

EU risks lives to cut the risk of losing money

23 March 2021
The European Commission exploits every crisis to increase its own powers. It seized control of the vaccine procurement programme but bungled it.

Bus workers fight back in Manchester and London

22 March 2021
Over 400 workers at Go North West in Greater Manchester remain on all‑out and indefinite strike.

Bosses and royalty cash in on Tories’ furlough scheme bonanza

22 March 2021
Billionaire tax dodgers and other states have claimed millions of pounds from the Tories’ furlough scheme

Year one—workers’ lives in the age of Covid

21 March 2021
It’s been a year since Boris Johnson told Britain to “stay at home” on 23 March 2020. Sophie Squire and Sam Ord look at how that year has played out for workers—and how we have not been ‘all in it together’

Care homes used ‘do not resuscitate’ orders without residents’ consent

19 March 2021
Some English care homes have imposed blanket “do not resuscitate” orders on residents during the pandemic—without their knowledge or consent.

International round up: Coronavirus worldwide

16 March 2021
The total number of Covid-19 cases worldwide has now exceeded 120 million, with more than 2,670,000 dead.

Bus strikers fight on as Tories deliver more cash to owners

16 March 2021
Strong bus strikes in London and Manchester continue to ­confront the bosses’ attacks on both conditions and pay.

Lula returns as crisis deepens in Brazil

16 March 2021
Brazil suffers from a double affliction. With 270,000 Covid‑19 deaths it is second only to the US—although per head mortality is higher in Britain and other European countries.

Turn vote for strikes into action at DVLA Swansea

16 March 2021
Thousands of workers at a major government workplace in Swansea have voted to strike against unsafe working conditions.

Western powers block move to lift patent rules for Covid-19 vaccines

13 March 2021
The dominant Western powers have ganged up to prevent the World Trade Organisation (WTO) from lifting patent rules on Covid-19 vaccines.

Health workers join ‘slow clap’ to protest over Tory pay insult

11 March 2021
Health workers and their supporters showed their anger at the Tories 1 percent pay offer on Thursday by slow clapping in disgust.

Test and trace has made no measurable difference say MPs

10 March 2021
Boris Johnson’s promise to deliver a “world-beating” test and trace scheme took yet another beating on Wednesday

Workers say latest plans are a ‘one way road to an early death’

09 March 2021
Education unions have rightly said the Tories’ “big bang” reopening of schools in England is reckless.

The Troublemaker—For Boris Johnson, charity definitely begins at home

09 March 2021
Boris Johnson hopes to set up a charity to pay to refurbish his flat. Johnson apparently wants multimillionaire Tory peer Lord Brownlow to run it.

Debt is rising but the rich won’t be paying

08 March 2021
Everyone is talking about debt. This is mainly because of the enormous amounts governments are borrowing to cover extra spending in responding to the pandemic.

Nurse Karen Reissmann fined £10,000 under Tory laws for protesting over pay insult

07 March 2021
Manchester police have fined a nurse £10,000 for organising a protest against low pay in the NHS

Full schools reopening will fuel Covid-19 spread with tens of thousands dead, warn scientists

07 March 2021
A full return to schools and colleges in England this week will contribute to the deaths of tens of thousands more people by spreading Covid-19.

London bus drivers could stop work over virus fears

05 March 2021
Over 20,000 London bus drivers have been advised to refuse to drive overcrowded buses because of coronavirus safety fears.

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