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NHS in crisis as patients queue for 12 hours to see doctors

15 June 2021
Sick people are queuing for up to twelve hours to see a doctor at some of Britain’s busiest hospitals.

The Troublemaker—‘Unlawful’ to hand contract to firm run by Tories’ friends

15 June 2021
Tory cabinet minister Michael Gove broke the law when the government handed a £560,000 Covid-19 contract to a business he had “personal connections” with.

A Pandemic Poem rehashes a well-worn cliche

15 June 2021
Where did the world go? asks poet Simon Armitage in a ponderous voice

New wave forced Tories to keep lockdown

14 June 2021
With infections doubling every nine days even Boris Johnson could not fully ignore the risks says Socialist Worker

G7 vaccine plan is a death sentence for millions

13 June 2021
A few billion doses far into the future mean billions will be left to infections and to die

Peruvian elections are a challenge to the elite

08 June 2021
There could be tense battles ahead after the Peruvian presidential election, reports Sophie Squire

Taking furlough cash, then handing millions to shareholders

08 June 2021
The major construction equipment rental firm, VP plc, will pay out £10 million having taken £7 million in state aid.

The Troublemaker—Care home raised fees to line rich bosses’ pockets

08 June 2021
Britain’s biggest care home ­operator raised fees for residents in the pandemic while funnelling cash to its super-rich owners.

Workers to pay for pandemic

08 June 2021
Low paid workers face a jobs “rollercoaster” after the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new report by the Resolution Foundation.

Huge anger at the Tories lies just beneath the surface

08 June 2021
"The Banality of evil” is a phrase coined by the philosopher Hannah Arendt when she was covering the trial of the Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann.

Bosses and right wing MPs demand ‘freedom day’ as dangerous Covid-19 variant spreads

06 June 2021
A battle over the lifting of coronavirus restrictions is raging at the heart of the government.

British workers don’t benefit from less immigration

06 June 2021
As the pandemic forced many migrant workers to return to their home countries, Socialist Worker asks if British workers have benefited.

Letters—Profit amid Sri Lanka devastation

04 June 2021
My home land of Sri Lanka is being despoiled by people who put money first. A chemical-laden cargo ship sank off the coast near the city of Colombo last week.

Tower Hamlets GPs won’t comply with Tory plan to share patient data with corporations

04 June 2021
Opposition is growing to Tory plans that would allow private businesses and others to access the full medical histories of 55 million NHS patients in England.

Swansea DVLA workers strike for coronavirus safety after Tories put brakes on deal

02 June 2021
Strikers at a major government office are in a head on battle with the Tories over coronavirus safety and the drive to reopen workplaces.

Resistance gives hope of break from Tory ‘normal’

01 June 2021
Everyone wants to get back to normal. But what does that mean? For most people it means being able to go about daily life without restrictions and without fear of picking up and passing on the virus.

Without a fightback, the Tories will survive Cummings’ revelations

01 June 2021
Without opposition to the Tories, Cummings’ attacks will fall flat

End of lockdown restrictions will risk new devastating coronavirus wave

01 June 2021
Britain may be in the early stages of a third wave of coronavirus, scientists are warning

Battles for NHS pay justice in Scotland and England

31 May 2021
Health workers in Scotland campaigning for a decent pay rise were set to march on the Edinburgh parliament this Saturday.

New billionaires cash in on Covid-19 vaccine production

30 May 2021
Profiting from the Covid-19 vaccine has directly created at least nine new billionaires with a combined wealth of nearly £14 billion.

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