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Sri Lanka

More evidence emerges of atrocities in Sri Lanka

02 June 2009
The final phase of the Sri Lankan army’s assault on the last strongholds of the Tamil Tigers led to more than 20,000 Tamil civilians being massacred, according to an investigation by the Times newspaper.

Sri Lanka: Horror of massacre of Tamils emerging

26 May 2009
Evidence showing the Sri Lankan military’s savage behaviour in the last days of its offensive against the Tamil Tigers is mounting.

Hollow 'victory' over Tamil Tigers won't bring peace in Sri Lanka

19 May 2009
The Sri Lankan army finished its brutal conquest of the areas of the island previously controlled by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)—the Tamil Tigers—this week. Most of the Tigers’ leaders are now dead.

Tamils in London continue their protests against Sri Lanka’s war

12 May 2009
More than 1,000 Tamil protesters occupied the streets outside parliament in central London last Monday.

Britain embraces murder in Sri Lanka

12 May 2009
The British government has been very keen to give the impression that it cares about the appalling plight of Sri Lanka’s Tamils. Following demonstrations outside parliament by thousands of Tamils, foreign secretary David Miliband went to the capital Colombo and called for a ceasefire. Gordon Brown created a new post for Des Browne as "special envoy" to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan state’s terror assault on Tamils goes on

05 May 2009
Four British Tamils began a new hunger strike on Friday of last week as part of the ongoing demonstration against the Sri Lankan government’s assault on the Tamils.

Four join hunger strike in London Tamil protest

03 May 2009
Four British Tamils began a new hunger strike on Friday as part of the ongoing demonstration against the Sri Lankan government's assault on Tamil areas. The continuous protest in Parliament Square, central London is still going strong after 26 days.

Tamils facing brutal military repression

28 April 2009
"Surrender or die" – that was the ultimatum from the Sri Lankan government after the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) declared a unilateral ceasefire earlier this week.

Tamil refugee: ‘I had to flee with nothing’

28 April 2009
Nathan Kumar arrived in Britain in 1984 as a refugee from anti-Tamil pogroms in Sri Lanka. He is now chair of the British Tamils Forum.

Thousands protest in London at Sri Lanka’s brutal war

21 April 2009
The Sri Lankan state claimed to be near to military victory over the Tamil Tigers as Socialist Worker went to press.

Sri Lanka map

14 April 2009

Sri Lanka’s war

14 April 2009
A vicious and increasingly one-sided war is taking place on the island of Sri Lanka – a few dozen miles off the coast of south east India.

Massive Tamil demonstration in central London demands Sri Lanka ceasefire

12 April 2009
Well over 100,000 Tamils and their supporters marched through central London on Saturday to protest at the Sri Lankan government’s continuing attacks on Tamil areas.

Tamils protest against war in Sri Lanka

07 April 2009
Thousands of Tamils in Britain joined a vigil in Parliament Square on Tuesday to protest against the Sri Lankan government’s military offensive.

Tamils demonstrate in London against offensive in Sri Lanka

03 February 2009
Over 50,000 British Tamils led an angry march through central London over the ongoing military offensive in North Eastern Sri Lanka on Saturday of last week. Several thousand of demonstrators occupied Westminster Bridge for several hours demanding to know why the BBC, which covers the Indian continent more than most news services, has ignored the plight of ethnic Tamils.

Sri Lanka: what lies behind the latest violence?

03 February 2009
After more than 25 years of civil war, the government of Sri Lanka believes it is on the verge of finally crushing the rebel Tamil forces on the island.

New beats from MIA

04 September 2007
Kala is the latest album from British songwriter and rapper Maya Arulpragasam, better known as MIA. Her first album Arular was named after her father, a fighter for Tamil freedom in Sri Lanka. Now she’s back with a second album – this time named after her mother.

Sri Lanka: Mark Bracegirdle and the revolt against empire

27 January 2007
This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Bracegirdle Incident, a crucial event in Sri Lanka's struggle for independence from the British Empire.

Gary Younge on racism

10 June 2006
Read our monthly supplement, featuring an interview with journalist Gary Younge on the battle for equality in Britain and the US. Jacob Middleton takes on the slurs that Respect is a 'communalist' party, while Dave Crouch looks at how the Communist Party organised in the East End Jewish community during the 1930s. Also we interview Steven Rose about Darwinism and Stephen Jay Gould, there are Third World Reports on Western Sahara, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Egypt, and much more

Fears for the future after the tsunami

09 April 2005
Three months have gone by since the Boxing Day tsunami battered the coastal regions of Sri Lanka. To mark this passage of time, the bereaved have given alms in remembrance of their loved ones. But amid the rekindled grief — and despite the talk of reconstruction — ordinary people still fear for the future.

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