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Police Bill 2021

Travellers take to streets against Tory police bill

07 July 2021
Gypsy, Roma and Traveller campaigners launched a summer of discontent with a rally outside parliament on Wednesday.

Now ramp up the fight against Tory repression

06 July 2021
The Tories are ramming home a multi-pronged assault on basic rights.

Travellers organise resistance to Tory police bill

29 June 2021
Gypsy, Roma and Traveller campaigners from across Britain are uniting in a grassroots-led campaign.

More action needed as Tories’ hated anti-protest bill is back in Commons

29 June 2021
The Tories’ protest-smashing bill is due back in the House of Commons next week for discussion on amendments following the committee stage.

Extinction Rebellion protests take on media tycoons’ silence on scale of climate crisis

27 June 2021
The action was called to highlight the failure of the mainstream press to address the severity of the climate crisis

Gypsy, Roma, Traveller protest is set for 7 July in London

21 June 2021
A summer of campaigning against new anti-Traveller laws kicks off with a rally in Parliament Square

Rape conviction figures show how the system fails women

18 June 2021
The Tories have been forced to apologise for “failing” rape victims after the number of convictions for rape plummeted.

Resistance gives hope of break from Tory ‘normal’

01 June 2021
Everyone wants to get back to normal. But what does that mean? For most people it means being able to go about daily life without restrictions and without fear of picking up and passing on the virus.

BLM and Palestine—united in struggle

25 May 2021
One year ago the police murder of George Floyd sparked waves of anger and resistance around the world.

Don’t stop protest against the G7 gathering

24 May 2021
The leaders of some of the most powerful states in the world will gather in June in Carbis Bay, Cornwall for the G7 summit.

XR co-founder arrested for conspiracy as state ramps up repression

12 May 2021
The co-founder of Extinction Rebellion (XR) has been arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud and criminal damage on Tuesday.

Cops in Dalian Atkinson case ‘colluded’, court hears

11 May 2021
The two West Mercia police officers, on trial over the death of former footballer Dalian Atkinson in August 2016, have been accused of “collusion”.

Thousands join marches against Tory police bill across Britain

01 May 2021
Around 4,000 people marched against the Tories’ protest-smashing police bill in London on International Workers’ Day, Saturday.

Police officer beat black woman 34 times—but he isn’t facing assault charges

01 May 2021
'Rather than helping her as he should have done, he violently assaulted her,' says the victim's cousin

Join the Kill The Bill protests on 1 May

27 April 2021
Here are details of protests that have been advertised for Saturday 1 May and Monday 3 May against the police bill. Socialist Worker urges all its readers to take part.

Unite and fight to Kill the Bill

27 April 2021
It’s time to take to the streets in greater numbers to kill the Tories’ police bill.

Essex cops target opposition to school’s military programme

26 April 2021
Does challenging a school’s policies warrant a visit from the cops? Essex police seem to think so.

Trade unionists vow to join fight to kill Tory police bill

23 April 2021
Around 150 trade unionists resolved to take on the Tories’ repressive police bill at a meeting on Thursday night.

Thousands take to streets against Tory police bill

17 April 2021
Over 1,000 people took to the streets of London on Saturday as part of the second Kill The Bill day of action.

Here are the Kill The Bill protests this weekend

15 April 2021
These are protests that have been advertised for Saturday and Sunday against the police bill.

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