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Vestas dispute

Day of action shows growing support for Vestas workers

13 August 2009
Hundreds of people took to the streets of the Isle of Wight yesterday as part of a national day of action as part of the campaign to save jobs at the Vestas wind turbine factory.

Vestas: the fight for jobs goes on

11 August 2009
The sense of struggle is palpable on the Isle of Wight, and workers at the Vestas wind turbine factory are taking a clear lead in order to take their campaign for jobs to victory.

Vestas occupier: ‘We need a system that is based on the needs of people’

11 August 2009
Ian Terry, one of the youngest Vestas occupiers, spoke to Socialist Worker about his experiences and where the struggle should go now.

Vestas workers' march shows the fight for jobs goes on

08 August 2009
Over 250 Vestas workers, supporters and activists gathered in St Thomas's Square in Newport, the Isle of Wight, today to show Vestas management and the government that their campaign for jobs and justice for Vestas workers is far from over.

Inspiring London meeting sees Vestas day of action gather pace

08 August 2009
Trade unionists and activists gathered at Soas in London on Friday evening to share stories from the recent wave of occupations and discuss the next steps for the growing resistance.

Vestas occupation ends but the struggle continues

07 August 2009
The Vestas occupation ended just after noon today after two and a half weeks when bailiffs went into the factory to enforce an eviction order. The defiant workers who had been sitting-in to save their plant and jobs were given a heroes’ welcome by their hundreds of supporters outside the factory. The workers have vowed to fight on.

How can we win?

04 August 2009
The occupation of the Vestas factory should be an inspiration to all of us under attack in the recession.

'I want the government to nationalise Vestas'

04 August 2009
‘This experience has had a very positive effect on people.

Vestas occupation: A beacon for all workers

04 August 2009
Vestas workers are continuing their inspirational struggle for jobs and justice.

'I'm so proud of my dad'

04 August 2009
‘I support what the workers are doing 100 percent. There are hardly any job vacancies on the whole island—what’s going to happen if over 600 people lose their jobs?

Workers of the world back the struggle at Vestas

04 August 2009
The solidarity shown by workers and trade unionists across Britain and internationally has been a real source of strength for the Vestas workers.

Court grants Vestas an injunction against workers' occupation

04 August 2009
A court in Newport, the Isle of Wight has granted multinational wind turbine company Vestas an injunction against workers who are currently occupying one of its plants.

Step up support for Vestas occupiers

03 August 2009
Activists in the Isle of Wight are stepping up their campaign in support of the occupying Vestas workers, who will have been in occupation for two weeks tonight.

Solidarity protest and more food for Vestas occupiers

01 August 2009
Around 250 people gathered in St Thomas Square, Newport today to show solidarity with the Vestas occupation, in a protest that ended with occupiers getting big bags of food.

Chocolate, fish and chips, and solidarity for Vestas occupation

31 July 2009
Around 100 Vestas workers and their supporters gathered outside the occupied factory in the Isle of Wight tonight to hear the daily update from inside, what is happening with their redundancy payments and the most recent messages of support for their fight.

Another setback for Vestas management as occupation delays redundancies

31 July 2009
Workers at the Vestas wind turbine factory in Newport, Isle of Wight are to be paid for another two weeks – but will not have to do any work.

It's magic! Food gets into Vestas occupation

30 July 2009
At 2pm today activists got more food into the Vestas occupation in the Isle of Wight. The workers have been going hungry as management are not supplying enough food.

Protest to defend the Vestas occupation

30 July 2009
Vestas workers have called a protest in defence of their occupation for this Saturday 1 August. They are asking as many of their supporters as possible to get to the Isle of Wight to show their solidarity with the fight for jobs and the planet.

Vestas is humbled in court confrontation

29 July 2009
The Vestas occupation won a massive victory in court this morning as workers got a guarantee that their occupation can continue for at least another five days – and possibly longer.

Vestas forced to retreat at court hearing

29 July 2009
In dramatic scenes, the Vestas company’s attempt to get an injunction to remove the workers occupying its wind turbine factory in Newport, the Isle of Wight, has been adjourned until Tuesday 4 August.

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