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Vestas dispute

Nationalise Vestas to save jobs

28 July 2009
The government must nationalise the Vestas wind turbine company to save jobs and begin to stop climate change. Gordon Brown and energy secretary Ed Miliband have refused to save the jobs.

'Being in occupation makes you feel alive'

28 July 2009
‘The managers don’t want to make us comfortable. The food is getting better, but it’s still a bit crazy.

Vestas workers take on climate change minister in Oxford

28 July 2009
Vestas workers challenged Climate Change Minister Ed Miliband at a packed public meeting of 600 people at Oxford Town Hall on Monday evening.

Vestas occupiers sacked but still defiant

28 July 2009
Vestas bosses sacked the occupying workers in their plant in Newport, the Isle of Wight, this evening. The workers received letters informing them of their sacking without redundancy pay with their evening meal, which was one slice of pizza each.

Wave of solidarity for action

28 July 2009
Growing numbers of people are building solidarity with the Vestas occupation.

Vestas: The story of the struggle

28 July 2009
On Monday 20 July, 25 workers at the Vestas wind turbine factory in Newport, Isle of Wight, went into occupation. 

South Korean occupiers send solidarity message to Vestas workers

28 July 2009
Occupation 67 days, chimney top protest 76 days! From Ssangyong Motor workers occupying the Pyeongtaek plant in solidarity with Vestas workers for victory.

The workers are fighting for our children and grandchildren

28 July 2009
‘Violet here is 16 months old. Luke left on Monday after she’d gone to bed. She woke up and he wasn’t there.

Defend the Vestas occupation on Wednesday at the court

27 July 2009
The occupation at the Vestas wind turbine factory in Newport, Isle of Wight is still solid as it nears the end of its first week.

Vestas bosses back down over hot meals

25 July 2009
Workers occupying the Vestas wind turbine factory in Newport on the Isle of Wight today managed to force bosses to give them the first hot meal they’d had since the occupation started last Monday.

Hundreds rally in support of Vestas occupation

24 July 2009
More than 400 people rallied outside the occupied Vestas wind turbine plant on the Isle of Wight tonight after a march from Newport town centre. The workers have now been in occupation for four days in the fight to save their jobs.

Workers occupying Vestas face court on Wednesday 29 July

23 July 2009
Around 300 people gathered outside the occupied Vestas factory on the Isle of Wight this evening.

Support grows for Vestas occupation

23 July 2009
Vestas wind turbine workers and their supporters have taken to the streets of Newport, Isle of Wight, today to leaflet for another protest outside the factory tonight. Dozens of people gave out flyers for the protest, which starts at 6pm. Public support for the Vestas occupation is growing every day.

Photos of Vestas occupation

23 July 2009

Vestas occupation still going strong

23 July 2009
On the morning of the fourth day, Thursday, the occupation to save jobs at the Vestas factory in the Isle of Wight remains solid.

Protest at the Department of Energy and Climate Change

22 July 2009
Around 100 campaigners lobbied the Department of Energy and Climate Change tonight – demanding that the government takes real action to save the planet. The occupation at the Vestas wind turbine plant in Newport added an extra buzz to the action.

Solidarity and the siege of Vestas

22 July 2009
The workers occupation of Vestas wind turbine factory on the Isle of Wight saw both impressive displays of solidarity and an escalation from management against the workers on Wednesday.

Supporters of Vestas workers get food to the occupation

22 July 2009
Women protesters have defied the police blockade at the occupied Vestas wind turbine factory on the Isle of Wight. The protesters managed to throw up food to the workers, who the police were attempting to starve out.

Don't let them starve Vestas occupiers out

22 July 2009
Police and Vestas management are trying to starve out the Vestas workers who are occupying their plant in Newport, on the Isle of Wight.

Workers’ action can save the planet

21 July 2009
Jonathan Neale of the Campaign Against Climate Change spoke to Socialist Worker about the importance of the fight at Vestas

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