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Struggles, fights and danger in pursuit of a payout

Struggles, fights and danger in pursuit of a payout Desperate people thrashing to escape perilous situations forms the plot of this South Korean film, Beasts Clawing at Straws.

G7 Summit—world leaders accelerate towards climate chaos

G7 Summit—world leaders accelerate towards climate chaos The G7 Summit this week in Cornwall will see the world’s most powerful leaders discuss a response to the environmental emergency. Sophie Squire explores the leaders’ response to the climate crisis that is threatening all our futures

What’s behind the new wave of Covid-19 in South Korea?

What’s behind the new wave of Covid-19 in South Korea? South Korean socialist Jang Ho-jong says the state bears the responsibilty for increased infections

Heatwaves show need for action on climate

Heatwaves show need for action on climate People are paying with their lives as extreme weather hits across the world, reports Sarah Bates

Korean War showed up imperialist barbarism

Korean War showed up imperialist barbarism The ‘forgotten war’ that began 70 years ago wrecked a country so that big powers could grab more influence, writes Sophie Squire

Letters - South Korea’s second wave is a real warning for Britain 

Letters - South Korea’s second wave is a real warning for Britain  South Korea is witnessing what seems to be the beginning of a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

South Korean socialist says, ‘Our government protects profit, not people’

08 March 2020
The coronavirus has raised sharp political issues in South Korea, says Jang Ho-jong

Parasite is a movie that will resonate all over the world

03 February 2020
This film from Korea is winning plaudits as a strange, well-made dark comedy. But more than that, writes Irang Bak, its message about inequality is universal

General Motors workers in the US win global solidarity for their strike

30 September 2019
A strike by nearly 50,000 General Motors (GM) staff across the United States has entered its third week as talks between the company and the United Auto Workers union (UAW) continue.

Mass strike in South Korea reveals widespread anger at government

29 November 2018
Hundreds of thousands of workers in South Korea struck last week against “labour market reforms” pushed by the government of president Moon Jae-in.

Fascinating documentaries and discussions at the London Korean Film Festival

07 August 2018
The London Korean Film Festival 2018 presents a series of screenings and events showcasing independent documentary filmmaking from Korea

Koreas are pawns in a much bigger game

24 April 2018
Is Donald Trump about to have a “Nixon in China” moment? The signs are that his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un may actually deliver a diplomatic success instead of descending into a disastrous war between the two countries.

Imperialist tensions lie behind North and South Korean peace negotiations

13 February 2018
Many Koreans were delighted to see North and South Korean athletes marching as part of one delegation at the Winter Olympics’ opening ceremony last Friday.

South Korea: 30,000 workers join protest and march to demand real change

13 November 2017
Workers gathered in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, last Sunday to express their dissatisfaction with the government led by president Moon Jae-in.

‘No Trump, No war’ protests greet US president in South Korea

08 November 2017
Donald Trump had to slink away from protesters who are building an anti-war movement

Erratic Trump gives a boost to US rivals

06 November 2017
Anyone who's watched Ken Burns’s flawed but absorbing documentary about the Vietnam War must have been struck by the interplay between presidential politics in Washington and the rhythm of combat in Southeast Asia.

South Korea: movement grows against Donald Trump’s visit

31 October 2017
Protesters are gearing up for Trump's visit on 7-8 November.

'We're opposing Trump's drive to war', say South Korean socialists

15 September 2017
Members of Workers' Solidarity, Socialist Worker's sister newspaper in South Korea, spoke about what's behind the nuclear tensions—and how the South Korean working class movement is responding

Trump—horseman of imperialist apocalypse

05 September 2017
Two deeply unpleasant men are facing off over North Korea’s nuclear weapons. The world feels closer to the possibility of nuclear war than at any time for half a century.

South Koreans march on May Day as presidential election looms

02 May 2017
South Korean workers marched in their tens of thousands on Monday. A presidential election is due on 9 May.

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