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South Korea

South Koreans' resolute march for president's New Year’s resignation

03 January 2017
South Korea’s ruling class may sacrifice the president to save the regime, says Workers’ Solidarity

South Korea: protesters want the president and all the 'accumulated evils' out now

28 December 2016
Around 700,000 people took to the streets of South Korea last Saturday, Christmas Eve. It was the third mass protest after the parliamentary vote to impeach president Park Geun-hye. 

South Korean protests continue despite MPs' impeachment of president

20 December 2016
For the past eight weeks mass protests have rocked South Korea demanding the resignation of the president Park Geun-hye. The protests continue and many people will not accept half measures.

Protests get rid of corrupt president in South Korea

13 December 2016
The South Korean parliament voted to impeach president Park Geun-hye last Friday after weeks of protests and strikes. But workers are not stopping there, writes Workers’ Solidarity

Mass demos in South Korea could end president’s life of plenty

06 December 2016
Protests demanding South Korea’s president resigns are deepening, writes Workers’ Solidarity

GALLERY - New images from the mass protests on the streets of South Korea

06 December 2016
Protests demanding the resignation of president Park Geun-Hye have spread

‘It’s our turn to fire you’, South Korean workers tell president

29 November 2016
In a sign of the growing pressure on South Korean president Park Geun-hye to resign, she announced that MPs would decide her fate on Tuesday.

Unions and the left lead marches in South Korea

22 November 2016
Workers are central to a movement that could bring down the president, writes Workers’ Solidarity

Million-strong protest in Seoul rocks South Korea's president Park Guen-hye

15 November 2016
Protest movement is causing a deep crisis for South Korea’s ruling class, writes?Workers’ Solidarity

GALLERY - South Korean protests demand president Park Geun-hye's resignation

15 November 2016
South Korean protests demand president Park Geun-hye's resignation

Mass movement demanding resignation of hated South Korean president is growing

08 November 2016
The movement demanding the resignation of South Korean president Park Geun-hye reached new heights last Saturday.

Presidential crisis focuses resistance in South Korea

01 November 2016
Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of South Korea’s capital Seoul last Saturday to demand the resignation of President Park Geun-hye.

China crisis - could island strife lead to world war?

26 July 2016
A recent dispute over islands in the South China Sea is a sign of how imperialist tensions between the US and China could set the region ablaze, writes Dave Sewell

South Korean state takes revenge after strike and mass protests

01 December 2015
Trade union activists facing a brutal crackdown urgently need solidarity, writes Jong-hwan Kim

South Korean workers strike back against president

28 April 2015
Some 270,000 workers in South Korea took part in a one-day general strike on Friday of last week.

Railway workers strike against privatisation in South Korea

07 January 2014
Up to 100,000 rail workers in South Korea struck for three weeks last month against government plans for running a new bullet train service. 

US rhetoric and sanctions ramp up dangerous tension with North Korea

05 April 2013
North Korea recently issued a “No.1 combat readiness alert” announcing that the “North and South are at war”. Leader Kim Jong-un also put his strategic missile units on standby for launch.

Solidarity from Korea to Cairo

25 November 2011
Protesters demonstrated near the Egyptian embassy in Seoul, South Korea today in solidarity with protesters in Tahrir Square. Around 50 came to show their support, including Egyptians living in Korea.

Seoul protesters defy riot police

18 October 2011
Despite a thunderstorm and a total government ban, more than 1,000 people joined various demonstrations across South Korea’s capital, Seoul.

Korea exposes tensions in the system

30 November 2010
The recent artillery exchanges, and deaths, in North and South Korea raised the chilling prospect of a war involving nuclear weapons.

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