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South Korea

Korea exposes tensions in the system

30 November 2010
The recent artillery exchanges, and deaths, in North and South Korea raised the chilling prospect of a war involving nuclear weapons.

Imperial tensions push Korea to brink

01 June 2010
On the night of 26 March, the South Korean navy ship Cheonan split in half and sank while patrolling not far from the North Korean coast. Forty six sailors died.

Day of fierce fighting at occupied South Korean car factory

04 August 2009
The attack began at dawn today and lasted until late afternoon. Under a hail of metal bolts and stones from Ssangyong company thugs, liquid tear gas dropped from police helicopters, incessant loud music and an all-out assault by police commandos armed with steel pipes and taser guns, the occupying workers at the Ssangyong auto factory in Pyongtaek, South Korea, have held out for one more day.

South Korean occupiers send solidarity message to Vestas workers

28 July 2009
Occupation 67 days, chimney top protest 76 days! From Ssangyong Motor workers occupying the Pyeongtaek plant in solidarity with Vestas workers for victory.

South Korean factory occupation challenges mass sackings

28 July 2009
Some 900 workers at Ssangyong, the smallest of South Korea’s five car manufacturers, have occupied their factory against mass sackings for the last two months.

International appeal in defence of the South Korean Candlelight Movement

15 December 2008
We would like to express our concern at the arrest of leading members of the South Korean Candlelight movement against the import of US beef.

Support South Korean activists

26 August 2008
Socialist Worker recently reported on the demonstrations in South Korea against US beef imports. The huge protests have continued, showing great militancy and enthusiasm.

South Koreans protest at George Bush

05 August 2008
Thousands of protesters greeted George Bush on his arrival in Seoul, South Korea, on Tuesday of this week.

South Korea’s movement is on the streets in Seoul

08 July 2008
More than half a million people took to the streets of South Korea’s capital, Seoul, last Saturday in the latest wave of a movement that is shaking the government of Lee Myung-bak.


17 June 2008

New mass protests shake South Korea

10 June 2008
Up to a million people gathered across South Korea on Tuesday of this week to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the 1987 June Struggle.

South Koreans protest on May Day

06 May 2008
Some 15,000 people participated in the May Day demonstration in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

South Koreans unite against war, corruption and neoliberalism

20 November 2007
Thousands of protesters converged in South Korea’s capital Seoul on Sunday 11 November for the biggest demonstration in recent years. The protests had three focuses:

Mass protest in South Korea calls for troop withdrawal

13 November 2007

The kidnapping of South Koreans in Afghanistan - a tragedy created by occupation

01 August 2007
The kidnap of 23 South Korean missionaries in Afghanistan is a tragedy, but the events can only be understood in the context of the deployment of South Korean troops to aid the US/Nato occupation.

Korea: a history of division

21 October 2006
North Korea is facing threats from the West over its recent nuclear testing. Owen Miller looks at the history of a country torn apart by the superpowers

Korea: 30,000 say no to Bush

26 November 2005
A march of 30,000 people confronted George Bush when he went to South Korea to attend the Economic Leaders’ Meeting of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Community (APEC).

South Korea

20 November 2004
The biggest workers’ rally in South Korea since 1997 took place on Sunday. Slogans included "An end to discrimination against temporary workers", "No to the Korea-Japan free trade area" and "For the withdrawal of Korean troops from Iraq". The rally was a launchpad for an indefinite strike by public sector workers to defend union rights in the face of repression by the government.

That sweet Seoul music

04 September 2004
IMAGINE MY delight when a few months ago I was invited to speak at a four-day socialist conference organised by All Together in South Korea.

South Korea swings left

05 June 2004
I WAS lucky enough recently to visit South Korea-a country that is changing extraordinarily fast. It belongs to the handful of dynamic East Asian economies that have been tilting the centre of gravity of global capitalism towards the Pacific Rim.

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