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Right to Work round-up

20 July 2010
Manchester Right to Work supporters in Manchester joined Labour Party campaigners to lobby the Lib Dem MP in Chorlton on Thursday of last week.

Activists plan a day of revolt on 22 June

15 June 2010
Resistance to attacks on our jobs and services has begun.

Protest against Tory cuts on Budget day

08 June 2010
In every borough, town and city across Britain, people are waking up to the reality of the widespread cuts that will destroy public services, jobs—and people’s lives.

Right to Work conference sparked the flame of resistance

25 May 2010
More than 600 trade unionists, workers, community activists and students gathered in London last Saturday for the emergency Right to Work post-election conference.

Workshops brought activists together to plan for the coming battles

25 May 2010
How strikes can win Over 70 people came to the workshop on how strikes can win and how we can deal with the anti-union laws.

Photos of the Right to Work conference, 22 May 2010

25 May 2010

Right to Work conference shows opposition to BA boss Willie Walsh

22 May 2010
More than 600 trade unionists and other activists attended an emergency Right to Work conference in central London today. After an opening rally it divided into workshops which debated how to fight the cuts and attacks on workers' conditions.

Right to Work conference plans fightback

18 May 2010
The Right to Work conference in London this Saturday will bring together hundreds of activists to plan and mobilise against the government’s cuts programme.

Right to Work conference - a key date for all after 6 May

04 May 2010
We have been warned what awaits us after the election.

Right to Work: fighting laws that are rigged against workers

27 April 2010
Employers are increasingly turning to the anti-trade union laws to prevent workers taking industrial action.

Growing support for Right to Work conference

13 April 2010
Dot Gibson, general secretary of the National Pensioners Convention, is the latest speaker to confirm attendance at the Right to Work post-election fightback conference on 22 May.

Get involved in Right to Work

13 April 2010
Is your union branch, student or pensioners’ organisation or campaign affiliated to Right to Work?

Top lawyer to speak at Right to Work meeting on anti-union laws

13 April 2010
THE WORKING class movement faces a serious challenge from the use of anti-union laws to stop strikes.

Solidarity tour with Greek worker

30 March 2010
The Right to Work campaign organised a highly successful tour of Britain by a Greek worker last week. It brought together trade unionists and campaigners to discuss resistance to the attacks on working people.

They want cuts - we need a fight, say Right to Work campaigners

30 March 2010
The three prospective chancellors all agreed on the need for major cuts to public spending in their live TV debate on Monday.

Right to work round-up

16 March 2010
Edinburgh Over 50 people came to a Right to Work meeting to discuss fighting cuts and defending public services. Speakers included Jim Malone, FBU union regional organiser, Cheryl Gedling, PCS national executive, Liz Rawling, president of Edinburgh University Student Association, and Michael Hogg, RMT union regional organiser.

Activists build networks of resistance across the country

16 February 2010
Campaigners have wasted no time in following up the Right to Work (RTW) conference held in Manchester last month.

Right to Work: build broad networks of resistance

09 February 2010
The Right to Work conference of resistance and solidarity on 30 January was a stunning success. It needs to be quickly followed up.

Right to Work: the resistance comes together

09 February 2010
Activists across Britain are forming networks to fight the cuts, stop job cuts and support local campaigns.

Right to Work conference: ‘We can fight, we can win’

02 February 2010
Over 900 people packed into the Right to Work conference last weekend. Socialist Worker reports on the key themes of the day and looks ahead to building on broad networks of resistance

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