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Rishi Sunak’s ‘kickstart’ scheme is an attack on workers that must be fought

Rishi Sunak’s ‘kickstart’ scheme is an attack on workers that must be fought Sunak’s Summer Statement was a mix of ineffectual half-measures and attacks on the working class

Tories will restart arms sales to murderous regime in Saudi Arabia

Tories will restart arms sales to murderous regime in Saudi Arabia The Tory government is to resume selling arms to Saudi Arabia—now in its fifth year of a devastating war on Yemen—despite a court ruling that such sales were unlawful.

British society scarred by deep poverty and racism

British society scarred by deep poverty and racism A new report shows 14.4 million people, including 4.5 million children, are living in poverty—and it’s even worse for black people, writes Sadie Robinson

Tories’ care home lies

Tories’ care home lies  Tory prime minister Boris Johnson has begun the process of passing the blame for the coronavirus crisis. 

New Tory handouts will only help bosses

New Tory handouts will only help bosses Tory chancellor Rishi Sunak was set to deliver his summer statement on Wednesday this week. It was expected to include a raft of measures in an attempt to prop up the British economy. 

Leicester—how a city at risk has been failed by the Tories

Leicester—how a city at risk has been failed by the Tories The Midlands city of Leicester is the first in England to have a local lockdown in response to an upsurge in coronavirus cases. But while mainstream commentators have encouraged racist explanations, it’s the Tories who have put people at risk

Doctors protest at Downing Street to demand a strategy to wipe out Covid-19

30 June 2020
Doctors protested outside Downing Street on Tuesday to “highlight the risks of indoor spread”.

Johnson’s ‘new deal’ to bail out system

30 June 2020
Boris Johnson’s promise this week of a “new deal” marked the latest dishonest move in a decade of Tory austerity.

A ‘nasty rebound’ of virus is on horizon as Tories ease lockdown

30 June 2020
The Tory plan to reopen businesses across England comes as Covid-19 continues to kill hundreds every week, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Tories protect their own amid allegations of corruption

28 June 2020
It’s not only Dominic Cummings that Boris Johnson has refused to sack. He is also protecting housing secretary Robert Jenrick, despite repeated allegations of what looks like corruption.

Tories ignore warnings to take action to stop climate chaos

25 June 2020
The government is being urged to use a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to stop catastrophic climate change, says a new report

Schools: a revolt is going on against Tory reopening plans

24 June 2020
New figures show the Tories’ drive to push big numbers of children back to school this month is failing.

Virus outbreak after workers’ walkout warning was ignored

23 June 2020
A major outbreak of coronavirus has been confirmed at a food processing plant where workers had walked out unofficially over safety fears.

Tory Covid-19 moves will mean more death

22 June 2020
The Tories pushed ahead with lifting the lockdown just as the official British death toll rose to over 42,000 and other countries showed signs of another spike.

Out of work and out of money - how lives are being torn apart by profit system

22 June 2020
Workers are being pushed to make big sacrifices during the lockdown—but things could get much worse as unemployment bites. Tomáš Tengely-Evans spoke to some of those affected, and argues that the crisis shows why we need a different system

Government abandons Covid-19 tracing app after months of delays

18 June 2020
In a humiliating reversal of policy, the government announced on Thursday that it is abandoning the contact-tracing app which it had said was vital to an effective “test and trace” system

Rising up against racism terrifies our rulers

16 June 2020
Boris Johnson has announced a new government commission to look into racism in Britain. 

Chaotic and unsafe school reopening plan could burst the Tories’ bubble

16 June 2020
Secondary schools across England began opening to wider numbers of children on Monday of this week.

Tories push for lockdown end

16 June 2020
The Tories were patting themselves on the back this week—despite the official coronavirus death toll in Britain climbing to over 40,000 and millions of workers facing unemployment. 

Homeless people turfed out as Covid-19 support ends

12 June 2020
The Tory government promised to help care for homeless people during the  pandemic. But now the measures adopted are ending, writes Sadie Robinson 

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