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‘Every day is a struggle’ on Universal Credit

07 April 2020
Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to claim benefits as bosses throw them on the dole, writes Sadie Robinson

Tory plan for ‘immunity passports’ gambles with our health

03 April 2020
The government wants people back to work as soon as possible—even if it puts them at risk.

Tories’ failure to test for virus will cost more lives

31 March 2020
The Tories are trying to hide their responsibility for the coronavirus crisis as the number of patients rises by 1,000 a day.

We need action, not dodgy deals, from union leaders over virus

31 March 2020
Action by workers has shown the type of ­resistance that’s possible against bosses who force them to work in unsafe conditions during the coronavirus outbreak.

The things they say

30 March 2020
‘I shook hands with everybody’

Government knew years ago that the NHS could not cope with virus

30 March 2020
The NHS failed a test of its ability to withstand a major pandemic more than three years ago but the results were not made public.

Crucial care services are being withdrawn during coronavirus crisis

29 March 2020
Councils and care bosses are asking people to fend for themselves 

Cruelty of Tories’ benefit promises revealed as Universal Credit claims rise

26 March 2020
Nearly half a million people put in claims for Universal Credit (UC) in a nine-day period as the coronavirus crisis hit.

Labour and union chiefs fail coronavirus test

24 March 2020
The crisis caused by coronavirus is testing every political force in society—and exposing some basic truths. One remarkable feature is how often the Labour Party agrees with the right wing Tory government.

Tories’ measures are not enough to beat back virus

24 March 2020
Boris Johnson announced lockdown conditions for Britain in a televised address on Monday of this week.

Tory wages plan subsidises the bosses—not workers

23 March 2020
Tory chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a scheme to subsidise wages that was hailed as a total transformation in policy. But the details showed that it’s far less generous than it might have seemed

Never mind the coronavirus, what about the bottom line?

23 March 2020
Never mind the coronavirus, what about the bottom line?

State support for wages shows scale of crisis, but don’t stop fighting

20 March 2020
The Tories were forced to unveil measures “unprecedented in the history of the British state” on Friday.

Windrush report slams government, but pulls back from fundamental change

19 March 2020
The Tories’ treatment of the Windrush generation of migrants was “consistent with some elements” of institutional racism, according to an official report.

Coronavirus—‘We need emergency action’

14 March 2020
The Socialist Workers Party has made a statement calling for urgent measures to tackle the coronavirus crisis and protect people's lives

Tory budget will not undo decade of austerity damage

11 March 2020
Chancellor Rishi Sunak unleashed a splurge of borrowing. But even the official forecasts say it won't kick start the economy, and it won't reverse the effects of cuts.

Resist council cuts

10 March 2020
Ahead of the Tory budget announcement, campaigners have warned that new rules for councils in England threaten early years and special needs education.

Boris Johnson’s mate got £1.4 million of your cash

10 March 2020
A firm run by Boris Johnson’s tennis partner is being paid £1.4 million of government cash to help officials “network” rich people.

Court challenge to Universal Credit childcare cost rules to go ahead

10 March 2020
A woman has been given the go-ahead to take the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to court over Universal Credit (UC) rules.

Tory budget will double down on horror for ordinary people

10 March 2020
New chancellor Rishi Sunak may promise the end of austerity, but the cabinet isn’t interested in reversing a decade of cuts, benefit freezes and privatisation, argues?Sophie Squire

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