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Tories’ true colours revealed

24 June 2008
Remember the caring, huggable Tory leader David Cameron? This week he returned to form by demanding the government gets "tough" with strikes.

David Davis MP resignation: Left’s gift to the right

17 June 2008
It is a sign of just how far to the right New Labour has moved when it can be challenged on civil liberties by the Tory shadow home secretary, the hard right David Davis MP.

Tories prepare for new assault on abortion law

27 May 2008
Many anti-abortionists are hoping for a Tory victory in a future general election in the belief that a David Cameron‑led government will back an renewed attack on abortion rights.

Are we seeing the rise of the right?

27 May 2008
Voters in Crewe & Nantwich humiliated New Labour last week by handing the Tories their first by-election win over Labour since 1982. The Crewe result followed that of the London and local elections on 1 May, which also saw the Tories giving Labour a drubbing.

Which way now for the left?

20 May 2008
The collapse of the Labour vote and the resurgence of the Tories in the recent local elections sent a shiver down the spine of millions and should have sounded the death knell for New Labour.

New Labour lurches right towards a deeper crisis

13 May 2008
"Soft on yobs" is how New Labour is attacking the Tory frontrunner in the Crewe & Nantwich by-election campaign.

Latest draconian policy on crime

13 May 2008
One of New Labour’s most disgusting attempts to win ground back from the Tories is the new crime "action squad" announced last week by home secretary Jacqui Smith.

Build the left for the battles that lie ahead

06 May 2008
The rout suffered by New Labour on Thursday of last week and the defeat of Ken Livingstone as mayor of London have left millions of people fearful of the prospect of a return to Tory government.

Has David Cameron revived the Conservatives?

06 May 2008
Many people across Britain are horrified at the apparent "resurgence" of the Tory party after last week’s elections.

Right wing policies to blame for Gordon Brown’s rout

06 May 2008
New Labour was thrown into disarray last week after polling its worst election results in 40 years in local council elections in England and Wales and losing the high profile election for London mayor to Tory candidate Boris Johnson.

Gordon Brown to blame for New Labour's election rout

03 May 2008
Gordon Brown has reaped what New Labour sowed. This week’s elections saw the crisis-ridden government battered – losing the London mayor to Tory Boris Johnson and polling Labour’s worst results in 40 years in council elections across England and Wales.

The class divide and the power of strikes

22 April 2008
An influential lie pushed by Gordon Brown, the Tories and most of the media, is that business bosses are "wealth creators". Without them, we’re told, the economy would collapse.

Tories and the unions: Cameron’s unlikely charm offensive

25 March 2008
Tory leader David Cameron has appointed a trade union envoy. Richard Balfe, a former Labour MEP, has been sent off to talk to general secretaries and sell the Tory message to the eight million plus union members in Britain.

Barrow parents reject school bribe

04 March 2008
Anti-academy schools campaigners are set to mount a challenge to over 30 sitting New Labour and Tory councillors in Barrow.

More prisons are no answer to crime

04 March 2008
The Tories and Labour are outdoing each other to say who is toughest on crime

Protests at anti-abortion meetings

19 February 2008
There were two lively protests against Tory MP Ann Widdecombe’s anti-abortion tour last week.

Anti-war activists organise for 15 March demo

12 February 2008
The Tories are demanding that the government ban Ibrahim Mousawi, editor of the Hizbollah newspaper Al-Intiqad (Criticism), from speaking at the World Against War tour that will kick off with a rally in London on 28 February.

London protest stands up to anti-abortion bigots

12 February 2008
Around 400 pro-choice protesters staged a loud and lively picket of Tory MP Ann Widdecombe’s anti-abortion meeting in London on Wednesday of last week.

400 picket Ann Widdecombe's London anti-abortion meeting

07 February 2008
Around 400 pro-choice protesters staged a loud and lively picket of Tory MP Ann Widdecombe’s anti-abortion meeting in London yesterday. She is speaking around Britain on her "Passion for Life" tour – which focuses on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology bill currently in parliament.

Belfast against bigots

05 February 2008
On one of the coldest nights of January, about 50 people protested in Belfast outside the "Passion for Life" tour organised by Tory MP Ann Widdecombe and other anti-abortion parliamentarians.

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