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Mental health cuts leave quarter of patients waiting three months for treatment

09 October 2018
Shocking new research has revealed the scale of the crisis facing mental health services.

Tories plan to snatch hundreds of pounds from parents

06 October 2018
Millions of families are set to lose £200 a month under the next phase of the Universal Credit (UC) benefit system.

Theresa May’s desperate speech dances around the truth

03 October 2018
Theresa May has declared an end to austerity, much of the mainstream press told us on Wednesday. But her speech to the Tory party conference in Birmingham did no such thing.

Tories plot fresh racist clampdown on migrants

02 October 2018
The Tories have unveiled a new war on migrants in a desperate bid to save their car-crash government.

Blood money - victims speak out on the Infected Blood scandal

01 October 2018
A new inquiry is set to look at the decades of secrecy shrouding the use of contaminated blood in Britain. Thousands died as a result of being given blood that experts knew was infected with Hepatitis C. Sadie Robinson spoke to those fighting for justice

Strikers lead anti-Tory march in Birmingham

29 September 2018
Chants of “Tory scum, get out of Brum” rang out in Birmingham on Saturday as around 1,200 people joined a march ahead of the Tory party conference.

The Troublemaker - Tories in a U-turn over conference hologram

25 September 2018
It would have at least woken up those who were nodding off at the back. But Jeremy Wright, the culture secretary, has axed plans to give his speech to the Tory conference as a hologram.

As the Infected Blood Inquiry begins - campaigners call for truth and justice

24 September 2018
An inquiry into the infected blood scandal began on Monday. Thousands of people were infected with HIV and Hepatitis C after being given contaminated blood during the late 1970s and 1980s. More than 2,800 have died.

Trump ramps up trade wars to boost his flagging support

18 September 2018
Tensions between the US and China threatens workers—and exposes Donald Trump’s weakness, says Charlie Kimber

We need a fightback and a general election, not ‘People’s Vote’

09 September 2018
 TUC union federation general secretary Frances O’Grady joined growing calls led by the right and big business for a “People’s Vote” on a Brexit deal on Sunday. 

Councils inject £9 billion into fracking companies

07 September 2018
A new report has uncovered how council bosses are investing workers’ money into dirty drilling. Sarah Bates looks at who’s funding the fossil fuel giants

Deregulation led to Grenfell Tower fire, argues new firefighters’ union report

06 September 2018
Firefighters were not responsible for people dying in the Grenfell Tower fire, despite the propaganda campaign being mounted against them.

Protest against hostile health practice that targets migrants

04 September 2018
Health campaigners plan to protest outside the annual general meeting of Barts Health NHS Trust on Wednesday of next week.

‘People’s Vote’ over Tory Brexit deal would divide the working class

04 September 2018
Theresa May danced on a tightrope over Brexit this summer.

Tory cuts to blame for child hunger in summer

28 August 2018
Almost a decade of austerity has left millions of children at risk of hunger, says Sarah Bates

Tories splinter as warnings of a no-deal Brexit grow

27 August 2018
Theresa May was forced to schedule an emergency cabinet meeting last Friday amid deepening Tory splits over Brexit.

Woman ‘sets fire to herself’ in housing office

21 August 2018
A woman reportedly set fire to herself in a London housing office on Wednesday of last week. The incident took place in an office of Tory-run Barnet council.

The Troublemaker - Councils hit homeless people with up to £1,500 in charges

21 August 2018
Homeless people face being charged up to £1,500 a year by councils to store their possessions.

Top bosses’ pay soars by 11% as workers suffer wage freezes

15 August 2018
While workers face wage curbs and freezes, bosses’ pay is soaring away.

Boris Johnson’s racist rant makes Muslim women a target

14 August 2018
Muslim women are facing growing attacks in the wake of Tory MP Boris Johnson’s racist rant.

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