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‘Gold-plated’ pensions? It’s just another Tory lie

05 July 2011
The government portrays public sector workers as a privileged group who enjoy better wages and working conditions than those in the private sector. They are lying.

After 30 June: what you can do now

05 July 2011
Invite a worker who struck on 30 June to speak to your union branch Make links with other union branches and campaign groups where you are Organise a joint rally to prepare for the next wave of action Fight for action in your workplace over every last cut Build for the protest against the Tory conference on 2 October Pass the model motion demanding the union leaders call action: <a href=""></a>

Celebrate the history of the NHS

05 July 2011
Campaigners across Britain were set to celebrate the NHS’s 63rd birthday this week—and pledge to defend it from the Tories.

If the Tories divide us, we all lose out

05 July 2011
There were two visions of British society on display last week. One was the solidarity and strength of the magnificent strikes and demonstrations of public sector workers.

They say people don’t back the strikes. But we do

28 June 2011
Michael Gove and the rest of the millionaire Tories claim that ordinary people don’t back the strikes on 30 June.

Strikes can stop Tory pension thieves

28 June 2011
The Tories are out to rob the poor to pay the rich.

Sheltered housing residents express outrage at government cuts

24 June 2011
Older people who live in sheltered housing in Sutton expressed their outrage at Tory cuts to their care and support today (Friday).

Exposed: the Tories are lying about pensions fight

21 June 2011
Most workers didn’t vote for strikes. If workers strike, it won’t have a democratic mandate.

Pensions - the Tory assault that targets all working people

21 June 2011
The government’s Pensions Bill had its second reading in parliament on Monday of this week.

Welfare reform will force 9,000 to move

21 June 2011
The Tory welfare reform bill will hit the most vulnerable the hardest.

30 June strike is the next step in battle to stop Tory attacks

21 June 2011
The government has gone on an all out attack on the unions whose members have voted to strike on 30 June.

Why public sector unions do have a mandate for strikes

16 June 2011
The Tories and the right wing press are bleating on about the turnouts in recent ballots for strikes among public sector workers. They claim the turnouts mean there’s no democratic mandate for strikes—and that they show most workers don’t want to fight their cuts.

Civil service workers vote to join 30 June strikes

15 June 2011
Some 290,000 civil service workers have voted join the 30 June mass strikes against Tory attacks on pensions, jobs and pay.

Tory ‘Prevent’ strategy stokes Islamophobia

14 June 2011
The Tories have released a new version of the Prevent strategy—supposedly designed to tackle "terrorism" and "extremism."

Joy as Tory school cuts plan collapses in chaos

14 June 2011
The Tories want to tear up state education—but our movement can stop them.

In their own words

14 June 2011
‘We’re looking at exceptional circumstances and we’re going to be putting out arrangements for that later in the year’ Tory welfare minister Lord Freud says there will be exemptions from the government’s £26,000 annual cap on benefits

No, Mr Miliband, the poor are not to blame

14 June 2011
As the Tories push through the biggest attacks on the welfare state in history, the silence from Labour leader Ed Miliband has been deafening.

Workers get ready for 30 June battle

07 June 2011
Hundreds of thousands of workers are preparing to turn Thursday 30 June into a major day of resistance against the Tories.

Cost of pensions plan

07 June 2011
Thousands of low-paid workers could drop out of public sector pension schemes if the Tories increase their contributions.

Private university plans to charge £18,000 fees

07 June 2011
The Tories are backing a new, private university that plans to charge students an astonishing £18,000 a year.

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