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Camden teachers’ battle shows how to fight the Tory cuts

05 April 2011
Fury at the Tories burst onto the streets of Camden, north London, last week as teachers struck against £20 million cuts to key children’s services.

Budget packed with perks for bosses

29 March 2011
The Tories are relaxing planning regulations. Their claims of being the "greenest government ever" are an excuse to throw extra money at the nuclear industry.

Tory candidates ‘golliwog’ pose

29 March 2011
Two Tory council candidates were caught posing with "golliwog" toys on Facebook.

UB40 speaks out against injustice of Tory cuts

24 March 2011
UB40 band members Brian Travers and Jimmy Brown spoke out against unemployment at a Birmingham Against the Cuts press conference on Wednesday.

Protests in London against George Osborne's budget

23 March 2011
Protesters demonstrated in central London this evening, Wednesday, in protest at Tory chancellor George Osborne’s budget.

George Osborne delivers another Tory budget for the rich

23 March 2011
George Osborne said this was a budget for "growth". That’s true—but it’s growth in profits for the rich, growth in bankers’ bonuses and growth in unemployment.

Drive out the Tory scum

22 March 2011
The Tories want to turn the clock back for working class people in Britain. They want to get rid of things that generations fought to win—pensions, the NHS, rights at work—forever.

Loan safety net to be removed

22 March 2011
The Tories plan to scrap crisis loans for essential household items at the end of this month, in a vicious attack on people facing destitution.

Lecturers' strikes hit back against the coalition

22 March 2011
The biggest strike yet under the Tory government was to take place this week. Around 120,000 lecturers were to walk out on Thursday to defend their jobs, pay and pensions.

Making it a crime to be homeless

22 March 2011
Around 500 campaigners and homeless people protested against a Tory council’s plan to ban soup kitchens in central London last week.

Doctors rage at ‘reforms’

15 March 2011
Doctors at an emergency union meeting this week called for an end to Tory plans to "reform" the NHS in England.

We have no other choice: workers must fight these attacks

15 March 2011
The Tories are going on the offensive—and we have to fight back.

Pensions: Hutton and the Tories say ‘work until you drop’

15 March 2011
The Tories are coming for the pensions of every public sector worker.

Health workers on march for the NHS

15 March 2011
Angry health workers and students took to the streets of London last week in a protest against cuts and Tory threats to privatise the NHS.


15 March 2011
Neoliberal agenda lies behind attacks on special educational needs Michael Gove and the Tories are right about one thing—the current system of providing services to students with special needs is "bureaucratic, bewildering and adversarial".

United fight can defeat the Tories

12 March 2011
We are being attacked on all fronts. Now the Tories are after the pensions of some six million public sector workers.

Don’t let the Tories steal your pension

12 March 2011
Not content with slashing jobs and services, the Tories now want to steal our pensions.

Doctors join NHS resistance

12 March 2011
Health workers are furious with Tory plans to "reform" the NHS.

Does cutting back the state make us free?

12 March 2011
Listen to any Tory MP and they’ll tell you that their government is increasing people’s freedom.

Join budget day protests

12 March 2011
On budget Day, 23 March, the Tories will announce more attacks on our living standards.

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