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Save May Day holiday

08 February 2011
The Tories want to abolish the one celebration of workers’ rights in the year—the May Day bank holiday.

Racism: part of a long Tory tradition

08 February 2011
That David Cameron chose last Saturday to make a speech attacking Muslims is despicable.

Don't let the Tories play the race card

08 February 2011
David Cameron has immersed himself in the politics of the sewer.

Lobby to defend council housing

08 February 2011
Tenants, trade unionists and councillors will come together next week to organise a campaign against Tory plans that will see working class people thrown out of their homes.

Fire boss scoffs at our expense

08 February 2011
London firefighters’ Tory boss Brian Coleman has been splashing our cash on posh nosh—again.

Does it make a difference if we are in recession?

08 February 2011
The Tories are using the global economic crisis as an excuse to make savage cuts in Britain. They say that higher levels of unemployment, cuts to services, lower pay and worse pensions are unavoidable.

People's Convention will help organise the resistance

01 February 2011
The People’s Convention in central London next Saturday 12 February will bring together campaigners to discuss stepping up the fight against Tory cuts. Everyone should aim to take part in this vital conference.

Speech therapists to strike against NHS cuts

01 February 2011
The Tory pledge to keep the NHS safe from cuts is revealed as a lie this week as speech therapists in Southwark, south London, prepare to strike.

Teachers in Rotherham step up the fight

01 February 2011
Teachers in Rotherham stepped up their campaign against compulsory redundancies last week by striking for three days—and leading a 500-strong march in Sheffield against Tory cuts.

Thousands join student marches in London and Manchester

29 January 2011
Thousands of university, college and school students – joined by workers – are marching in London and Manchester against Tory cuts to education, fee rises and attacks on jobs and services.

Kick out Clegg & Cameron - Tunisia shows the way

25 January 2011
Students have led the fightback against the Tory coalition. Thousands of young people have poured onto the streets to battle student fees and cuts.

Voices from the NHS: a system on the verge of breakdown

25 January 2011
‘The Tories want to poison the NHS.’ Karen Reissmann, community psychiatric nurse and Unison health executive member

Tories plan to exploit young as unemployment rockets

25 January 2011
The Tories have found a new way to help their boss friends profit from ordinary people’s misery.

More government attacks on Travellers

18 January 2011
The Tories are preparing a fresh assault on Travellers.

Strike can beat academies

11 January 2011
The Tories want to snatch away a decent education from millions of working class children.

NHS bill will start Tories' sell-off plan

11 January 2011
The Tories want to privatise the NHS. They will publish a new health bill on Monday of next week that will hand over up to 80 percent of the NHS budget to GPs.

Mass fightback can stop Tory wreckers

04 January 2011
The coalition is launching a wave of attacks on workers. This is not just about vicious cuts—it is also an attempt to reshape the whole of society in the interests of big business.

A crucial fight in Kirklees council

04 January 2011
A crucial fight against job losses is taking place in Kirklees, West Yorkshire. It could see the first strike against council cuts by a whole union branch since the Tories took office.

Archived records show the fragility of the "Iron Lady"

04 January 2011
The Tories were determined to fight for the interests of their class in 1980—but they were also scared of resistance.

George Osborne steals £2k a year from workers

04 January 2011
The Tories are set to make 2011 a year of pain for millions.

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