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Right wing policies to blame for Gordon Brown’s rout

06 May 2008
New Labour was thrown into disarray last week after polling its worst election results in 40 years in local council elections in England and Wales and losing the high profile election for London mayor to Tory candidate Boris Johnson.

Gordon Brown to blame for New Labour's election rout

03 May 2008
Gordon Brown has reaped what New Labour sowed. This week’s elections saw the crisis-ridden government battered – losing the London mayor to Tory Boris Johnson and polling Labour’s worst results in 40 years in council elections across England and Wales.

The class divide and the power of strikes

22 April 2008
An influential lie pushed by Gordon Brown, the Tories and most of the media, is that business bosses are "wealth creators". Without them, we’re told, the economy would collapse.

Tories and the unions: Cameron’s unlikely charm offensive

25 March 2008
Tory leader David Cameron has appointed a trade union envoy. Richard Balfe, a former Labour MEP, has been sent off to talk to general secretaries and sell the Tory message to the eight million plus union members in Britain.

Barrow parents reject school bribe

04 March 2008
Anti-academy schools campaigners are set to mount a challenge to over 30 sitting New Labour and Tory councillors in Barrow.

More prisons are no answer to crime

04 March 2008
The Tories and Labour are outdoing each other to say who is toughest on crime

Protests at anti-abortion meetings

19 February 2008
There were two lively protests against Tory MP Ann Widdecombe’s anti-abortion tour last week.

London protest stands up to anti-abortion bigots

12 February 2008
Around 400 pro-choice protesters staged a loud and lively picket of Tory MP Ann Widdecombe’s anti-abortion meeting in London on Wednesday of last week.

Anti-war activists organise for 15 March demo

12 February 2008
The Tories are demanding that the government ban Ibrahim Mousawi, editor of the Hizbollah newspaper Al-Intiqad (Criticism), from speaking at the World Against War tour that will kick off with a rally in London on 28 February.

400 picket Ann Widdecombe's London anti-abortion meeting

07 February 2008
Around 400 pro-choice protesters staged a loud and lively picket of Tory MP Ann Widdecombe’s anti-abortion meeting in London yesterday. She is speaking around Britain on her "Passion for Life" tour – which focuses on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology bill currently in parliament.

Belfast against bigots

05 February 2008
On one of the coldest nights of January, about 50 people protested in Belfast outside the "Passion for Life" tour organised by Tory MP Ann Widdecombe and other anti-abortion parliamentarians.

Abortion rights: protests defend right to choose

29 January 2008
Campaigners in Glasgow gave the campaign to defend abortion rights a fantastic boost last week with a young and lively protest against Tory MP Ann Widdecombe.

Back London left challenge to war and neoliberalism

29 January 2008
Respect’s Lindsey German offers a clear and consistent alternative in this year’s race for London mayor. In response to her campaign, supporters of mayor Ken Livingstone have resorted to a tired old theme reiterated whenever Labour faces a radical challenge from the left – "don’t split the vote and let the Tories in".

A ‘grand coalition’ to preserve the union with Scotland

15 January 2008
On Tuesday of this week, Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrat leaders in Scotland sat down with Des Browne, the Scottish secretary, to agree a major joint campaign to preserve the unity of the United Kingdom.

Labour and the Tories share welfare agenda

08 January 2008
The Tories have announced draconian new plans to disqualify people from claiming benefits and force existing claimants into unpaid work – and the first to be targeted will be those claiming incapacity benefit.

Landslide defeat for Australia’s Tory government

27 November 2007
Australia’s long-serving Tory prime minister John Howard suffered a dramatic defeat in last weekend’s federal election. The opposition Labour party won with the biggest swing in any election since 1975.

Gordon Brown triangulates himself into a corner over election

09 October 2007
Despite some polls last week no one seriously believed the Tories had a chance of beating Gordon Brown in a general election. But because of his obsession with "triangulation", the prime minister still managed to create chaos over whether or not to call a snap poll.

Tory tax plans expose Gordon Brown

09 October 2007
What may have saved the Tories from a general election in 2007 was the promise made by shadow chancellor George Osborne last week to raise the threshold for inheritance tax from £300,000 to £1 million.

Labour and Tories swing right as general election looms

02 October 2007
As political debate centres on the imminence of a general election, this should not mask the fact that Gordon Brown's electoral strategy is to move New Labour yet further rightwards to win Tory votes.

Greek fires threaten to engulf Tories

28 August 2007
The Greek Tory government has been increasingly blamed for what many see as an avoidable tragedy as forest fires continued to rage, killing at least 63 people.

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