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Desperate Tories turn nastier

20 April 2010
In trouble in the polls? Seeing power slipping away? Attack people on benefits and the poor is the traditional Tory response. And here it is this afternoon.

There's no such thing as 'big society'

20 April 2010
The Tories want us to join them in governing the country.

Tory toff of the week: Simon Hart

20 April 2010
Simon Hart is chief executive of pro‑hunting Countryside Alliance—and Tory candidate for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire.

Parties play the race card

13 April 2010
The Tories are happy to whip up racism to grab votes.

Tory toff of the week: Super rich Henry Angest

13 April 2010
Lord Ashcroft might grab all the headlines – but the Tories have plenty of other super-rich backers.

Hundreds protest against Tory homophobia

13 April 2010
Five hundred protesters demonstrated outside Conservative headquarters last Sunday over shadow home secretary Chris Grayling’s comment that Christian B&B owners should be allowed to ban gay couples.

How the jobs lie was born

13 April 2010
The birth of the Tory immigration-jobs lie tells an interesting story about the manipulation of the media.

Politicians unite for an assault on workers

13 April 2010
The Labour and Tory parties launched their manifestos this week – and both are squarely focused on making workers pay for the crisis.

Tories are gay haters

06 April 2010
Whether you’re "young, old, rich, poor, black, white, gay, straight," David Cameron wants your support. You are the "great ignored", he says.

Who voted Tories as best council?

30 March 2010
West London’s Hammersmith & Fulham has been named Council of the Year by the Local Government Chronicle.

Secret Tory cuts plan for Lancashire council

23 March 2010
Hundreds of jobs are to be slashed and pay cut at Tory-run Lancashire County Council.

Our own struggles can shape general election

16 March 2010
The shape of the main parties’ election campaign gets clearer every day. Gordon Brown will try to sound slightly less keen on cuts than the Tories.

Lord Ashcroft’s millions are the tip of the iceberg

09 March 2010
Lord Ashcroft, who effectively owns the Tory party, hit the headlines as he admitted that he didn’t live here in order to avoid paying tax.

Right to Work protest at Tories spring conference

02 March 2010
Right to Work supporters tackled the Tories in Brighton last Sunday.

Protest outside Tory conference on academies

02 March 2010
Anti-academies campaigners are set to protest at a conference organised by the Tory magazine, the Spectator.

How the miners shook Thatcher

02 March 2010
The biggest and longest mass strike in British history ended 25 years ago. Around 165,000 miners struck for a year from March 1984. They were fighting Tory prime minister Margaret Thatcher’s attempts to close pits, sack tens of thousands of workers and smash one of the most militant sections of the working class.

Tim: Tories reach out to workers

02 March 2010

Tories’ cuts message is behind sinking polls

02 March 2010
THE TORIES are far less certain of winning the election than they were a month ago. Opinion polls have shown their lead over Labour falling as low as 2 percent.

The Tories are a party of lobbyists

23 February 2010
Tory leader David Cameron is complaining that the Labour government loves up to sleazy parliamentary lobbyists. And yes, that’s true.

The election brings many challenges for socialists

16 February 2010
The swathe of Tory posters disfiguring billboards up and down Britain signal that the general election campaign is underway.

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