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Act to stop Tory plan to wreck our schools

01 June 2010
The Tories’ plans for a mass expansion of "academy" schools would mean the end of the state education system as we know it.

A government of the lobbyists for the lobbyists

01 June 2010
David Cameron and Nick Clegg claim their government will tackle lobbying. However, the Tory under secretary for defence is Gerald Howarth MP.

In their own words

25 May 2010
‘Behind some obvious Lib Dem language, the hard-line Tory policies have survived almost precisely intact.’

Divided Britain’s growing inequality

25 May 2010
If the Tories get away with their huge public spending cuts, they will drive up poverty and unemployment.

A party terrified of workers’ resistance

25 May 2010
The Tories have always been loyal to two things—the needs of the ruling class and hostility to workers.

When workers beat the law

25 May 2010
Workers have beaten anti-union laws before. The laws are intended to intimidate, but they cannot prevent struggle if they are disobeyed. One key example is the dockers under a Tory government in the 1970s.

Tory defence minister Gerald Howarth’s links to arms companies

20 May 2010
Another day another Tory minister turns out to have strong links to the companies his department makes decisions over.

Tory cabinet minister Caroline Spelman lobbied her own department

19 May 2010
The new Tory government has promised to clean up lobbying of politicians.

The Tories' ability to adapt brought dominance

18 May 2010
Who are the Tories? The simple answer is that they are the political party of the British ruling class.


18 May 2010
I can’t stay Lib Dem after deal with Tories I’ve been forced to cancel my membership of the Liberal Democrats after almost five years because I cannot support a coalition with the Tories.

Ruling against BA strike is a knife at every worker's throat

18 May 2010
The outrageous decision to outlaw strikes at British Airways is directed against everyone who wants to see resistance to the Tory cuts.

The weak and nasty Tories can be beaten

18 May 2010
The pretence is over. All the main parties spent the election campaign carefully avoiding any talk of their plans for massive cuts to public spending.

Cuts ballot in Southampton libraries

18 May 2010
Librarians across Southampton began a ballot for strike action on Monday over the Tory council’s plans to replace staff with volunteers.

Bradford lecturers first to strike under Cameron's government

12 May 2010
Lecturers at Bradford College took part in the first strike under David Cameron’s Tory government today.

David Cameron challenged by Right to Work protest

05 May 2010
Watch the BBC video of Right to Work campaigners protesting against a visit by Tory leader David Cameron to East Renfrewshire this morning.

In their own words

04 May 2010
‘She wanted me to know all my thinking was wrong and the so-called demons inside me were wrong. The session ended with her praying over me, calling out the demons. She believed homosexuality, transsexualism and addiction could be fixed by prayer.’Abi, a teenage girl who thought she was transsexual, on her "treatment" by Philippa Stroud, a Tory candidate and head of the think-tank the Centre for Social Justice

Tory MP makes comments against gay equality

24 April 2010
A group of students has confirmed to Socialist Worker that a leading Tory MP has made remarks against gay equality.

Desperate Tories turn nastier

20 April 2010
In trouble in the polls? Seeing power slipping away? Attack people on benefits and the poor is the traditional Tory response. And here it is this afternoon.

There's no such thing as 'big society'

20 April 2010
The Tories want us to join them in governing the country.

Tory toff of the week: Simon Hart

20 April 2010
Simon Hart is chief executive of pro‑hunting Countryside Alliance—and Tory candidate for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire.

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