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‘Give our kids a future’, demands 2,000-strong march across London

16 August 2011
The Tories claim that Britain is united against the rioters. But while there is a backlash, many people have defended young people and opposed the police crackdown.

The police are part of the problem—wherever they are from

16 August 2011
The Tories are targeting the poorest people in society—and have a brutal police force willing to back them up if anyone resists.

New report: the government can afford pensions

16 August 2011
The Tories say they have to force thousands of public sector workers to suffer worse pensions because they can’t afford to sustain them.

Reports from the urban revolt spreading across Britain

10 August 2011
The rising against Tory Britain continued last night, Tuesday.

More police means more trouble

09 August 2011
From the Tory right to the liberals, politicians are calling for the government to arm the police further in order to crush the rioters.

Remploy workers say, 'Don't let the Tories throw us on the dole'

09 August 2011
A report into Remploy, the government-supported programme that provides employment for disabled people, could sound the death knell for the firm’s 54 British factories.

Mass marches at party conferences can fire resistance

09 August 2011
Tens of thousands of trade unionists from across Britain are set to descend on the Tory and Lib Dem party conferences.

Workers can stop the Tory pensions robbery in its tracks

02 August 2011
The government stuck two fingers up at public sector workers when it announced savage cuts to their pensions last week.

Tories ignore unions to launch pension attack

29 July 2011
The Tories have shown their contempt for negotiations over pensions—and pressure is building on the unions to join strikes this autumn in response.

Smell of struggle still strong in Southampton

26 July 2011
The pitched battle between Southampton council workers and their Tory bosses shows no signs of relenting.

Ministers fear united action over pensions

26 July 2011
"We face a real risk, if we push too hard, of industrial action involving staff groups delivering key public services." That was the verdict of Tory health secretary Andrew Lansley in a leaked letter this week.

Protests at Tory and Lib Dem conference will show our strength

26 July 2011
Several months ago Right to Work initiated marches on the Tory party conference in Manchester on 2 October and the Lib Dem conference in Birmingham on 18 September.

Cameron fails at 'inappropriate' cover-up

20 July 2011
David Cameron is still the Tory prime minster. For now.

The bad news they buried while Murdoch mumbled

20 July 2011
Yesterday was a good day to bury bad news. While all eyes were on the Murdochs dodging questions and pretending they weren’t in charge, the Tories got on with what they do best—attacking us.

Cameron must go! - they’re all in it together

19 July 2011
The entire establishment is drowning in a swamp of corruption and cover-ups—and Tory prime minister David Cameron is at the centre of it.

Hit the Tories when they're weak - strikes, not talks, can save pensions

19 July 2011
With the Tories on the rocks, it’s time to step up the fight against austerity.

The Tories' big fat pensions lie

19 July 2011
The Tories claim that public sector pensions cost too much.

Protest at the Tories and their chums

19 July 2011
As the coalition and its cronies gather to plot the destruction of the welfare state later this year, they will face resistance on the streets.

Michael Gove got cash from Murdoch

19 July 2011
News International paid Tory education secretary Michael Gove £5,000 a month for one hour a week’s work as a journalist. That’s £1,250 an hour.

Official report reveals Tory lies over cuts

19 July 2011
The richest tenth of the population have seen their share of Britain’s total income rise by 6 percent—while the rest of us face cuts.

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