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From New Labour to Blue Labour

24 May 2011
Labour Party leaders generally don’t like bothering to set out socialist philosophy. The very idea is considered a bit vulgar, and likely to put off voters. Traditionally they have tended to presume that all that was necessary was to show people that Labour had plans for a better, more prosperous Britain than the Tories.

Unions unite against the Tories: 800,000 ready to strike

17 May 2011
Hundreds of thousands of public sector workers are preparing to go into battle against the Tory government.

Rich students to get fast-tracked places

10 May 2011
The Tories are offering rich individuals, funded by their rich families, a fast-track to their privileged future.

Bring down the coalition

03 May 2011
The Tories and the Liberal Democrats dreaded voters giving them a hammering in this week’s elections for their vicious attacks on working people over the past year.

Recovery, what recovery?

03 May 2011
While the Tories talk of a "fragile economic recovery", life is getting increasingly worse for most people—not better.

Reclaim the true spirit of May Day

26 April 2011
The Tories want to get rid of the May Day bank holiday—and replace it with a day later in the year when we can "celebrate Britain".

Step back from the NHS, Tory boy

26 April 2011
A doctor who runs a sparsely-supported campaign in support of the government’s health "reforms" has been revealed as a leading Tory—and the head of a body that expects to profit from the changes.

Coalition's in crisis: now's the time to strike

26 April 2011
The Tories are calling the Liberal Democrats "whingers" and "yapping dogs". The Liberals are calling the Tories liars.

NUT conference: boost for 30 June fight as teachers back ballot

26 April 2011
Teachers in the NUT union will hold a national strike ballot over the Tory assault on their pensions—and aim to ­coordinate action with other public sector unions.

Benefit cuts are blow to welfare state

19 April 2011
The Tory and media smear campaign against benefit "fraudsters" deliberately confuses fitness to work with disability. They want us to believe that only the "genuinely disabled" are unable to work.

NHS protests can force Tories back

19 April 2011
The Tories are in crisis over the NHS. There is significant opposition to health secretary Andrew Lansley’s plans to hand over services to his fat cat friends.

Quotes from the week's news

19 April 2011
‘Increasingly Goebbels-like’Energy secretary Chris Huhne attacks Tory Baroness Warsi’s campaigning against the AV voting system

'Disabled people won't be victims any more'

19 April 2011
The Tories have launched an all-out attack on disabled people in Britain. As the economic crisis continues to bite, they have turned on people they consider are not making their contribution to society.

Right to work round-up

12 April 2011
Activists gathered in Conway Hall, London, on Tuesday of last week to discuss the next steps in the fightback against the Tory cuts.

Minimum wage ‘rise’ is pennies

12 April 2011
The Tories added a miserly 15p to the minimum wage this week—and it’s even worse for young people.

Tories health 'reform' would sack one in eight nurses

12 April 2011
The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has exposed Tory and Lib Dem lies about the NHS.

Cameron lies about NHS: Tories axe cancer nurses

05 April 2011
Desperate Tories will try to persuade us this week that their plans for NHS "reform" will not rip the service apart.

Should we support a prison officers’ strike?

05 April 2011
Prison officers across Britain have held meetings over the Tory government’s controversial plans to privatise jails.

Strikes grow against academies

05 April 2011
Teachers are fighting a key battle against one of the Tory government’s flagship policies in schools across Britain.

Exclusive: ‘Sick firm told us to catch out disabled people'

05 April 2011
The ruthless Tory drive to remove thousands of seriously ill and disabled people from benefits was exposed this week as a nurse employed to assess them spoke out to Socialist Worker.

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