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By-elections offer no good news for the big three parties

24 July 2007
There's a case for saying that the two by-elections on Thursday last week weren’t particularly good news for any of the three major parties. The biggest loser was David Cameron with the Tories pushed into third place in both Sedgefield and Southall.

Glasgow council’s use of anti-union laws backfires

17 July 2007
Glasgow City council’s attempts to use Tory anti-union laws has backfired.


26 June 2007
Australian plan is racist Outrage is growing across Australia in response to John Howard’s Tory government’s takeover of remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory (NT).

Talk of a Tory revival should not let Gordon Brown off the hook

08 May 2007
The election results last week underlined that Tony Blair has succeeded in partly rehabilitating the Conservatives.

Privatisation and cuts wreck the NHS

08 May 2007
Tony Blair’s claim that we had just "24 hours to save the NHS" was one of the finishing touches to New Labour’s crushing victory over the discredited Tory government in 1997.

Timeline – ten years of Blair government

08 May 2007
1997 MayNew Labour elected with 179 seat majority. Chancellor Gordon Brown gives Bank of England control over interest rates. Tony Blair declares that he is against public sector monopoly. JulyBrown’s first budget promises to stick to Tory spending limits, but he cuts corporation tax to 31 percent Government says it will scrap student grants and introduce tuition fees. AugustFat cats brought into government. New ministers include BP boss Lord Simon.SeptemberSeven people die in Southall rail crash. Government refuses to renationalise rail.

Law and order agenda has punished the poor

08 May 2007
As shadow home secretary, Tony Blair led the charge to take the high ground of law and order from the Tories.

£500 million for rail fat cats, 40,000 postal jobs cut

08 April 2007
It was New Labour's day of shame this week. The government gave in to pressure and handed £500 million to some of the greediest and richest people in Britain. Businessmen, bankers and speculators were horrified when their Railtrack shares nosedived last year. They believed their bets in the stock market casino should be a one-way ticket to wealth. These people were gleeful when the Tories flogged Railtrack off for a quarter of its value.

What really happened to our pensions?

07 April 2007
The Tories and most of the press want you to believe that the reason you’ve lost your pension is because of Gordon Brown’s tax changes in 1997.

Union sponsored MPs back nukes in Trident vote

24 March 2007
New Labour pushed its plans to renew the Trident nuclear missile system through parliament last week – by relying on the backing of the Tories.

Michael Rosen on keeping it in the family

24 March 2007
When I run for leadership of either the Labour or Tory Party (either will do), please remind me to gas on about the family.

Falklands: war and lies

17 March 2007
On 19 March 1982, the Argentine military junta seized control of the Falkland Islands – also known as the Malvinas – plunging Britain’s Tory government into crisis.

Brown and Cameron are spouting hot air on climate change

17 March 2007
This week saw New Labour’s Gordon Brown and Tory leader David Cameron arguing over their "visions" of how to save the planet. The truth is that neither of them has a solution to the climate change crisis.

Reigniting the anti-academy campaign in Brent

10 March 2007
When Brent's Liberal Democrats and Tories came to form a coalition administration after last year's local elections one of their first acts was to throw out Labour's plan for a new school as a City Academy in Wembley.

Greek movement increases pressure on right

10 February 2007
The resistance to the Greek Tory government’s plans for the privatisation of higher education has forced the Pasok opposition party to withdraw its support for the proposals. Pasok is a New Labour-type party.

Are poor whites the most oppressed people in Britain?

02 December 2006
Poor and marginalised people living in Britain have attracted some false friends in recent weeks. The rebranded Tories sent the highly unlikely radical Iain Duncan Smith MP off to look at education, and he came back with the conclusion that the education system lets down white working people.

The illusion of Britishness

18 November 2006
In the past few years a peculiarly old-fashioned - and sinister - set of phrases has re-entered the political vocabulary of the Westminster establishment. New Labour ministers and their Tory shadows are increasingly talking about "British values" and "our way of life".

Hurlingham and Chelsea School demonstration

11 November 2006
Five hundred students, staff and parents marched through local streets near Hurlingham and Chelsea School to protest against plans by Tory Hammersmith and Fulham council to shut the school.

Greek primary schools all-out strike ends as Tories retreat

04 November 2006
Primary school teachers in Greece ended their six week all-out strike on Monday of this week over pay and the government’s plans for education.

Education, class and academies

04 November 2006
The central aim of Tony Blair’s education policy is the abolition of the state comprehensive system.Education privatisation was not a New Labour invention. Margaret Thatcher’s Tory government set in motion processes to create a new world of competition between schools.

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