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How can we win the battle against the Tories?

28 September 2010
Steve Hedley, RMT London regional organiser "Coordinated industrial action will be key to what happens. Demonstrations are good, but hitting the bosses and the government in the pocket is what matters.

People meet to stop the rich robbing the poor

28 September 2010
From Bath to Doncaster trade unionists, anti-cuts campaigners and community activists have begun organising united resistance to cuts as the summer comes to an end.

Protest planned over Birmingham sack threat

28 September 2010
Management through terror. That’s the Tory council’s strategy in Birmingham, where the Conservative conference begins this weekend.

Spending review cuts will spark a week of trade union protests

28 September 2010
Trade unions across Britain are organising protests against the cuts over the next few weeks.

Organise to wage war on the Tories

28 September 2010
How do we turn the tide on this bosses’ government? Every part of our public services is under assault. Simply put, the Tories have declared war on ordinary people, and we need to defeat them.

Mass meetings build momentum for cuts fight and protest outside Tory conference

24 September 2010
Workers, anti-cuts campaigners and community activists have poured into mass meetings in the last week as anger grows against the Tory cuts agenda.

Haringey anti-cuts protest

21 September 2010
Around 120 protesters braved a downpour to call on Haringey’s Labour council in north London to refuse to implement Tory cuts last week.

Vodafone’s a friend, so £6 billion tax goes

21 September 2010
Vodafone has avoided as much British tax as the "savings" the Tories want to make by slashing incapacity benefits for half a million people.

The ballot is on to save fire jobs

21 September 2010
Firefighters in London are going into battle against their Tory bosses—setting an example for workers everywhere.

Union leaders' call is a catalyst for action

21 September 2010
The union leaders’ powerful speeches at the TUC conference last week meant that millions of people in workplaces across Britain are talking about standing up to the Tories.

A week in quotes

21 September 2010
‘Imagine a brand with a huge stain on it. You keep trying to get rid of it, but the heart of the stain always remains. That’s what it is like with the Tory brand’

Dunbartonshire to fight Tory cuts

21 September 2010
Clydebank TUC was to hold a public meeting this Thursday on Public Service Cuts—Is There An Alternative?

Birmingham prepares to defy council job threats

21 September 2010
Birmingham’s Tory council has issued redundancy notices to 26,000 council workers, telling them that they have to accept massive wage cuts or face the sack.

Jeremy Dear: workers back BBC pensions fight

21 September 2010
BBC workers are set to strike for two days during the Tory party conference. They are fighting a key battle over pensions—a vital issue for millions of workers.

Birmingham Labour councillors and trade unionists back Right to Work march

17 September 2010
Right to Work—supported by local trade unionists, anti-cuts campaigners and the Birmingham Council Labour Group—held a press conference yesterday to demand the right to march past the Tory Party conference in the city on 3 October.

Union leaders at TUC back right to march past Tory party conference

14 September 2010
Leading trade unionists have signed a statement calling for marchers to be able to protest outside the Tory party conference on 3 October.

Activists ready to march on Tories’ conference

14 September 2010
Support for the right of anti-cuts protesters to march past the Tory Party conference on Sunday 3 October in Birmingham is growing by the day.

Union leaders open door to resistance

14 September 2010
When the head of the TUC, Brendan Barber, says that the Tory cuts could be like the poll tax he is right. The coalition is attacking everyone, and there is the chance to create a united resistance that can beat them back.

Poor hit hardest by Tory scum

14 September 2010
Jobless don’t choose poverty Tory toff George Osborne called unemployment a "­lifestyle choice" as he announced plans to slash another £4 billion from benefits last week.

Phone hacking: Murdoch's control is a true scandal

14 September 2010
The row over Tory spin doctor Andy Coulson should not be mistaken for one of those long running and complicated arguments that are of interest only to fellow media types.

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