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Ticket office closures will make London’s tube less safe

15 December 2009
London’s Tory mayor Boris Johnson is preparing a £5 billion cuts programme on London Underground, which will mean the closure of 144 station ticket offices and threats to 1,200 jobs.

Quotes from the week's news

08 December 2009
"One agent did come up with something – the ‘45 minutes’, allegedly discussed in a high level Iraqi political meeting."Former British intelligence officer and now Tory MP Adam Holloway on Tony Blair’s "dodgy dossier" and the claim that Iraq could deploy Weapons of Mass Destruction quickly

Scottish independence: Is Britain set to break up?

08 December 2009
Will David Cameron be the last prime minister of the United Kingdom? With the prospect of a Tory government looming in 2010, the argument for independence is once again front page news in Scotland.

Gordon Brown’s government to slash jobs and services

08 December 2009
The war of words between Labour and the Tories over who can slash more of public services stepped up this week.

Labour’s welfare plans far from radical

01 December 2009
Over the last few weeks both Labour and the Tories have announced plans to restructure education, health and social services after next year’s election.

Quotes from the week’s news

24 November 2009
‘I’ve got absolutely nothing against women. Who cooks my dinner? How did my wonderful children appear? Women – you can’t do without them.’ Sir Jeremy Bagge, who opposed selection of Liz Truss as Tory candidate for South West Norfolk, responds to accusations he’s anti-women


13 October 2009
Is Labour a friend to working class people? The Tories and New Labour are no more than bullies who are competing with each other to see who can be the most vile to ill and unemployed people.

The Tories' far right friends

06 October 2009
The Tories showed their more sinister side through the European allies they invited to their conference.

The Tories: a nasty party that represents the bosses

06 October 2009
The Tories are back. Labour’s love affair with power and business has laid the basis for what is presented as a changed Conservative Party.

Don't fall for Labour's rhetoric: act now to shape the future

29 September 2009
The only argument left to justify a vote for Labour at the next election is to warn that a victory for the Tories will mean a return to the brutal policies of Margaret Thatcher.

Is the Labour Party finished?

29 September 2009
Elected on a wave of revulsion with the Tories in 1997, New Labour today is in crisis. The party faces wipeout at the next election. Opinion polls predict it could lose 17 of its 44 MPs in London alone.

2nd May 1997 - Bush Theatre

22 September 2009
Do you remember how it felt to wake up in 1997 with the bitter Tory years behind you?

The economy: lying to justify cuts

15 September 2009
‘Voters back Tories to cut public spending", screamed the Sunday Times this week. A YouGov poll shows that people want public spending cuts rather than tax increases, Rupert Murdoch’s paper claimed.

Zeal for ‘reform’ means attacks on public services

08 September 2009
New Labour and the Tories are engaged in a desperate bidding war to see who can slash the most from Britain’s public services.

'Easy-council': Tory councils are a testbed for cuts

08 September 2009
Would you like your local council to be run like budget airlines Ryanair and Easyjet?

A generation betrayed by New Labour

01 September 2009
Mass youth unemployment has returned to Britain in a way not seen since the worst days of Margaret Thatcher’s Tory government of the 1980s.

Thatcher can teach us

04 August 2009
The 30th anniversary of the Tories coming to power in 1979 has provided few consolations, except for the fact of Thatcher’s imminent demise.

Drastic cuts? British parties turn to the Canadian option

14 July 2009
A meeting that may be a sign of things to come took place in London a few weeks ago. Two former Liberal government bureaucrats from Canada – Jocelyne Bourgon and Marcel Massé – met with leading British Tories and senior civil servants.

The week in quotes

30 June 2009
‘You go into an election pretending you are not going to have to make spending reductions, then you have to make them, and then you really do have riots on the streets’Tory leader David Cameron on Labour’s spending plans. The Tories are demanding withering cuts immediately

Even censors can’t hide extent of expenses scandal

23 June 2009
Gordon Brown promised we are entering a "new chapter" in British politics with the election of Tory MP John Bercow as the new Speaker of the House of Commons.

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