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Don’t let the Tories steal your pension

12 March 2011
Not content with slashing jobs and services, the Tories now want to steal our pensions.

Doctors join NHS resistance

12 March 2011
Health workers are furious with Tory plans to "reform" the NHS.

Does cutting back the state make us free?

12 March 2011
Listen to any Tory MP and they’ll tell you that their government is increasing people’s freedom.

Join budget day protests

12 March 2011
On budget Day, 23 March, the Tories will announce more attacks on our living standards.

Angry march through east London for NHS Day X

10 March 2011
Angry health workers and students took to the streets of the City of London yesterday (Wednesday) in a protest against cuts and Tory threats to privatise the NHS.

We suffer while rich profit

01 March 2011
The Tories tell us we need austerity to get out of the economic crisis. But new figures show that their argument is an empty one.

Tories ban soup kitchens... and critics

01 March 2011
The Tories have come up with a cruel and unusual way to get homeless people off the streets—starve them.

Notts strikes back against Cutts’ cuts

01 March 2011
Council workers across Nottinghamshire struck on Thursday of last week—becoming the first full council workforce to walk out against Tory cuts.

Nottingham: the first council to strike against Tory cuts

22 February 2011
Some 3,700 workers at Nottinghamshire county council were set to strike on Thursday of this week—the day the Tory council votes on its savage cuts budget.

Stop the Tories' Public Bodies Bill

22 February 2011
The Tories thought that their "bonfire of the quangos" would be a pushover, and their Public Bodies Bill would have an easy passage through parliament.

What kind of unity do we need to stop the Tories?

22 February 2011
The Tory government looks a little bit weaker after a series of small but significant U-turns over the last week.

Strike to fight Barnet 'easyCouncil' attack

18 February 2011
Some 150 Barnet council workers have voted to strike against the Tory council’s privatisation plans, dubbed "easyCouncil".

Progressive London: Discussing an alternative way

15 February 2011
The Progressive London conference "There is an alternative" to the Tory cuts takes place this Saturday 19 February.

Fire boss scoffs at our expense

08 February 2011
London firefighters’ Tory boss Brian Coleman has been splashing our cash on posh nosh—again.

Does it make a difference if we are in recession?

08 February 2011
The Tories are using the global economic crisis as an excuse to make savage cuts in Britain. They say that higher levels of unemployment, cuts to services, lower pay and worse pensions are unavoidable.

Save May Day holiday

08 February 2011
The Tories want to abolish the one celebration of workers’ rights in the year—the May Day bank holiday.

Racism: part of a long Tory tradition

08 February 2011
That David Cameron chose last Saturday to make a speech attacking Muslims is despicable.

Don't let the Tories play the race card

08 February 2011
David Cameron has immersed himself in the politics of the sewer.

Lobby to defend council housing

08 February 2011
Tenants, trade unionists and councillors will come together next week to organise a campaign against Tory plans that will see working class people thrown out of their homes.

Speech therapists to strike against NHS cuts

01 February 2011
The Tory pledge to keep the NHS safe from cuts is revealed as a lie this week as speech therapists in Southwark, south London, prepare to strike.

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