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Travellers have been made objects of hatred

02 April 2005
The Tory leader, Michael Howard, talks about the Holocaust and how he’s Jewish, but he’s a very racist man. He’ll never be able to tell Gypsies that he’s not. He’s the man who said in 1993 to stop building council sites, and that Travellers should go and buy their own land and live on it. But now he’s twisting it all.

Brutality in Britain’s detention centres exposed

05 March 2005
NEW LABOUR and the Tories compete over who can be "toughest" on asylum seekers. This creates a climate which encourages racist and violent staff at detention centres to feel they can act with impunity.

The same old racist lies about immigrants and disease, a century on

26 February 2005
"Small pox and scarlet fever have unquestionably been introduced by aliens within the past few months on a large scale." You could easily think I’m quoting Tory leader Michael Howard.

Another bogus health and immigration story from the Daily Mail

26 February 2005
Last week the Daily Mail splashed the headline "Our NHS, Not the World Health Service" across its front page. It was the latest attempt by the Tories and the right wing press to whip up a panic over refugees.

Blair’s sixth pledge that can only fuel racism

19 February 2005
The launch of Labour’s election pledge card has shown just how low the party has sunk in its craven tail-ending of Tory and tabloid racism. The card was originally set to carry five pledges—as in 1997 and 2001. These would broadly cover education, health, the economy, crime and the family—also in line with previous elections. But at the last minute, a sixth pledge was added—"Your country’s borders protected." Labour has promised "ID cards and strict controls that work to combat asylum abuse and illegal immigration".

A track record of racism

12 February 2005
Labour governments have capitulated to immigrant-bashing before. On each occasion the result was spiralling racism. In the 1964 general election, the Tories ran a vicious and nakedly racist campaign in the Labour seat of Smethwick.

Labour and Tories both play the race card

12 February 2005
There was an item on the news at the weekend where a reporter went out on the streets and read out quotes from Labour on immigration. The reporter asked people, "Which political party said this?" Every single person thought it was the Tories. This is Labour’s strategy on every single issue — welfare, trade unions, war. They’re in the business of winning elections by out-Torying the Tories. But this whole argument on immigration is based on a lie. Every economic study shows that immigrants put far more into the economy in taxes and labour than they take in benefits.

How we can make the most of our union leaders’ call to act

22 January 2005
FIFTEEN YEARS ago ambulance workers were in national dispute with Thatcher’s Tory government over low pay. It was an enormously popular dispute with opinion polls showing 80 percent of the public backing the ambulance workers.

Already watching us

06 November 2004
IDENTITY CARDS were abolished in this country because the then Tory government, led by Winston Churchill, described them as "draconian" and an "extreme measure".

New Tory government faces strike movement

30 October 2004
A ONE-DAY strike across most of the public sector in Greece last week signalled a serious confrontation with the Tory government of Costas Karamanlis, which is barely six months old.

‘43 troops died in the war—800 have died since’

23 October 2004
I AM bloody angry with the British government. After the 1991 Gulf War a Tory MP said that the country owed British soldiers a debt of honour.

Pressure on Bush’s other ‘deputy sheriff’

02 October 2004
AUSTRALIA’S Tory prime minister, John Howard, is one of George W Bush’s staunchest backers.

Paul Foot 1937-2004

24 July 2004
Paul was a brilliant socialist writer, a speaker more able than any other to make people see what was wrong with capitalism, a tireless campaigner against injustice, and an investigative journalist whose revelations caused the resignation of a Tory cabinet minister and exposed the corruption of businessmen, big and small.

Where now for Respect?

26 June 2004
THE LABOUR Party, the party of government for the past seven years, received its lowest share of the vote since the First World War in the 10 June elections. The Tory party, the oldest and most successful conservative party in any parliamentary democracy, suffered an effective split in its voting base as the UK Independence Party (UKIP) took many of its natural supporters.

How to deliver Blair a killer blow on 10 June

27 May 2004
THE BELL is tolling for Tony Blair. We are two weeks away from the 10 June elections, which should seal the fate of the liar who took us into this disastrous war and occupation. We have marched in our millions against this criminal attack on the Iraqi people. Now we have to vote in this referendum on Blair, his war and his Tory policies. Never before has the future of a British prime minister rested on an election which usually passes most people by.


22 May 2004
THE LIBERAL Democrat MP and mayoral hopeful Simon Hughes never misses an opportunity to have a go at the Tory candidate Steve Norris's links with big companies. Hughes linked Norris to the Potters Bar train crash in a London mayoral election leaflet. Norris is chairman of Jarvis, the company that recently accepted joint legal responsibility.

Is there any place for parties in the movement?

08 May 2004
Man y people in the anti-war and anti-capitalist movements agree with us on general principles. They agree that socialists must oppose all forms of oppression. They agree that any movement against capitalism must involve the initiative, energy and imagination of millions of organised workers. They agree we must unite the widest forces against the fascist BNP. They utterly oppose the Tory party and don't trust the Liberal Democrats. Mostly, they know the Labour Party offers no way forward.

A journey through the heart of Labour

01 May 2004
MY PARENTS worshipped the 1960s Labour leader Harold Wilson. He talked the language of the \"white-hot heat of the technological revolution\". He spoke of an end to deference and elitism. It was exciting to hear that as a youngster. Wilson unexpectedly lost in June 1970. I became a part of the great working class upsurge against Ted Heath's Tory government.

Dame Porter gets away with corruption

01 May 2004
A SCROUNGER and a criminal sneaks into another country to escape justice. Doesn't that sound like the sort of case the anti-refugee press love to splash on the front page? Except it is the Tory Dame Shirley Porter, heiress to the Tesco empire. Porter was the leader of the Tories' flagship Westminster council in the 1980s. Porter, along with nine other councillors, was found guilty of selling off council houses in marginal wards to potential Tory voters. The scheme cost £42 million. She was supposed to pay every penny of that back.

Don't fall for myths about migrants

10 April 2004
IMMIGRANTS ARE under fire again. No one should fall for the lies the mainstream parties and the press peddle about immigrants and asylum seekers flooding the country. Beverley Hughes had to resign as a minister because New Labour whipped up a climate of hostility to satisfy the Tory press.

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